Monday, May 3, 2010

Porsche car : "I want nobody, nobody but Ju!"

In my last post, I already said that this car is smiling at Juju, really only loves Ju to drive it back home! And Ju looks damn good with the car, a perfect combination! Yahoo! I love silvery Pink!
Justine despite her small figure, is still capable of producing great results! She defied all odds and only believes in hard work that paid off! Good Job Justine! ALLEZ!
Hurray! Justine finally won at a rather tight 3 set game closing at 6-4, 2-6, 6-1! Samantha Stosur is one scary player, I've seen her play, she really played pretty well, but I guess she lost that fire in the third set which leads to a crush down at 1-6. I dunno wassup with Ju at second set, maybe she's still trying to concentrate? Or maybe she's trying to think of which counter plans should she use against Stosur..

Now after seeing Justine's smile, I can finally rest well, oh no...I haven't studied my last paper! But well, I'm happy enough, Justine's win will get me motivated and hopefully I could produce good results too!
Look at her intense concentration here, always look at that little green thing :)
Ju's serve definitely is improving great but still alot of errors. I guess she needed more tournament and wins to have the confidence again and reduce the errors, so this win is super delicious for her and a confidence boost! Let's hope she continues this win into a series of winning streaks...
DAMN, JUSTINE MUST BE THE FIRST AND ONLY WOMAN WHO COULD MAKE MY HEART BEATS SO FAST EVEN A DAY B4 THE MATCH! This really is my first time experience a difficulty in controlling my heart beat I guess, Justine is really the one I'm looking for as an idol, my true real idol!
Here's an ending video (stolen from the Porsche tennis website hehe..there's Justine's speech at the end):


  1. She is QUEEN.

    All the faux queens', pretenders, squatters and wannabe's please move out of the way. Queen Justine is here!

  2. lol nobody, nobody but Ju ;D

    Yes, indeed Greeny Queen Ju on red clay is reminding everyone who's the BOSS!

    Fantastic week from Suttgart, lot's of heart-stopping moments and sliding in red dirt... I really enjoyed it... Allez JH!

  3. Thank you greenout and sly for the comments.

    It's still too early to determine for her success in RG as Justine have said. She needed more tournaments as we can see, she's improving on every tournaments.

    Still, I believe she's the Queen of course, cos she has all the necessary skills and the brain to win. If she can make most of her shots perfectly with little UE, she'll be dominant in WTA!

    And yes, everytime she's close to losing or to winning the tournament, either one, my heart almost burst..tht's why I cannot watch the full match. I have to take several breaks in between, lol!