Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great Forehand!

Alright, just one more post b4 I temporarily stop blogging until after 4May..haha!

This will be a post focusing on Juju's great forehand b4 she retired and after she made a comeback...once a skill is obtained, you will definitely remember it just like cycling huh? Ju has this amazing forehand b4 she retired, and she still has the skill now that she made a rather successful comeback, check this old you tube video out:

Ju's fans sure have seen all these:
Her great she managed to run and swing the racket and get the ball across the court so well?
Sorry for the low quality below: I can't see the ball too but at least we can all see how well Ju moves her body to win the games :)
Here's a video of her great forehand which I think looks pretty much similar to the situation in the vid on top:
Another three more of her great forehand videos (all brisbane matches):
So not only her forehand can do the crosscourt that well, but her backhand too!
Hopefully Ju can continue to execute all these actions brilliantly and beautfiully and hope she wins her upcoming tournaments! May god bless our Queen JUSTINE! ALLEZ!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Check out those abs!

This is probably my "last" post b4 my exams start, and I will resume blogging after 4may when my exams end...

I was looking thru my collection of Justine's photos and found that she really trained herself hard, which I know is very typical of her. I always admired her determination in doing things, putting 100% in everything she does and so I'm not really very surprised when she got those great abs which I think not many women can train into, unless they are those bodybuilders or track and field athletes..

Couldn't see her abs well? How abt zooming in...look below pic
Can see how hard her abs are?
How abt a more towards the front view?
Now some pics of Ju training, I love this set of pics cos Ju is so sexy and fit in here!
I think this two pics are taken quite a long time ago no? Her abs didn't look that hard at that time but the lines are visible, cool!
Oh different training days? But the same top she had worn. Ju must be rubbing her tummy to feel how her hard training had paid off to make her stronger, fitter!
And my most favourite set of training pics of her:
Stretching...makes your body muscles more flexible and therefore the ability to run faster and greater distances :)

Can I confess something? I'm drooling right now, I soooooooooo wanted to have a body like hers!
Our great Champion here is rehearsing her action of victory!

Oh? Ju is exhausted....she looked like she had picked up those Tennis Balls she hit all day long.
When can I see Justine wearing this kind of sexy and fit attire during a match? I think she would be very comfortable playing matches in these kinds of outfits but maybe for formality, she would go for shirts and skirts. Anyway, she looked great in anything she wore for sporting image....DROOL~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Henin joins elite Stuttgart field

Stuttgart - Justine Henin is latest top star to play at the Porsche Grand Prix later this month, organizers said on Wednesday.

The former world number one Henin, who came out of retirement this year and reached the Australian Open final, joins fellow-Belgian Kim Clijsters, Venus Williams and others at the indoor clay event April 26-May 2. Henin won the Stuttgart event in 2007.

'We already had a fantastic field but Justin's confirmation is the icing on the cake. It can't get any better,' said tournament director Markus Guenthard.

World number one Serena Williams is the only notable absentee as eight of the current top 10 players will be present.

Thanks sly for informing me of her playing this tournament, I can't wait to see her on clay but oh no! The date is not favorable for me, I'm in the midst of examinations! Hope Justine wins though! She has my full support!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little Ju~

I just wanna share some of cute little Justine's pics here, where all/most of the pics are from the Baidu site. I find Justine changed pretty much but some of the pics she still looked the same.

I'm not sure if the left one is really Justine, but this little gal looks like the one on top.
This is super sweet! I love her smile from the side view in this pic!

This is a screenshot from the "little ju kicking soccer" vid. She looked much more like wad she looks now.
Trophy! I couldn't see her eyes here but she had a great nice smile! I wonder if the boy? besides her was her brother?
Since young, Justine already got the cool look! No wonder so many gals loved her too, I mean now. But seriously, she looked like a boy here... :P
Wassup with that big harry potter specs of hers? The woman behind her looked like Amelie Mauresmo IMO.
Ah, the specs again...though it's SPECS-TACULAR but I'm glad Justine got rid of it!

Initially, I thought the gal in the middle was her until I saw her on the left, on this would be classified as Teenage Justine, which I may post it on a later date. Teenage Justine had her handsome days....

And the pic which I loved the most and think that she didn't changed much is:
This cute little Ju on the right really showed the same look as she had now, even my fren thinks that too! And the gal on her left I assume is her younger sister. The eyes of Ju, already had this winning look in them :D

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not so much on Henin post

I'm not asleep yet so I was watching the live score of Kim vs! Kim was should I put..crazy mom! She thrashed out Venus in about 1hr 15min or less in a score of 6-2,6-1, wassup with Venus? Is she injured? I thought she's in a good form?

Now making me Kim really that strong? But from the Brisbane finals, I think Justine still have the possibility in winning against Kim and tht means that Justine will also be stronger than Venus (just my fantasy, but it's not impossible). I can't wait for Justine to come back to the top, in her best form, beating all the seeded players and show us the greatest Tennis plays!

Seriously, I was rooting for Kim to win but I didn't expect such a beatdown against Venus! It seems that having a family doesn't affect her form, in fact, it may have given her much more emotional strength, to give the best present to her daughter and her hubby (the trophy).

Funny how at the Tennisforum, the VW's supporters now wished that Justine should have won the semi finals so that Venus would have the possibility of winning, maybe, but Ju has a stronger mentality and plays smarter tennis, either one would have won too!

Now, I hope Justine will get to watch this match of Kim and Venus so as to "spy" and see how she'll beat kim next time. Seriously for Ju, given her complete skillset and classy Tennis Brain, wad she's lacking now is her confidence and her oncourt feel plus a stronger body.

I believe soon that Justine will get the chance to rise to the top again and win more titles! After all, she's the best example of "Impossible is nothing!"

Friday, April 2, 2010

Making my blood boils

I was watching the match live online and was praying so hard but this time round, it failed to convey the message across...Justine's lost the match in 6-2, 7-6(3), 6-7(6) was really sad but well, it was a "pretty" good match and makes me love Justine even more for her strong fighting spirit!

I thought she would have lost earlier after the first set and in the second set she was down by...I think 1-3?

But good thing that she pushed Kim to a 2 sets of tiebreaks and my heart couldn't stop pumping! Now, I hope Justine will continue to work harder and come back with a stronger body, I kinda think that her back is still aching, saw the taping on her back...and hope she'll get a good rest and win the next tournament...and somehow, I hope Justine realises wad's gone wrong, today she made alot of errors and kim too, I just hope to see Justine gets back in form, her AO wasn't tht bad, and I've watched her past videos, in the past, she's much more agile and intelligent tactics made the work! But this time round, she couldn't bring her mind of tennis oncourt which was quite disappointing...Carlos, pls, somehow this new styple of playing slows Justine down much more and I hope you do some adjustments to her game.

Good job Kim and Justine! Now, Kim, go defeat Venus Williams!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank God, Justine's into the semi finals!

I was actually following her first set of the game late at night through live score board, it was intense and when Ju lost the first set, I was kinda dishearted and didn't wanna watch it anymore, I wanted to go to sleep. But, I was praying so hard that when I woke up she'll win, and as a result, I think I lost my sleep, I couldn't sleep well, but luckily Justine fought back hard and won Caroline Wozniacki by 3 sets: 6-7 (5), 6-3, 6-4.
"I enjoy much more every win on the court," Henin said. "Before that it was like everything was normal, and I forget how I could enjoy my tennis. I had the feeling I was getting a little bit lost.
"I've been away to just find myself again and trust myself as a person. Now that I have this great experience behind me and to come back with everything I know that I didn't know two years ago, I enjoy my game much more than in the past."
Hearing Juju said those words, I'm so glad that she enjoyed her game, it's important to enjoy the game so that you can find the feel and desire to win. I know in the past, she thought winning was just natural for her, after all, she's the champ but perhaps tht time, losing would be very painful too! I just hope Ju nv lost again, not only her game, but herself, both physically and mentally.
Phew! hopefully Justine can have a good night rest, she had some injuries taking anti-inflammatory medication for soreness in the muscles around her lower back and hips. Get well soon Justine and now I could relax my mind a little...way to the semi finals, good luck to Justine!