Thursday, March 31, 2011

Away from Blogging...

I'm away from blogging at the moment, there's many stuffs to do and complicating stuffs, miss you, love you Ju!
You scratch your head, I scratch my heart from the itch of missing you too much...

Hope to blog again soon once all the shits cleared up, Muacks to all Justine's fans and of course Justine! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some funny stuffs to share (If you find them offending, sorry!)

Here's somethings interesting to share for weekend relaxation and maybe to de-stress for anyone experiencing hard times in life. It's not about Justine, sorry, but it's about my school though this video was in 2006, a lecturer who received all sorts of funny but rather insulting feedbacks though he took them as funny jokes. ^^

Btw, is shotgun fast? I thought it's considered slow for weapons
(No racism, discrimination or any offend to anyone intended, ~peace~)

Let me clear the air first, in Singapore, we are not really racist to anyone, we have racial harmony and enjoy multi culture in Singapore. I guess the students normally would tend to write some funny stuffs in the feedback for the lecturer to see when they are being bored. For me, I'm a lazy student to even bother about doing any feedbacks ;-)

And did I say I love MadTV b4? Too bad MadTV is no more available cos I seriously loved its humour and sarcasm, and also its lameness
Wonder if anyone got this kind of poor service money-sucking airlines? 

I love Destiny's Child song but this is really funny, and it's really is Destiny's CHILD, not children, so I guess it's somewhat true and Debra Wilson is a very good hilarious actress who also sings real well!

*Warning*-The video below may be disturbing for others

Again, I have nothing against England, in fact, one of my uncle is an English, and I love James blunt-you're beautiful original song, but I just think Nicole Parker is really a talented woman who can sing and act well (I'm not referring to the purposely tweaked voice in here)

There's some more funny madtv videos and I think youtube removed many of them too. And of course, there are also some which are not funny at all, it depends. 

Something not from madtv

What a good nice happy way to die!

Coincidence? It's not funny but it's interesting to see the tire seems "alive"

Those who find any of the videos above to be offending to them, then I'm sorry about that but well, sometimes you just have to put your pride away and get some sense of humour ;-P

Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 months passed...

Since Justine announced her 2nd retirement, I still miss her alot, and still watches her past matches, making me feel a bit sad thinking that such beautiful tennis had ended in this era. I can't find the passion to watch tennis anymore, especially the women tennis. So many cookie cutters players there with no variety of skills displayed, boring to the max. Yeah, I'm not a real tennis fan, but I know how to appreciate beautiful real tennis.

I love this pic and the quote. And yes, nothing is impossible just like impossible is nothing. And if nobody is perfect, then Justine can be the nobody, in fact we can all be one if we believe in ourselves. 

And here's my lame and love infested letter to Juju:

Dearest Justine, 

though my friends said that I'm crazy to like someone unrelated to me that much, but I do not really care, and that's because they haven't get to understand how it feels to like someone that unique and beautiful like you. It was nv the same to like a sports person than an entertainment star. The feelings are much more complicated, we share the pain and sorrows, happiness and joys, I love the adrenalin you've given to us when we watch your matches, be it heart attack type or excitement rush.

I think I'm getting older and I can't find the energy to find any other person as my idol. I can't go through anymore heartbreaks, my heart is weak. I've told myself that you will be the last idol I'm gonna have, and no one is gonna ever replace you in my heart for the idol place. Even if in the future, I get to support some others who have a playing style similar to you, my role will just be a simple supporter. And that's it, just coming up here to give some random ranting again. All the best to your future, Ju. I will still love you 4eva, just made a poster of you as a motivation to my fat burning plan. Can't stand the "kueh lapis tummy" that I had, like one log cake roll on top of another. Cheers! Ju! (With imaginary champagne!)

With infinity <3,

Btw, there's one random thing that I wanna share my personal joy...yesterday I've just gotten myself an Asus netbook (now I can bring the netbook around and watch Justine's matches on the train) , a 1st prize from the lucky draw of an event held in school! 1st time in my life did I get to win such a big prize, I'm so elated! And it's all about luck, because just b4 that there were a few names called but those ppl were absent at that time and so when the gal drew out the card and called out my name, I'm was surprised, and to think this is the last time I'm attending the event in school cos I'm graduating soon. Thank you to lady luck, may you bless Justine and us all! Spread the love around the world~ Life is much happier to love and show concern to your loved ones than to make enemies and hate in your life.
Motherly feel Juju, spread her love to kids and ppl around her

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Justine's possible activities

So we saw on Danielle's facebook page for Justine on Sunday that Justine had just came back from her holidays in skiing:

Finally some news about her and glad she's keeping on smiling and happy and cheerful, today's boring topic would be Justine's possible activities whether it's during vacation or not, haha! I've always wondered how is it like to be able to ski in the snow? Singapore has no snow and I nv tried skiing on the artificial snow, but I tried ice skating which I always helped them to resurface their ice with my flat and dented butt and the scar I've gotten there since months ago is still present on my leg but much lighter colour.

And she went skiing, is Europe still in Winter season now? My geography is poor so I do not know the climate and places...
Remember this mission? Ju switches role with Carlos as an instructor to him ^^
Ju seems pretty skillful in skiing, wonder at what age did she start to ski or did she just learn it after her 1st retirement? She has some super learning abilities and active sports genes, definitely a diligent intelligent girl, lol at Carlos penguin style, oops!

Uh Oh careful Justine, skiing can be dangerous plus your elbow's not healed yet (so is she gg for surgery or not?) Anyway, nice you're laughing so cheerily even when falling...
The video of Ju's ski and how she falls like the pic above..Allez Allez, haha! Seems like a french favourite word, even my french teacher also loves to say "Allez"

Other possible activities she could have done?
Go shopping and dressing up, girls stuffs, I think I posted this pic b4, Ju is the outstanding one with her golden colour, look so royal
Yeah, shop shop
Appreciating the kids' arts and maybe draw her own portrait
Dancing and singing again, that's what we fans super love <3 and drool about
Come on, give me straight flush! Big money, big money!
Gambling! It's ok if you gamble for leisure and not making heavy bets and also not to make an obsession of it. It can be addictive so be careful and not get sucked into the evils of Gambling...Oh Ju is so skinny that time
Driving around the cities with Deuce (camouflaged behind the black steering wheels) while enjoying the sceneries, look at Ju's big eyes, stay alert!
Playing unknown games...this pic seems like she's doing a shot-put like game
Posing with handsome cute guys, yummy~ Ju looks cute too! Sorry if this guy's a celebrity and I dunno his name
Doing some day dreaming...yeah, this is an activity too which I always do almost everyday in school, but Ju probably is doing some meticulous thinking about some important stuffs
Learning and playing some hard rock! Oh yeah, C'mon baby! Nice electronic? guitar!
Travelling in the desert and riding the camels
Travel to beautiful places like Dubai, exploring places
Playing Basketball? Damn, she's so miniature size with the guys around her like giants!
 oh Ju, your ball toss is just like the one you did in tennis
Modelling <3
Visiting the zoo or circus, love for animals, yeah!
Playing and teaching leisure tennis with the kids (supposing it won't risk her elbow)
Go Disney land with the kids and hopefully one day for her role as a mum..why is goofy in Adidas too? 
Caring for the needy kids...Wish I have a sister like Ju, and not a childish brother (ok lah, I love my brother too)
Working on with her "Justine For Kids" foundation and continue to give more hope and future to the needy kids 
Ambassador of the Unicef Belgium and doing her best to help the poor and needy ppl

The youtube video of Justine in Cambodia by 

Spending sweet moments with her family and relatives and frenz
Managing her wonderful great club-"Club Justine N1", which I so wanted to visit one day...god pls let me have a good job in the future and earn some good bucks so I have the money to travel with my family to her club in Belgium...her club website here and facebook 
And her hard work babies...6th sense tennis academies, where she aspires to train potential tennis players with great skills and passion and also correct values which they should adopt to be the best just like her. Her Belgium academy site here and facebook

And maybe also to train for marathon ;-p
I always think running in the stadium is boring but with such a beautiful stadium (is this even a stadium?) like this, I wouldn't mind jogging/running everyday in it.
Outdoor run is much more fun and enjoy the sceneries while jogging, which is why some ppl choose to join marathon overseas to enjoy the different sceneries in different countries..provided they really had a lot of money =X
Yeah, sprint! Sports for life! Justine is such a runner! I believe she can sprint very fast, but normally they said sprinters are for short distance and those long distance runners cannot be sprinters because they need to preserve their energy for the last few meters sprint. Is that true? I don't know but sounds logical

With this, I ends my boring post, now really finding the time to study...and am really super busy soon, so not sure when I get to blog again here with Ju's pics or maybe sudden boring randomness ranting will appear on this blog again...
Allez Justine! I love ya! <3 Muacks, here come my saliva kiss again 

* just saw the stupid article by Paul Marshall on google news, where the very first line he claimed to say that Justine had no humour, excuse me, but do you know her personally to make this claim? How humourous are you then? Ok you're humourous enough to make your article a big whole joke, don't drag her in when you ain't gonna talk about anything that's really related to her.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vids vids, YT pls don't delete them (blah blah blah)

Gonna upload some of Ju's videos onto youtube today but since all the videos are "stolen" from various sites, I'm not sure if youtube will eventually suspend my account or not =X

Ok, I admit I ain't a very good person with full integrity, though I do not support the idea of piracy, I downloaded programs and games illegally and also sort of "stolen" Ju's videos from various site and upload them onto youtube, but I hereby wanna say it again that I do not own all the videos uploaded, it's obvious but as much as I wanted to give full credits to the original source, I always found my bad habit of forgetting the source (not doing this on purpose but I really had a short term memory and I didn't take note of the sources).

All I can say is most of them I found on tudou, chinese baidu, dailymotion, rtbf, sporza or other websites where possible "Ju's traces" can be found and I think all of the videos, Ju's hardcore fans surely had seen them all b4, alright to cut it short, I just wanted to find a place to gather all Justine's videos that I have, be it for my own entertainment or to share with any fellow Ju's fans (who happened to stumble upon this blog and discovered the YT account) who hasn't seen some of the vids. That's my real intention, so if anyone thinks there's an infringement of copyright thing, I am terribly sorry about that.

Anyway, when I've uploaded most of them (which may takes yrs judging from my current timetable and laziness meter), I'll post a link here to my account, for me it doesn't matter if the vids have low view counts (right now, I try not to put tags with "Justine Henin", it would be better maybe so that youtube won't find out and suspend my account, maybe in the future, I'll change the tag to her name). But I still do not have the resources and time to cut match videos and upload there, so mostly are her off court videos.

Anyway, I'm gonna be busy again, so not focusing on uploading the vids that much, meanwhile I'll try my best to update this boring blog when I'm free. God, I miss Justine, haven't stop thinking about her since day 1 of my obsession in her, I'm not crazy....not yet.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Justine's Hairstyle part 2

So let's continue Ju's hairstyles I think now is her adulthood part, this is gonna be a very long BORING post....pardon me!

Let's start with her most common "macdonald's m" hairstyle:
Yes, I've also said b4 that I dun really like this pic even though it's Ju!  It looked so messy =P
This is the pic where I think Justine looks pretty handsome but ok I should comment on her hair...why does it look a bit frizzy here? 
And I think it would look better with the wind blowing like the one above + Ju's cute natural laugh

More golden! so she cut short of her front and let the behind grows longer, it looks good though
About the same hairstyle as the above with a different colour, her this hair has more of "highlights", not a fixed single colour, btw, I love her makeup on the eye area in this pic, nice mascara!
Oh Juju, "flat" center parting hairstyle doesn't really suits you, imo...

Almost the same as all the above but her hair combed a bit to the side and wad's this colour really called, bronze?
Sorry, I know again, this hairstyle is about the same too but I just love this pic of her with children, so motherly feel, I so can't wait for her to be a mother one day, she'll make a super great mom!
Brownish Orange attack! But this colour is interesting ;-)
She was blonde a few weeks b4 her press conference, look at the ends of her hair, they're of different colour? 
And at the press conference it was brown, did she dye it brown? And I thought she loves being blonde!
Just wanna show this pic where she had her hair comb backwards, nice angle taken for this hairstyle, really looks like she's enjoying the tao drink with a relaxing feel =)
I like this it a short shoulder length hairstyle? cos I couldn't see her back but it looks cute on her, she's really cute in this pic <3
Short hair is cute? yeah, looks younger too and lol at the ends of her hair, a little bit like the FFX2 yuna below
This is FFX2 yuna
I think that if she wants a center parting, at least comb it like this one, with a little volume on the top, not too flat...

Btw, is this the same outfit as the above pic? Ju looks delicious here and like a stewardess...wouldn't mind to board a flight with such a pretty stewardess serving ;-P

For this macdonald "M" hairstyle, she'd look good with makeup and bright smile 
A little curls on the ends are pretty good too but I don't like this angle shot for the hair I mean, cos it makes her look bald, though this angle for the face is very nice and beautiful!
Anyway, I love this pic! Blonde Ju with nice volume and she looked so young (year 2003?)
And I'm a bad fan, I admit that, cos I always show this pic up. Her "lion mane" hairstyle, oops, sorry Ju!

And the story of the lion queen continues...
A more refined version of the lion queen hairstyle
Sorry if I had posted Justine with PY pic here, I think since Ju said she'll keep only the good memories with PY, so I guess it's alright. I just wanted to say how come her hair looks so whitish but looks very soft, I wanna touch it.
The rebellious Ju look...there's still a bit of boyish feel in this pic even if her hair is long enough, i dunno why. Anyway, I think she pulled her fringes behind her ears...
The black and white! So instead of straight down center parting hair, she decided to try something new, the curly wavy center parting! Ok lah, looks not bad, just dun over-curl to look like the pic below:
Ah...just J/K! Justine looks so much 10000000000000x better and nothing like this one
Black & white continues...Ju looks so sexy in this pic, somehow the focus became on her big sparkling eyes. She has nice facial features which I so wanted to have...
A different least it's not center parting, now this looks GOOD! I wish to see the coloured version of this...
talking about some waves here...again, I got "sucked in" by her eyes...there's really something about her eyes, there's magnets installed in them
Feels the electric shock? That's from Justine's power station. So that's what her hair length normally is, not too long and not too short and a reddish brown colour hair!
Eh...not sure if I like this hairstyle, it looks weird but luckily her cuteness saved it all.
This is the hairstyle which I'll NV NV be able to swallow into my head, what's that few strands of hair besides her ear there? I feel my hands itchy and wanna use scissors to cut off that extra lump of hair there and this hairstyle is so messy to me. Sorry to those who love it, I hope Ju don't love this
This version would be so much better....but still not good enough...
Yeah, this version is much much much better. Plus I love her modelling mission, so suave and so smart looking, really like a real model, the coolness of a real model!
I really love her hairstyle here, look at the side view of it, see how complex it looks!
And the back, I think they had a lot of clips on her hair
It looks fine from far....but...
It looks like a CURRYPUFF from the side and a zoom in look!
The currypuff...damn, I must be hungry now!
The more recent pic, now yes more volume on her hair and not too bouncy and it looks neat, not bad looking hairstyle, oh Ju, you look so serious

And not to forget this cute little messy hairstyle of Ju, hehehe, really cute eh? Like a cabbage on top of her hair, oh I so wanted to hug this cutie right now...
Is this short or long hair? 
Is this pic the same as above? Looks like the same hair and necklace worn, but then this one Ju had trimmed her eyebrow, sweeter than the above pic, and I actually think this is one nice good photo of Ju, maybe she suits this kind of hairstyle with this kind of light to moderate makeup (oh and nice trimmed eyebrow)

I know I know, I've been very obsessed in Justine's look in this video clip that I screen caps a few images from it. Justine certainly looks gorgeous here, I really love it! Plus, surprisingly this center parting hairstyle looks so good in here, just like the best of belgium pics, so I guess if she wanna comb center parting hair, follow this pic one, it looks so good! 
So what's this called? A weave? This "fully combed back" hairstyle really must have long hair to do it and yes she's stunningly beautiful here, those who think otherwise or typical haters who criticize her for being ugly, I guess not even the best opticians can cure their extreme myopia condition, so this pic is the pic where some ppl said she looks like Celine Dion. 
Yes, Justine is beautiful and feminine in this mag cover but wassup with the hair? Why is the extension so messy and crossing all over? It would look so much better if it's neater
I guess Ju ready for some nice surprising hairstyle.....

which becomes the best that I love:
Yes, like I said, it's good to be CRAZY sometimes! Adventures starts from craziness! Yahoo!

Alright, with this, I end my "Justine's Hairstyle" post...phew, it's such a long post and took me hours to blog, yeah, I'm a slow blogger. 

I wanted to say, I didn't mean to bash Justine for any of her bad hair days...I myself am in no position to criticize her hairstyle because I think mine ain't any much better for most of the days. My hair looks like a bird nest and I think I hear some birds chirping above me right now...

And I'm gonna take some breaks from blogging here for a while...rushing my final year report and also been lagging behind studies, gonna pull up my socks to the max even if it tears. And may the ppl in Japan take care, I hope all the disasters would stop now, it's devastating to see the state Japan is in now...real sad...