Friday, April 9, 2010

Check out those abs!

This is probably my "last" post b4 my exams start, and I will resume blogging after 4may when my exams end...

I was looking thru my collection of Justine's photos and found that she really trained herself hard, which I know is very typical of her. I always admired her determination in doing things, putting 100% in everything she does and so I'm not really very surprised when she got those great abs which I think not many women can train into, unless they are those bodybuilders or track and field athletes..

Couldn't see her abs well? How abt zooming in...look below pic
Can see how hard her abs are?
How abt a more towards the front view?
Now some pics of Ju training, I love this set of pics cos Ju is so sexy and fit in here!
I think this two pics are taken quite a long time ago no? Her abs didn't look that hard at that time but the lines are visible, cool!
Oh different training days? But the same top she had worn. Ju must be rubbing her tummy to feel how her hard training had paid off to make her stronger, fitter!
And my most favourite set of training pics of her:
Stretching...makes your body muscles more flexible and therefore the ability to run faster and greater distances :)

Can I confess something? I'm drooling right now, I soooooooooo wanted to have a body like hers!
Our great Champion here is rehearsing her action of victory!

Oh? Ju is exhausted....she looked like she had picked up those Tennis Balls she hit all day long.
When can I see Justine wearing this kind of sexy and fit attire during a match? I think she would be very comfortable playing matches in these kinds of outfits but maybe for formality, she would go for shirts and skirts. Anyway, she looked great in anything she wore for sporting image....DROOL~


  1. ST you're not the only one, I also adore Ju's abs... it's so toned and it really implies her discipline in strength training and practice... I always grin whenever she wipes her face with her shirt... ^-^

  2. yes the keyword "discipline"! Luckily there are pictures of Ju wiping her face with her shirt cos if ov TV, it's too fast for me to have time to drool...


  4. Haha, yes Greenout, She's (Abs)solutely fabulously stunning!