Monday, May 10, 2010

Optimistic post

Ok, just read on the unofficial forum and learnt that Justine was down with flu. And it affected her play as a result. My poor Juju, her body can be pretty weak at times, she's always pushing her body to the limits, but she should've taken much care of herself.

Ok, Roland Garros is 2 wks away from now, so this lost in Madrid may be good for her too, she needed more time to rest and get well from the flu virus. It wouldn't help if she pushed herself to win Madrid tournament and in the end finding herself exhausted and with the flu clinging onto her, she would've in no good condition to compete in the french open.

I feel so much better now, maybe after realising wad's wrong with Justine and found out the real cause which is thankfully not an injury like other ppl said, I believe Justine if she recovered and in a 100% good condition, she can win the French Open. I hopefully wished so and believe in her always :)

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