Sunday, May 2, 2010

In the Final: Please drive that Porsche home, Justine!

Tonight will be Justine Henin Vs Samantha Stosur final match, and according to my time, it's around 10pm. They have nv played each other b4 so they didn't know how each other's style in playing and how well they are playing. I really hope that Justine can win the title tonight, let's give her the first title of the year, god! I really wanted to see Ju's happy smile, that charming little smile!

Pls Ju, can you see that Porsche car is smiling at you, longing for you to drive it home?
Having heard that she didn't have enough sleep and she's having a cold, I hope she gets enough rest and her cold will go away soon b4 the match tonight. Get well soon, Ju! Yesterday I was in a dilemma on whether I hope for Stosur or Anna Lapushchenkova to meet Ju in the finals. Cos one side of me wanted Anna whom I'm very sorry to say that she may be a bit easier opponent for Ju to more easily claim the title although I cannot estimate this Qualifier too. The other side of me wanted Stosur to be in the final to let Justine really have a chance to played with her, to really beat a stronger seeded player as part of a preparation for the RG.

So, I guess now that it's really Stosur, even though I'm worried, but it may be better for Justine to have the chance to beat her. Once again, I have faith in Justine in winning this Stuttgart tournament. Let's hope for a good news to be heard soon.

Good luck Justine, may god bless for your health and hope you win the car and driving back home happily just like what you have done in the past. ALLEZ!


  1. "This is it! Don't get scared now!" - Kevin McCallister (Home Alone 1990)

    I think if my heart has a hole, I would have been dead by now after watching JH matches... but soooooo happpy she's on to another Final... happy happy =D

    Now Ju must take the last step and show that extra fire in this Stuttgart final. Hope she'll do it this time.


    ps. ST better finish your paper instead of reading ;p

  2. ST check this clip... Justine's running cross court forehand (same with her FH return v Deme in 07 & match pt v JJ) those are soooo darn acute and wicked just like her BH CC...

  3. Thanks sly! That's one magnificent shot! And I couldn't concentrate on studying not until Justine finally drives that car back home, god bless her!

    I really wanted Justine to win, can the god grant my wish?