Thursday, May 27, 2010

Watching Ju's RG R1

Yesterday I managed to download Ju's R1 match and since today is my off day from work, I finished watching the downloaded match. I finally get to see how well she performed in R1.

I have to give credit to her opponent though for playing and hitting pretty well, making few errors while Ju was the one who made much more errors. Ju actually hit pretty well for her backhand across the court and I'm always drooling over her BH. I didn't play Tennis so I couldn't give much comment about their skills, but as an audience, I pretty much enjoyed the match. I would say if Justine would be more consistent and makes fewer errors, she would've finished the whole match off earlier but wll, everything was under her control for the R1 match IMO.

Now, I'm wondering when will be her 2nd match be? If it's today, then that's great! I can watch it! Anyway, let's move on and cheer for our great champion-Justine Henin! Allez Juju!

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