Friday, May 14, 2010

Justine is Nadal's fan

I found a Eurosports news clip of Justine speaking of admiring Rafael Nadal for his talent in Tennis. There's one thing that Nadal has and Justine currently lacks of and that's the Wimbleton title.

Justine said that initially she's not a fan of Nadal but after looking at how humble he was even after winning, she admired him more. (I couldn't hear properly the English explanation but I was looking at the chinese subtitle below the video, so I'm still able to understand wad's she's trying to say)
Let's hope that Justine can "follow" Nadal's route in winning Wimbleton and still be the queen of Clay in Roland Garros!!!
And here's another clip about Justine on her comeback:


  1. Hey! I remember this interview. Me too. I was hoping this would get her thinking that it's possible to do the very ambitious RG-W back to back title run.

  2. Gosh I really love Justine, she became a fan of Rafa because of his humility... just like herself, Ju is also very humble... for top players it's really very hard to maintain this kind of attitude or maybe not (because it's natural to her ;p) that's why I mostly admire Justine for this aside from her tennis.

    Justine, Allez for an RG and Wimby combo this year.

  3. Hello Greenout! Yes, ppl also said that Justine plays like Federer, Wins like Nadal too! So I was hoping that Justine could pull a Nadal win on the Grass and Clay and make it a RG-W back to back title run.

    Sly, I knew you would super love Justine for this cos I remembered that you told me you like Nadal too! And it was for him that you took notice of Justine right? Now that Ju is Nadal's fan, you must be crazily happy,lol! And Justine once said that she would nv change for any reason. That's why she's so down to earth!

  4. Indeed ST, before I always talk about Rafa with my former co-worker who also likes him... but after reading Justine is his favourite WTA player and knowing everything about Justine... I kinda focused more on Ju than more like Ju stole my fanaticism from Rafa... ;p

    But this is the only time I've heard Justine talk about Rafa and what more as a fan of him... (though i know the clip was last year right and the interview was in her club Limelette?)

    Thank you ST for the clip.... so happy ^-^

  5. Haha, Ju is always catching attention fast! She stole my fantacism from my two other idols too.

    She's just hard to resist, she caught my attention when I saw her eyes (just like wad carlos said, there's something in her eyes, the determination to win) and she made me love her after I saw her played so beautifully in Brisbane, that amazing BH and Volleys!

    And I didn't know how old was this clip but I think still in her retirement time.

    You're welcomed, glad to share this clip with you too!