Wednesday, May 5, 2010

While waiting for Madrid....

My exams finally over, but my Final Year Project is coming up soon...gonna be busy again in the next couple of months. Now I can take a rest...May is a wonderful month I see? Cos there's more of Justine's action coming up, hehehe...I hope she gets enough rest and then show us great Tennis "movie" and win more titles!

In the meantime, I found some old pics of Justine (not very old though, but maybe yrs ago) of her relaxing in her...I guess hotel room?
Oh she's reading a book! I wonder wad's the title of that book and Juju, it's no good lying down reading a book like may get lazy eyes! Haha! And I can see that her feet are of different colors! Too much sun tan and too much sun block from wearing socks! Click on pic to enlarge
Good, now a better posture in reading a book, This is one other side of serious Justine off court :)
And when you're tired of reading books, there's always alternatives and one is to use com. I think she's watching some matches on youtube or whatever on her laptop! And my god..there's so many things in her room and it's not too messy but definitely not very tidy too!
It's always nice to get a chance to see how Justine is so relaxed cos most of the time when I watch her playing matches, her intense concentration makes her looked so serious, but it's because of this seriousness that caught my attention in the first place and everntually becoming a fan of her, so I guess it's alright! Upcoming tournament: Madrid. Let's hope she continues her success and way to the finals and make it another good one :D


  1. Hi,

    Great to read that you finished exams. Time for you to relax a bit.

    These photos of Justine made me smile. It's from Miami 2007 or was that 2006? Yes, she's a bit of a slob; but that's ok we all forgive her. ;) She transforms on court; and that's the way Justine's life has been for her. She's such the jock, don't you think? But then this explains the reality of Justine; and makes it very understandable why she left tennis in retirement. And I respect that Justine realized and knew that she needed to develop as a person. I also admire that she wouldn't be happy one of those rich sports starts that hires someone to do everything for them. We like that Justine is down to earth.



  2. Hello! Yes, I love everything abt Justine, she's really is down to earth. And I also agree that it's great for Justine to go through a retirement at 25, then come back as a stronger person, with a strong determination and new passion and goals.

    I'm sure Justine's 2nd career will be as much successful, if not, much more successful than in her 1st career. I love her new aggressive play, it's nice hearing the loud
    pomp pomp" sound of her hitting the balls!