Friday, May 28, 2010

Juju Marches on to 3rd round!

The match was supposed to end yesterday but due to the heavy rain, it was delayed and Ju had to play until the night which in the end due to darkness, had to suspense the match again to end it today.

I got home around 7pm and I thought her match was over, then I was surprised to learn that it hasn't even started, not until 7:20pm. It was a very brief 2nd match startingfrom 3-2 with Juju leading, and I think it took her about 15 min to close the whole match with the overall score 6-3,6-3. Sometimes it can be painful to watch Juju's match cos when she's having 40-0 with 3 match points, she wasted them to make it into a deuce and I really couldn't breathe...I'm a pretty impatient person and wanted Ju to quickly end the match and luckily she managed to pull it through.

So now our great champion Justine Henin had extended her winning streak at Roland Garros to 23 matches and 39 consecutive sets. Let's hope she continues to extend the streak! Allez Justine Henin!!!

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