Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great Forehand!

Alright, just one more post b4 I temporarily stop blogging until after 4May..haha!

This will be a post focusing on Juju's great forehand b4 she retired and after she made a comeback...once a skill is obtained, you will definitely remember it just like cycling huh? Ju has this amazing forehand b4 she retired, and she still has the skill now that she made a rather successful comeback, check this old you tube video out:

Ju's fans sure have seen all these:
Her great she managed to run and swing the racket and get the ball across the court so well?
Sorry for the low quality below: I can't see the ball too but at least we can all see how well Ju moves her body to win the games :)
Here's a video of her great forehand which I think looks pretty much similar to the situation in the vid on top:
Another three more of her great forehand videos (all brisbane matches):
So not only her forehand can do the crosscourt that well, but her backhand too!
Hopefully Ju can continue to execute all these actions brilliantly and beautfiully and hope she wins her upcoming tournaments! May god bless our Queen JUSTINE! ALLEZ!


  1. wow, I love all the vids... Henin forehand galore... hmmm, was it exam week ST for you in the next few days? in my part we call it "hell week" (a very busy week with projects to pass and exams to take right here and there)... Good luck ST, I'll wait for your next post until then... ^^

  2. Hihi, yup, I have exams next week...and may god bless me and Justine in winning her games!