Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Justine's feminine Black & White!

Gonna be busy for these few weeks since I've just gotten a low pay temporary job which will start on this Friday and will end until end of June, which means that I may have to skip Justine's matches for RG and I may get MIA from blogging :( , but I will constantly check out the match results of Justine and hope she wins!

Of course I will definitely root for Justine and praying with all my heart that she'll win her fifth title for the French Open!

Anyway, I found these black and white pics of our beautiful Justine from the great Baidu source. But I had no idea when these pics were taken and why she took these pics (well, I'm glad she took these pics though cos they are so "delicious"!)

I love her locks, her curly wavy hair! Does she look abit like Nicole Parker?
I love her dressing but not sure I like her sunglasses here, the sunglasses makes her looked like having ultraman's eyes, sorry Juju, I love your eyes without this sunglasses.
These are so retro feel!

Justine seems to be enjoying her moment...
Ooh I love this pic! Simply Beautiful!

Another beautiful shot of Justine! I really love her big eyes, they are so full of "energy", so lovely!
I pretty much love this pic, Ju checking herself out in the mirror :P

Long sleeves! I actually find Justine looking good in long sleeves, I hope she wears more of these. Btw, where is this place?

My my, Ju, are you tempting me? You look so sweet and so feminine here, so sexy! Wait...I'm straight right? Anyway, it's funny that even in black and white photos, you could see that Ju's feet have different skin colour partly becos of wearing too much covered sports shoes

Maybe that's why she changed to high heels and let her beautiful feet exposed to the bright sunlight!

Well, RG is coming near, Justine Henin-I always believe in you and also your name says it all, like I've imagined, Henin= N1= No.1, always the best, so I hope you play the best too and go ahead, win this French Open, we fans are always cheering behind you, fans from all over the world.


  1. wow, beautiful pics, where did you find these black and white photos?

  2. Hi,

    I can tell you about these pics. It's from ELLE magazine Belgium edition from 2004. It was a special photo feature with her husband with clothes by Armani (LOL I guess someone edited him out and selected only the pics w/out him!)

    It's shot in famous hotel in Brussels called Hotel Metropole

  3. Hello Jo, I found these pics on the Baidu website and yes they are very beautiful cos Justine's in the pics!

    Thank you greenout for the clarification. 2004, wow, that's 6 yrs ago! Nice photo shots though, I guess must be some other Juju fans that hated her ex so they cropped him out! Justine looks good in Armani!

    Even though the hotel is famous but I didn't know it cos I'm kinda trapped in my own country and seldom travel yet I'd love to travel overseas.

  4. hmmmm not sure if I'm a fan of curls for Ju but the monochrome look made me like it... yes, I must agree beautiful pictures indeed... =)

    lol @ cropped PY's place in the pic...

    I love the 4th, 5th & 6th pics... the angles are gorgeous with JH

  5. Hello sly, at certain angles, the curls really look nice on Ju, and I simply love all the pics! Haha, our gorgeous Ju can be very photogenic too!