Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Way to go Henin!

ALLEZ JUSTINE~! Yes, she won the first round of RG! I'm so happy! I was so tired and so anxious to see the results straight away after I got back home from work and I haven't even taken my bath yet...smelly me!

She won against Tsvetana Pironkova by 6-4, 6-3, which to me is considered ok, though I expect to be better, maybe she's still pretty emotional and a little rusty considering the fact that this is the first time she played RG since her comeback. I'm pretty contented and am sure that she'll get better in the next match and push her way to win this whole tournament!

I'm blogging very "briefly" because I'm pretty tired now, it's bad that my workplace couldn't even surf the net and I had to wait back home to check Ju's results, but now I can say that I can have a good night sleep. Hope my sweet dreams continues~


  1. For Justine this was a good 1st rd match outcome. There were no tiebreaks nor a 3rd set. I liked how she used her inside out forehands to change the flight of the ball to the opposite direction of her swing. This particular shot usually comes out midway thru a grand slam for her, so it was nice to see her focusing on variety and tactics from the get go!

  2. hi greenout, since I didn't watch her match, I didn't know how good she played.

    Yes, it's supposed to be very good considering the fact that she had to deal with the emotions and having "MIA" from RG for 3 yrs.

    If only I get the chance to watch her match, which hopefully there will be a match of hers on my off day. Let's hope she continues to fight thru and wins!