Friday, April 2, 2010

Making my blood boils

I was watching the match live online and was praying so hard but this time round, it failed to convey the message across...Justine's lost the match in 6-2, 7-6(3), 6-7(6) was really sad but well, it was a "pretty" good match and makes me love Justine even more for her strong fighting spirit!

I thought she would have lost earlier after the first set and in the second set she was down by...I think 1-3?

But good thing that she pushed Kim to a 2 sets of tiebreaks and my heart couldn't stop pumping! Now, I hope Justine will continue to work harder and come back with a stronger body, I kinda think that her back is still aching, saw the taping on her back...and hope she'll get a good rest and win the next tournament...and somehow, I hope Justine realises wad's gone wrong, today she made alot of errors and kim too, I just hope to see Justine gets back in form, her AO wasn't tht bad, and I've watched her past videos, in the past, she's much more agile and intelligent tactics made the work! But this time round, she couldn't bring her mind of tennis oncourt which was quite disappointing...Carlos, pls, somehow this new styple of playing slows Justine down much more and I hope you do some adjustments to her game.

Good job Kim and Justine! Now, Kim, go defeat Venus Williams!

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  1. Crazy match for me... I'm sad too ST co'z I would very much like a Justine-Venus final, but oh well... seeing the stats that Justine hit only what "19" winners?... I always like for the better player to win... so this time Ju didn't really played that well... nevertheless, her fighting spirit is still incredible... ^^