Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little Ju~

I just wanna share some of cute little Justine's pics here, where all/most of the pics are from the Baidu site. I find Justine changed pretty much but some of the pics she still looked the same.

I'm not sure if the left one is really Justine, but this little gal looks like the one on top.
This is super sweet! I love her smile from the side view in this pic!

This is a screenshot from the "little ju kicking soccer" vid. She looked much more like wad she looks now.
Trophy! I couldn't see her eyes here but she had a great nice smile! I wonder if the boy? besides her was her brother?
Since young, Justine already got the cool look! No wonder so many gals loved her too, I mean now. But seriously, she looked like a boy here... :P
Wassup with that big harry potter specs of hers? The woman behind her looked like Amelie Mauresmo IMO.
Ah, the specs again...though it's SPECS-TACULAR but I'm glad Justine got rid of it!

Initially, I thought the gal in the middle was her until I saw her on the left, on this would be classified as Teenage Justine, which I may post it on a later date. Teenage Justine had her handsome days....

And the pic which I loved the most and think that she didn't changed much is:
This cute little Ju on the right really showed the same look as she had now, even my fren thinks that too! And the gal on her left I assume is her younger sister. The eyes of Ju, already had this winning look in them :D


  1. wow amazing for getting so many great pictures!!

  2. omg...omg...zomg... squeeeee... I love little Ju
    what a wonderful post ST (gazzillions of thumbs up)

    Her smile in 2005 RG QF and the one in 2007 USO SF clearly reminds me little Ju in her...

    oh Little Ju you bring sunshine in my cloudy days...

    cheers ST ^^

  3. I also love he "cool look".. she's like, "don't mess with me or I'll hung you punk"... very cool indeed...lol =p

    And of course, the "sweet Justine" (side view pic) is the best candid shot that I have ever seen.

    allez juju ^o^

  4. To jo shum: Welcomed! Ju always brings us great pics cos we fans loved her too much!

    To sly: Haha, I'm always brightened by her smiles and little Ju is too cute for me to feel down even if I had my bad days..oh I wanna hug Juju but I wasn't even born at that time haha!
    And yes, you describe her cool look well and sweet Justine always the sweetest in our hearts!

  5. The little blonde boy next to Justine in the tennis pics is Olivier Rochus (Ollie). They learned tennis together. Yes, the Novak slayer in Miami a few weeks ago.

  6. Greeny: Yes, that's Ollie.. a good childhood friend of Justine, but Ju is taller than him? ;p I felt bad when he lost his next match after that great win against Djokovic though... =(

  7. Greenout, thanks for the clarification. I saw him in many pics of Ju's and always wondered who he was, though that said, now I still dunno who he was except knowing his name, sorry cos I only focused on WTA and mainly on Justine :)

    Oh sly, he's beaten Djokovic? Then he must be a very good player! I wonder if his friendship with Ju is good?

  8. ST: yes, Olivier won against Djokovic in the 2nd round of Miami...it's a David v Goliat match and David won ofcourse =)

    I've seen some nice pics of Ju and Ollie before, and I think they're still good friends... oh, I'm wrong Olivier is taller than Justine ;p