Saturday, May 15, 2010

Randomness~ pics comparison

Just some random boring posts again since I'm waiting impatiently for RG to come but at the same time hoping for Ju to get 100% healthy.

I was looking through Justine's younger days (I will post more of her younger days pics next time) and saw one pic of her that looked pretty funny to me and then I noticed a similar expression of her in the recent Stuttgart tournament, so I decided to post up here for the comparison.

I'm sorry Justine, but I really laughed at your expression in the second pic, but I loved how ur muscles stretched out to reach for the ball, we can see how hard you have trained urself to be stronger, look at the first pic and the second pic, Justine really trained out those muscles on her arms and thighs.
Justine, my poor gal, I hope you rest well and get 100% healthy soon, I hate to see you suffer from illness, it makes my heart pains too. And god pls give Justine a strong healthy body free from plague and illnesses.


  1. The first pic looks like from RG 2001, about 9 years ago O_o

    Cute pic.. still same position for JH's left hand too =)

  2. Eh...I'm not sure how old the first pic was, I have lots of Ju pics around that time when she's still so young! And most of her pics are very cute! I just can't help it but to right click and save. I think my com will eventually run out of memory.

    And yup, I just found the similarities of the two pics, that's why I posted. Her left arm always this same position and Ju's expressions are always the same, glaring big eyes, gritting her teeth. :)

  3. That's quite extraordinary! Same shot, and form. But she's so fit now like a boxer with those muscles. Wow.

  4. Hihi, Greenout, yes, it's really just a coincidence that I spotted these two pics similarities. This shows that Justine nv really changed her style, she's still the great Justine!

    And yup, she really trained out those muscles, cos WTA now are all based on power shots and not much on skills, I'm glad Justine can incorporate this two elements together!