Monday, May 31, 2010

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Justine Henin Wins Maria Sharapova!!!

What a formal title I've put but that's the truth. I'm so happy right now because I was worried about her game even at work since she lost the second set to Maria yesterday night.

Due to work, I missed her third set (I wanted to watch it if I got the chance but well, this may be better because I saw the news that she lost 2 games in the third set and at 0-40 point where it could have ended up 0-3 to Maria. I think my weak heart definitely couldn't take the intensity. So it's better to skip it for once and come back home to learn of the outcome)

Our Queen Justine really had a tough draw at this French Open 2010, cos she's seeded at 22 and had the draw to meet a lot of powerful gals. Next matchup is Sam Stosur, another muscle girl =X
I hope Justine can beat her like how she beat her in Stuttgart finals. As usual, I'll be praying for her, worrying about the match and be madly obsessed in Ju.

As Justine's fan, though I can suffer from lack of sleep, intense anxiety, and unable to calm my nerves, she's who brought so much entertainment to my life and a new interest in Tennis sport.
Justine really is one inspiring girl, I wish I could learn more positives from her!

ALLEZ JUSTINE!!! Now, move on to win the 4th round!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Juju Marches on to 3rd round!

The match was supposed to end yesterday but due to the heavy rain, it was delayed and Ju had to play until the night which in the end due to darkness, had to suspense the match again to end it today.

I got home around 7pm and I thought her match was over, then I was surprised to learn that it hasn't even started, not until 7:20pm. It was a very brief 2nd match startingfrom 3-2 with Juju leading, and I think it took her about 15 min to close the whole match with the overall score 6-3,6-3. Sometimes it can be painful to watch Juju's match cos when she's having 40-0 with 3 match points, she wasted them to make it into a deuce and I really couldn't breathe...I'm a pretty impatient person and wanted Ju to quickly end the match and luckily she managed to pull it through.

So now our great champion Justine Henin had extended her winning streak at Roland Garros to 23 matches and 39 consecutive sets. Let's hope she continues to extend the streak! Allez Justine Henin!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Watching Ju's RG R1

Yesterday I managed to download Ju's R1 match and since today is my off day from work, I finished watching the downloaded match. I finally get to see how well she performed in R1.

I have to give credit to her opponent though for playing and hitting pretty well, making few errors while Ju was the one who made much more errors. Ju actually hit pretty well for her backhand across the court and I'm always drooling over her BH. I didn't play Tennis so I couldn't give much comment about their skills, but as an audience, I pretty much enjoyed the match. I would say if Justine would be more consistent and makes fewer errors, she would've finished the whole match off earlier but wll, everything was under her control for the R1 match IMO.

Now, I'm wondering when will be her 2nd match be? If it's today, then that's great! I can watch it! Anyway, let's move on and cheer for our great champion-Justine Henin! Allez Juju!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Way to go Henin!

ALLEZ JUSTINE~! Yes, she won the first round of RG! I'm so happy! I was so tired and so anxious to see the results straight away after I got back home from work and I haven't even taken my bath yet...smelly me!

She won against Tsvetana Pironkova by 6-4, 6-3, which to me is considered ok, though I expect to be better, maybe she's still pretty emotional and a little rusty considering the fact that this is the first time she played RG since her comeback. I'm pretty contented and am sure that she'll get better in the next match and push her way to win this whole tournament!

I'm blogging very "briefly" because I'm pretty tired now, it's bad that my workplace couldn't even surf the net and I had to wait back home to check Ju's results, but now I can say that I can have a good night sleep. Hope my sweet dreams continues~

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Badminton Tennis and net net net!

Another boring post from me, sorry! I always wondered if Tennis can be played just like Badminton style but I guess that would be too difficult to not trying to let the ball hit the ground and therefore a volley and would have caused a lot of wrist injuries.

There's this one clip I gotten from youtube and cropped out the portion which I think looked abit like Badminton style. This famous clip was an exhibition match which Justine played in mixed doubles against her childhood idol Steffi Graf and Steffi's hubby. If all doubles matches are played like this, it would be very exciting and entertaining!
Justine is very good in net volleys, she's very good at the net and I love it! It's hard to be aggressive and at the same time keep gg to the net more, there's alot of risk to take and you have to make a timely judgement b4 charging to the net and Justine although sometimes made mistakes but she's mostly successful in winning the volleys.
It's kinda sad that nowadays you hardly can see any players who would come to the net more to hit like what Justine does. And to sum it up, another famous youtube clip of the 2007 US open semi finals clip below, showed how good Justine was when at the net, how quick her reaction was, even though she lost that point but it's a very good play!
This one is a 27 long rally and amazing net volleys from Ju!
Man, I really love this US open 2007 semi finals, it is so far the best and most exciting match I've ever seen, so intense, simply love it! I'm sure I can expect more from Justine 2.0, that's for sure!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Justine's feminine Black & White!

Gonna be busy for these few weeks since I've just gotten a low pay temporary job which will start on this Friday and will end until end of June, which means that I may have to skip Justine's matches for RG and I may get MIA from blogging :( , but I will constantly check out the match results of Justine and hope she wins!

Of course I will definitely root for Justine and praying with all my heart that she'll win her fifth title for the French Open!

Anyway, I found these black and white pics of our beautiful Justine from the great Baidu source. But I had no idea when these pics were taken and why she took these pics (well, I'm glad she took these pics though cos they are so "delicious"!)

I love her locks, her curly wavy hair! Does she look abit like Nicole Parker?
I love her dressing but not sure I like her sunglasses here, the sunglasses makes her looked like having ultraman's eyes, sorry Juju, I love your eyes without this sunglasses.
These are so retro feel!

Justine seems to be enjoying her moment...
Ooh I love this pic! Simply Beautiful!

Another beautiful shot of Justine! I really love her big eyes, they are so full of "energy", so lovely!
I pretty much love this pic, Ju checking herself out in the mirror :P

Long sleeves! I actually find Justine looking good in long sleeves, I hope she wears more of these. Btw, where is this place?

My my, Ju, are you tempting me? You look so sweet and so feminine here, so sexy! Wait...I'm straight right? Anyway, it's funny that even in black and white photos, you could see that Ju's feet have different skin colour partly becos of wearing too much covered sports shoes

Maybe that's why she changed to high heels and let her beautiful feet exposed to the bright sunlight!

Well, RG is coming near, Justine Henin-I always believe in you and also your name says it all, like I've imagined, Henin= N1= No.1, always the best, so I hope you play the best too and go ahead, win this French Open, we fans are always cheering behind you, fans from all over the world.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Randomness~ pics comparison

Just some random boring posts again since I'm waiting impatiently for RG to come but at the same time hoping for Ju to get 100% healthy.

I was looking through Justine's younger days (I will post more of her younger days pics next time) and saw one pic of her that looked pretty funny to me and then I noticed a similar expression of her in the recent Stuttgart tournament, so I decided to post up here for the comparison.

I'm sorry Justine, but I really laughed at your expression in the second pic, but I loved how ur muscles stretched out to reach for the ball, we can see how hard you have trained urself to be stronger, look at the first pic and the second pic, Justine really trained out those muscles on her arms and thighs.
Justine, my poor gal, I hope you rest well and get 100% healthy soon, I hate to see you suffer from illness, it makes my heart pains too. And god pls give Justine a strong healthy body free from plague and illnesses.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Justine is Nadal's fan

I found a Eurosports news clip of Justine speaking of admiring Rafael Nadal for his talent in Tennis. There's one thing that Nadal has and Justine currently lacks of and that's the Wimbleton title.

Justine said that initially she's not a fan of Nadal but after looking at how humble he was even after winning, she admired him more. (I couldn't hear properly the English explanation but I was looking at the chinese subtitle below the video, so I'm still able to understand wad's she's trying to say)
Let's hope that Justine can "follow" Nadal's route in winning Wimbleton and still be the queen of Clay in Roland Garros!!!
And here's another clip about Justine on her comeback:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Justine's Boyish days

I'm bored now since there's currently no matches of Justine right now and so I'm gonna post boring stuffs, pardon me for doing so, I'm not a good blogger.

Anyway, here's some of the photos of Justine in her teenage time and she's really like a boy with her hairstyle and clothings, but yes as usual, I think she looked much better than most boys of her age that time! I wonder if she charmed any girls that time too!

Is Justine getting the gold medal? It looked bronze or gold to me. This looked like the youth olympic! Ok, this is not one very boyish pic of Ju.

Here you can also see Kim beside Justine..ah and Carl Maes was once Kim's coach too?

Speaking of Coach, there's two pics of Young Ju and her famous coach Carlos!

They are the best team (IMO) in the Tennis world, if not the whole sports world! Really like father and daughter!

Justine loves Tennis! Oh and her hair looked so smooth here, I wanna touch her hair!

And she loves the "Orange Bowl"?! (I wonder what kind of shampoo she's using... ;P)

This pic totally makes her looked like a handsome young boy! And how big her clothes are! I wonder how old she was in this pic.

A nice pic of the scenery with the ships, but my focus is on Justine

Looking at this pic, I didn't find her changed too much, maybe now she looked more matured, that's for sure.

Is this taken at her training school at that time?

Wow, Justine in for some weights trainings! Must be tough for her, but it paid off well in her career!

(Ju: "I told you not to mess with me, else be sure you get it from me! Wait for my 6-0 6-0 beat down on you!)

I noticed that she had her name painted on her racket, but now I dun see it anymore, perhaps she's already being recognized throughout the whole world for her talent?

I always loved this kind of expression from Justine! She looked so cute and yes, she looked shy here and girly.

If this plate is Wimbleton champion plate, how good! Let's hope Justine will get the Wimbleton champion title this year!

I super love this pic! So natural!!! I love how Justine is enjoying her moments, and the wind makes her having a super cool hairstyle!

This is the moment that Justine started to wear cap? She's so skinny at that time! I wanna see Justine screaming for victory like this in RG!

Oh, beautiful backhand since then! Her expression nv changed, always gritting her teeth, fighting through. She's sponsored by Adidas by then, good choice by Adidas! They really made a good choice!
Justine had many sponsors b4 I think? Alot of ppl just wanna sponsor such a good talent like her! I wonder if she's been sponsored by Nike b4? Cos the pic below is where she wears Nike?

Let's hope the Adidas didn't see this pic!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Optimistic post

Ok, just read on the unofficial forum and learnt that Justine was down with flu. And it affected her play as a result. My poor Juju, her body can be pretty weak at times, she's always pushing her body to the limits, but she should've taken much care of herself.

Ok, Roland Garros is 2 wks away from now, so this lost in Madrid may be good for her too, she needed more time to rest and get well from the flu virus. It wouldn't help if she pushed herself to win Madrid tournament and in the end finding herself exhausted and with the flu clinging onto her, she would've in no good condition to compete in the french open.

I feel so much better now, maybe after realising wad's wrong with Justine and found out the real cause which is thankfully not an injury like other ppl said, I believe Justine if she recovered and in a 100% good condition, she can win the French Open. I hopefully wished so and believe in her always :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Damn it! Justine's lost...Wassup with her?

Damn Damn Damn! I dunno what's wrong with her!!!! How could she lost in the first round...and the shit is, there's no live play, I couldn't see how badly she's playing...I wonder what happened to her!

This is so devastating! I hope Justine's alright, I hope she realised wad's wrong....let's hope Roland Garros, she'll pick herself up again...and I'm sure the haters must be happy right now, forget it, fuck them anyway...let them gloat over this loss, I'm sure Justine will be strong and back to thrash them again!

Happy Mothers' Day

A happy mothers' day to all loving mothers in the world. I'm sure Justine must be saying this to her great mum in the heaven too. One very old article about Justine speaking of her mum which I found from women tennis forum, I'm sure alot of ppl have seen it.
I cried when I read it, it's too touching and it's hard to suppress the tears from flowing down. So I thought of posting it again. Justine had a very tough childhood and she's actually easily hurt from inside despite looking strong.
Translated by pigam (exact copied from there and it's very long):
chapter 5 "A ma maman" (to my mother)
"When I talk about my mother I can't find wordsthat are strong enough to express the admirationI had for her, and I still have for her, now that she is no longer here with us.
What I admire in particular, is the way she fought againsther illness. This incessant struggle has left a deep impressionon a lot of people, in the first place on myself.I admire maman a lot, because she was a 'grande dame'.She was strict, in general. She had her principles and her values that had to be followed, but she was sincere. She never exaggerated. As a mum, and as a teacher,she found 'justice' something really important.

My mum was a teacher for 16, 17 and 18 year oldsin the school of 'Les soeurs de Rochefort', and I think she washighly respected by her students, namely because shehad this feeling of right and wrong. Respected, but feared, because the courses with Madame Henin where never easy. She was, without a doubt, the teacher they feared the most, but also the teacher they had the most respect for.

My ‘maman’ loved life, she adored laughing. The people who have known her, know she lived only for one thing: her children. She wanted us to be ok, to always be ok. She took care of us, in the first place. She spoiled us, she gave us a lot of affection. We had a very close relationship. She passed away when I was twelve years old. Twelve: that’s a lot and ‘not a lot’ at the same time. I have a lot of memories and beautiful images in my head. When I think back on it now, I realise we had our little disputes, but I was very young, and those little things meant nothing in comparison to our closeness. We were really very close. It was great.

One of the images I will never forget, is the one, when she left me every morning when we went to school together. Seen that my primary school and the school where she was a teacher where very near, we always went together by foot. We walked down the street and ad a certain moment, we arrived ad a crossing where she had to cross to go to her school, and I had to turn left towards a parking. At that moment, she always said ‘Bonne Journée’ to me, she gave me a little kiss, and there she went. I remember I always turned around to see her leaving. I don’t know why, but this image of my mother leaving for her work has always struck me. She had this unbelievable ‘présence’, a certain class that I just can not describe.

When I had a holiday, I loved going to her class, or sometimes, when I had finished school earlier than her, I passed by her classroom, and I observed her. With her little glasses, she kept an eye on her students. She seemed very strict, very severe. But, I also love that image of her.

She was a French and History teacher, she was really passionate about it. After her hours, she created theatre plays with her students. I often went to the rehearsals. I could listen to it for hours and when I returned to our house, I recited everything I heard,I memorised whole parts of the plays, and she listened to me with a lot of attention.I think that, in a way, I kept her ‘literary mind’. I love reading, and writing. I also love the logics of mathematics, the fact that there is ‘a solution’, but I received a part of her ‘literary senses’.Maman was what you could call an intellectual, but not really fond of sports. She played a little bit of tennis -in fact, she was rather talented seen that she played very little- but she was an intellectual in the first place.

Maman had been through some very difficult moments during her youth. She has lost her mother at a very young age too, also because of cancer. She was 15 at the time, I believe. My parents also lost a little daughter who would have been the eldest of my siblings. Her name was Florence. I never knew her because she died when she was 2 years old. Those were very difficult times. That’s probably why she took so much care of her children.

Me personally, what I admired the most in her, was her ability to manage everything at the same time: go to work, do the household, prepare her classes, cook dinner, do the dishes … Her life was filled to the top, but she never complained, she did it with pleasure. When she went for something, she did it really quick and when she promised something, she always tried to fulfil it, and she managed to do that.

I’ve now talked a lot about her qualities. When I talk about her,I only see the good things, but like everyone, she had her little ‘defaults’. She was very stubborn and she always wanted to be right. I think I inherited a lot of her character. When I speak about her, I recognise a lot of myself, because, I’m very stubborn myself, and fairly serious. I never tried to imitate her, but I always took this ‘grande dame’ as an example, her personality and the way other people thought of her. There is of course never absolute unanimity, but my mother was highly respected, and that was something really important for me.

She always wanted to be right, but sometimes, she was wrong even if I find it hard to recognise that today.But, when she decided she wasn’t wrong, it didn’t help trying to have a discussion with her.Maman has never pushed me to play tennis. From the moment she saw how I loved the sport, she has never hold me back; she never said ‘no!’. She did have the fear of seeing me pass on my childhood, my youth. She was afraid that I did it all for nothing. That, at the end of the day, it would be too difficult, that I could not make tennis my profession, and that I wouldn’t be able to take on another profession. She was afraid that a real tennis career would maybe never be there for me, but she accepted what I did.

Having said that, even if she accepted I sacrificed a lot of timeto tennis, she wanted her children to succeed at school –like probably every other teacher …-. Her priority were my studies, without a single doubt. That’s normal. When you’re 10 or 12, you don’t know anything on life, it’s important to hold on to succeeding in school. That’s why, later on, I promised her to finish high school.But, I couldn’t keep my promise. Would she have been angry with me? No, I don’t think so, because my life took a different road when I decided to throw myself in the life of a professional’ and when I decided to take my responsibilities. Up till now, that’s been fine, and I succeeded in having a pro career. That’s why I’m quite sure maman is very proud of what I have realised in the past few years.

When my mum drove me to the training, In Ciney and later to Géronsart close to Namur, she left me at the club and went doing her groceries in the mean time. She came back and sat in the club-house. She never came to the courtside, she drunk her coffee and she looked at me playing, without saying anything. Then, she drove me back home. She was very discrete: she came to look at her little girl doing what she loves to do most and that’s it. Regarding tennis, it’s the image of discretion that I keep of my mother.

When I came back from training with my father –she knew at what time we usually got home-, when I came in to our apartment, I could hear my bath running, she had already cooked for me and my bath was ready. I think that the best moments that I had with her were when she came to sit at the side of the bathtub and when she talked to me about what happened during the day. Even when she was really busy, she took the time to talk to me. That was like a ‘sacred moment’, she had to come and talk to me.I was still very little at the time, but we talked about everything.

Those were magic moment which I will never forget.

Another great moment I shared with her almost everyday took place after we finished dinner. I adored rope skipping, and every night, I went to the kitchen were nobody could come but only my mum. There, she started counting the number of ‘jumps’ I made. I don’t remember how long it took because one of my records was 700 jumps and I tried to break my record every evening again and again. And maman counted, time and time again. She was patient, she never nagged.She saw that I was so focused on my goal, that she stayed and counted. I tell you this, because it’s an example of how patient she was with her children. She left her own activities aside for us. I hope a lot of children have the chance to have such a great mother, with that much patience.

There were so many great moment, but then, one day, it all crumbled. It’s at times like those one says there is no such thing as ‘justice’. To know that my mum was so good towards people around her, and then to hear she has a terrible disease and that she would die from it… to me that’s so unfair. Today, still, I ask myself the question: Why her? Of course, nobody deserves such a thing, but to have to live the loss of someone you love so strongly, that’s the worst thing there is!I will never forget the day my parents were told she had cancer. Whereas I only heard the word ‘cancer’ 2 months before she died, because my parents were very discrete about their (!) illness and they tried to talk as little as possible about it in front of their children, and especially in front of their 2 little daughters. I remember it very well. I went shopping with my godmother, and when I returned. I found my mum lying in bed. I knew there was something wrong right away, that they had heard terrible news or something. They told us maman had to go to the hospital to get an operation, but when you’re 11, are you really aware of what’s happening? I knew it was really bad but I didn’t realise the real seriousness of the illness.

She had the operation in April 1994. Her illness lasted for a year, because she died the 26th of march 1995. A very difficult year that I will never ever forget. We were all heavily marked by itand we all suffered from it. When she had the operation I went to see her in the hospital in Liège. It wasn’t easy, because she had suffered a lot. It was a very painful operation, but –and that’s exactly it- I didn’t realise what they had done to her.We know maman was very ill, but, for Sarah and me, things stopped there, we didn’t know anything more.A few months later, maman was feeling better, so … I thought at the moment that everything would get back to normal. She even came to Gruissant in France, in august, to see me play a tournament there. My aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, … everyone was there. We had a real family holiday.But after that, everything went downhill. There was the chemotherapy that weighed on her, that was very tough, but I was only 12 and I didn’t realise the consequences. I said to myself ‘Illnesses are there to be taken care of, there are doctors and you can always overcome them’.

I didn’t exactly realise what was happening, but deep inside,I think I felt something really terrible was about to happen.One day, when I took my bath, and she was sitting next to me on the edge of the tub, I asked her: “But maman, your illness, you won’t die from it, will you?” She answered: “Of course not, ma puce. What are you talking about, I doing fine.”Then things really went backwards at the end of 1994, she got worse and worse, she forgot things, it was very difficult to see her like that. We all knew she fought hard, but she refused to show her suffering, in particular towards her children. It was out of the question to show she was in pain. She had an incredible courage.

How can someone be that courageous, when you knowyou are going to die? She knew it, because the doctors had told her the illness was already in a too advanced stage. At that moment, how did she manage to fight like that? To still care and think about her children? To refuse to suffer? To never ‘loose her face’ in front of us? I find it really hard to understand how she managed to hang in there.For me, to seeing her degrade like that was something very painful. She had a lot of energy, she always did lots of things, but in the end it became more and more difficult to carry on.

In January, two months before her death, she did something amazing, when she–together with my godmother- came to see me play a tournament in Petit As in Tarbes. She travelled 1200 km back and forth just to see me play. She followed my match against Gubachi, a very tight match. There she was, she travelled all that distance to see me play for the very last time. That was the biggest sign of her love my mum could have given me, two months before her death.It was a very important moment for me. She had lost all her hair, her condition wasn’t good at all. I didn’t realise at the time, the worse was yet to come.Right after the tournament in Tarbes, in January or February,I heard the word ‘cancer’ from someone in my entourage for the very first time.

Then came the month march. It wasn’t until the day before her death that I knew she was going to leave us. It was a Saturday, I will never forget, a Saturday, that my dad took his children -we lived with our grandparents at the time because we couldn’t stay in the apartment- my dad took us aside and told us, I will never forget: ‘Your mum is going to join Florence in heaven now.’That was the worst thing I ever heard. A dream collapsed.When you are 12and you hear that the person you admire most in life has to go, that’s the most terrible thing there is.I went to see her for the very last time, she managed to say “Je t’aime, ma puce.” She was in terrible condition, she almost didn’t recognise us.The next morning, she left us.Ultimately, it was maybe for the better, for her and for everyone close to her. She deserved a good and a very long rest. I hope she rests in peace, because whole her life, she took care of others.

The moments that followed where very hard. A lot of memories come back to me now. I tried to be very brave during the days that followed her death. There were a lot of people at her funeral, another prove that she was highly respected by everyone.When I was little, I always told myself that if my mum would die, my life would stop right there, that the earth would stop turning.When she had passed away, I believed for a moment that tennis was over for me because I didn’t see anymore reasons to fight. I found that life had been too unfair with me. I didn’t have fun anymore on the court. But then, step by step, a few months later my life continued.I have never forgotten maman, she’s always with me. During difficult times I think about her a lot. She gave me so much love, so much positive signs that, when I’m in a complicated situation, I think about the good and the bad moments with her, I think about her illness, and I think about the way she has left us. She is of a primordial importance for me, because she gives me reasons to fight for.

People often say that it’s easier to put the problems of life into perspective when you have lived such a tragedy. But I don’t agree. Life, society in itself just makes that you continue to be annoyed by details.I don’t know if I changed since her death, but one thing has never changed: My love for her. She is still alive inside of me and I think about her every day, about that ‘grande dame’, about her discretion and the fact that her children were the most important in her life. When she left, her biggest fear was not knowing what would happen to her children without her. She often asked herself how we would continue our lives without her.It was very hard, but I found happiness. There are a lot of people who have to go through someterrible periods, but that doesn’t have to prevent them from finding happiness with the persons they love.

I can laugh again, smile again, we have to continue our lives and, since a few years, I have found happiness again. But that happiness doesn’t stop me from thinking about my maman, sometimes with joy, other times with sadness.Sometimes I cry when I think about her, because a mum always stays a mum, and we only have one. She will stay with me all my life. I often heard : “Oh that poor little Justine, she has lived some very hard times …” Yes, that’s true, but it created a character and you can’t stop that. It has hardened me but it has also made me more fragile. I’m a lot more sensitive because I find life has been unfair. I know it all sound a bit paradoxical.Yes, I think about it every day. I would have loved to share a lot more things with her, but I also know that we lived the things we shared together with such anintensity that I can’t have any regrets.I miss her, I can’t tell you how much. The day of my marriage, I thought about it a lot, I would have wished she was there. Sometimes, I dream, I lose myself in my thoughts and then I see her arriving at my door, knocking on my door. I still dream about that today.

No matter what, I hope, and I’m sure she’s very proud of me. Not because of the player I am, but because of the woman I became, for the things I stand for. I hope she’s proud of me because of all that. I’m sure she’s proud of my results too, and of the way I fight on the court.She is no longer there, but in a way, she is there, in my heart, and one day I will see her again, and we will share everything we didn’t share up till now.”

I'm sure Justine's mum must be very proud of her strong daughter and the way she lives with her life now. Her mum will watch over her, will bless her, I believe that so. Justine Believes too. ALLEZ JUSTINE! I love you too!
To all ppl in the world, may you cherish your mum, your loved ones before it's too late.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Madrid draws are out!

Adapted from JH unofficial forum:

(1) S. Williams (USA) / Bye
V. Dushevina (RUS) / Qualifiée
A. Pavlyuchenkova (RUS) / D. Hantuchova (SLQ)
(16) N. Petrova (RUS) / E. Vesnina (RUS)
(11) M. Sharapova (RUS) / L. Safarova (TCH)
O. Govortsova (BIE) / Qualifiée
A. Dulgheru (ROU) / M. Czink (HON)
(6) E. Dementieva (RUS) / A. Wozniak (CAN)
(3) D. Safina (RUS) / Qualifiée
JUSTINE (BEL) / A. Rezai (FRA)
A. Petkovic (ALL) / S. Errani (ITA)
(14) F. Pennetta (ITA) / S. Cirstea
(ROU)(12) M. Bartoli (FRA) / P. Hercog (SLO)
Zheng J. (CHI) / A. Medina-Garrigues (ESP)
(WC) A. Ivanovic (SER) / Bye(7)
J. Jankovic (SER) / Bye
(8) S. Stosur (AUS) / G. Dulko (ARG)
Martinez Sanchez (ESP) / Bye
A. Szavay (HON) / P. Schnyder (SUI)
(9) A. Radwanska (POL) / M. Kirilenko (RUS)
(15) F. Schiavone (ITA) / Qualifiée
Y. Shvedova (KAZ) / (WC) S. Bammer (AUT)
V. Zvonareva (RUS) / M. Oudin (USA)
(4) V. Williams (USA) / Qualifiée
(5) S. Kuznetsova (RUS) / S. Peer (ISR)
Qualifiée / A. Kleybanova (RUS)
(WC) V. Ruano-Pascual (ESP) / (WC) A. Parra-Santonja (ESP)
(10) V. Azarenka (BIE) / Peng S. (CHI)
(13) Li N. (CHI) / Qualifiée
D. Cibulkova (SLQ) / Qualifiée
M. Rybarikova (SLQ) / A. Bondarenko (UKR)
(2) C. Wozniacki (DAN) / Qualifiée

Looking at the draw, not an easy draw for Justine, but it couldn't bother her much I believe. Justine will take this opportunity to improve on her skills and reduce on her errors, so that no one can ever defeat our QUEEN OF CLAY!

Once again, Jelena Jankovic is in the same quarter as Justine, same old rivals, they could meet each other provided that both slayed their opponents on the way (which I'm pretty sure will) and of course I wanted Justine to win always. But as usual, I nv dared to underestimate justine's opponent, I always treat them as pretty good players (except for some xxx whom I dun bother to mention), but I always believe in Justine. After watching her matches in Stuttgart, despite so many errors, she still managed to win, so I have much confident in her.

If she could hit more winners and less error proned, she'll be very dominant in clay, and perhaps in all other surfaces as well, I'm looking forward to this Justine V2.0, a more aggressive but still playing brilliantly, without making us fans lose all the excitement!

Let's hope she can make this another good thing to remember of :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

While waiting for Madrid....

My exams finally over, but my Final Year Project is coming up soon...gonna be busy again in the next couple of months. Now I can take a rest...May is a wonderful month I see? Cos there's more of Justine's action coming up, hehehe...I hope she gets enough rest and then show us great Tennis "movie" and win more titles!

In the meantime, I found some old pics of Justine (not very old though, but maybe yrs ago) of her relaxing in her...I guess hotel room?
Oh she's reading a book! I wonder wad's the title of that book and Juju, it's no good lying down reading a book like may get lazy eyes! Haha! And I can see that her feet are of different colors! Too much sun tan and too much sun block from wearing socks! Click on pic to enlarge
Good, now a better posture in reading a book, This is one other side of serious Justine off court :)
And when you're tired of reading books, there's always alternatives and one is to use com. I think she's watching some matches on youtube or whatever on her laptop! And my god..there's so many things in her room and it's not too messy but definitely not very tidy too!
It's always nice to get a chance to see how Justine is so relaxed cos most of the time when I watch her playing matches, her intense concentration makes her looked so serious, but it's because of this seriousness that caught my attention in the first place and everntually becoming a fan of her, so I guess it's alright! Upcoming tournament: Madrid. Let's hope she continues her success and way to the finals and make it another good one :D

Monday, May 3, 2010

Porsche car : "I want nobody, nobody but Ju!"

In my last post, I already said that this car is smiling at Juju, really only loves Ju to drive it back home! And Ju looks damn good with the car, a perfect combination! Yahoo! I love silvery Pink!
Justine despite her small figure, is still capable of producing great results! She defied all odds and only believes in hard work that paid off! Good Job Justine! ALLEZ!
Hurray! Justine finally won at a rather tight 3 set game closing at 6-4, 2-6, 6-1! Samantha Stosur is one scary player, I've seen her play, she really played pretty well, but I guess she lost that fire in the third set which leads to a crush down at 1-6. I dunno wassup with Ju at second set, maybe she's still trying to concentrate? Or maybe she's trying to think of which counter plans should she use against Stosur..

Now after seeing Justine's smile, I can finally rest well, oh no...I haven't studied my last paper! But well, I'm happy enough, Justine's win will get me motivated and hopefully I could produce good results too!
Look at her intense concentration here, always look at that little green thing :)
Ju's serve definitely is improving great but still alot of errors. I guess she needed more tournament and wins to have the confidence again and reduce the errors, so this win is super delicious for her and a confidence boost! Let's hope she continues this win into a series of winning streaks...
DAMN, JUSTINE MUST BE THE FIRST AND ONLY WOMAN WHO COULD MAKE MY HEART BEATS SO FAST EVEN A DAY B4 THE MATCH! This really is my first time experience a difficulty in controlling my heart beat I guess, Justine is really the one I'm looking for as an idol, my true real idol!
Here's an ending video (stolen from the Porsche tennis website hehe..there's Justine's speech at the end):

Sunday, May 2, 2010

In the Final: Please drive that Porsche home, Justine!

Tonight will be Justine Henin Vs Samantha Stosur final match, and according to my time, it's around 10pm. They have nv played each other b4 so they didn't know how each other's style in playing and how well they are playing. I really hope that Justine can win the title tonight, let's give her the first title of the year, god! I really wanted to see Ju's happy smile, that charming little smile!

Pls Ju, can you see that Porsche car is smiling at you, longing for you to drive it home?
Having heard that she didn't have enough sleep and she's having a cold, I hope she gets enough rest and her cold will go away soon b4 the match tonight. Get well soon, Ju! Yesterday I was in a dilemma on whether I hope for Stosur or Anna Lapushchenkova to meet Ju in the finals. Cos one side of me wanted Anna whom I'm very sorry to say that she may be a bit easier opponent for Ju to more easily claim the title although I cannot estimate this Qualifier too. The other side of me wanted Stosur to be in the final to let Justine really have a chance to played with her, to really beat a stronger seeded player as part of a preparation for the RG.

So, I guess now that it's really Stosur, even though I'm worried, but it may be better for Justine to have the chance to beat her. Once again, I have faith in Justine in winning this Stuttgart tournament. Let's hope for a good news to be heard soon.

Good luck Justine, may god bless for your health and hope you win the car and driving back home happily just like what you have done in the past. ALLEZ!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How close!

I realised that I'm a coward in some moments, even though I have faith in Justine, I was so scared to watch the match that I decided to turn in early, hopefully I could see the news of her winning when I woke up, but I'm not sure whether it's my mentality or what that around 2.15am, I suddenly woke up and felt so uneasy.

I couldn't hold it any longer and I couldn't sleep again, so I decided to watch Justine Vs Jelena match online. When I first look at the score, I was so down because Justine had lost a set and the second set was so tight! It's like whoever made serve, wins the game so if it's Ju's turn to serve, she won, then Jelena's turn to serve, Jelena won and this drag to a tiebreaker. Luckily, Justine managed to pull it into a three sets, and there again, I have to deal with my weak heart everytime Justine lose a point I will switch my IE tab to read manga, and come back to watch the match later, hopefully she's at the winning point. And thank god, when I look at the match again, she's already leading 5-3 in the 3rd set and was then beginning for the last set.

This time round I decided to watch and pray and at 40-15 point, I watched with anticipation of her winning the whole match and she really impressed me with that wonderful forehand cross-shots, like my previous post had shown, an exact replica of the scene where she win the point against Dementieva in 2007, about the same situation. She really deserved the win with the point of 3-6, 7-6(4), 6-3!

Jelena breaks down under pressure while Justine, she raised her level under pressure, tht's the main difference. Although Justine had made many UE, she's able to hit many winners, of course, I expect her to get adjusted to her form and hit lesser UE and more winners next time. Tonight is her match against Shahar Peer who had won Safina, so we fans shouldn't underestimated Ju's opponent tonight. And hopefully Justine gets enough rest, as it's an early match tonight, plus she had endured almost 2 hr 30 min for the win over Jelena, so hopefully she regained her energy and I seriously prayed that she had found her "old winning form" and played a even higher level of wad she used to have.

May she win this tournament, cos she really deserved it given her calibre.