Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Justine's Hairstyle part 2

So let's continue Ju's hairstyles I think now is her adulthood part, this is gonna be a very long BORING post....pardon me!

Let's start with her most common "macdonald's m" hairstyle:
Yes, I've also said b4 that I dun really like this pic even though it's Ju!  It looked so messy =P
This is the pic where I think Justine looks pretty handsome but ok I should comment on her hair...why does it look a bit frizzy here? 
And I think it would look better with the wind blowing like the one above + Ju's cute natural laugh

More golden! so she cut short of her front and let the behind grows longer, it looks good though
About the same hairstyle as the above with a different colour, her this hair has more of "highlights", not a fixed single colour, btw, I love her makeup on the eye area in this pic, nice mascara!
Oh Juju, "flat" center parting hairstyle doesn't really suits you, imo...

Almost the same as all the above but her hair combed a bit to the side and wad's this colour really called, bronze?
Sorry, I know again, this hairstyle is about the same too but I just love this pic of her with children, so motherly feel, I so can't wait for her to be a mother one day, she'll make a super great mom!
Brownish Orange attack! But this colour is interesting ;-)
She was blonde a few weeks b4 her press conference, look at the ends of her hair, they're of different colour? 
And at the press conference it was brown, did she dye it brown? And I thought she loves being blonde!
Just wanna show this pic where she had her hair comb backwards, nice angle taken for this hairstyle, really looks like she's enjoying the tao drink with a relaxing feel =)
I like this it a short shoulder length hairstyle? cos I couldn't see her back but it looks cute on her, she's really cute in this pic <3
Short hair is cute? yeah, looks younger too and lol at the ends of her hair, a little bit like the FFX2 yuna below
This is FFX2 yuna
I think that if she wants a center parting, at least comb it like this one, with a little volume on the top, not too flat...

Btw, is this the same outfit as the above pic? Ju looks delicious here and like a stewardess...wouldn't mind to board a flight with such a pretty stewardess serving ;-P

For this macdonald "M" hairstyle, she'd look good with makeup and bright smile 
A little curls on the ends are pretty good too but I don't like this angle shot for the hair I mean, cos it makes her look bald, though this angle for the face is very nice and beautiful!
Anyway, I love this pic! Blonde Ju with nice volume and she looked so young (year 2003?)
And I'm a bad fan, I admit that, cos I always show this pic up. Her "lion mane" hairstyle, oops, sorry Ju!

And the story of the lion queen continues...
A more refined version of the lion queen hairstyle
Sorry if I had posted Justine with PY pic here, I think since Ju said she'll keep only the good memories with PY, so I guess it's alright. I just wanted to say how come her hair looks so whitish but looks very soft, I wanna touch it.
The rebellious Ju look...there's still a bit of boyish feel in this pic even if her hair is long enough, i dunno why. Anyway, I think she pulled her fringes behind her ears...
The black and white! So instead of straight down center parting hair, she decided to try something new, the curly wavy center parting! Ok lah, looks not bad, just dun over-curl to look like the pic below:
Ah...just J/K! Justine looks so much 10000000000000x better and nothing like this one
Black & white continues...Ju looks so sexy in this pic, somehow the focus became on her big sparkling eyes. She has nice facial features which I so wanted to have...
A different least it's not center parting, now this looks GOOD! I wish to see the coloured version of this...
talking about some waves here...again, I got "sucked in" by her eyes...there's really something about her eyes, there's magnets installed in them
Feels the electric shock? That's from Justine's power station. So that's what her hair length normally is, not too long and not too short and a reddish brown colour hair!
Eh...not sure if I like this hairstyle, it looks weird but luckily her cuteness saved it all.
This is the hairstyle which I'll NV NV be able to swallow into my head, what's that few strands of hair besides her ear there? I feel my hands itchy and wanna use scissors to cut off that extra lump of hair there and this hairstyle is so messy to me. Sorry to those who love it, I hope Ju don't love this
This version would be so much better....but still not good enough...
Yeah, this version is much much much better. Plus I love her modelling mission, so suave and so smart looking, really like a real model, the coolness of a real model!
I really love her hairstyle here, look at the side view of it, see how complex it looks!
And the back, I think they had a lot of clips on her hair
It looks fine from far....but...
It looks like a CURRYPUFF from the side and a zoom in look!
The currypuff...damn, I must be hungry now!
The more recent pic, now yes more volume on her hair and not too bouncy and it looks neat, not bad looking hairstyle, oh Ju, you look so serious

And not to forget this cute little messy hairstyle of Ju, hehehe, really cute eh? Like a cabbage on top of her hair, oh I so wanted to hug this cutie right now...
Is this short or long hair? 
Is this pic the same as above? Looks like the same hair and necklace worn, but then this one Ju had trimmed her eyebrow, sweeter than the above pic, and I actually think this is one nice good photo of Ju, maybe she suits this kind of hairstyle with this kind of light to moderate makeup (oh and nice trimmed eyebrow)

I know I know, I've been very obsessed in Justine's look in this video clip that I screen caps a few images from it. Justine certainly looks gorgeous here, I really love it! Plus, surprisingly this center parting hairstyle looks so good in here, just like the best of belgium pics, so I guess if she wanna comb center parting hair, follow this pic one, it looks so good! 
So what's this called? A weave? This "fully combed back" hairstyle really must have long hair to do it and yes she's stunningly beautiful here, those who think otherwise or typical haters who criticize her for being ugly, I guess not even the best opticians can cure their extreme myopia condition, so this pic is the pic where some ppl said she looks like Celine Dion. 
Yes, Justine is beautiful and feminine in this mag cover but wassup with the hair? Why is the extension so messy and crossing all over? It would look so much better if it's neater
I guess Ju ready for some nice surprising hairstyle.....

which becomes the best that I love:
Yes, like I said, it's good to be CRAZY sometimes! Adventures starts from craziness! Yahoo!

Alright, with this, I end my "Justine's Hairstyle" post...phew, it's such a long post and took me hours to blog, yeah, I'm a slow blogger. 

I wanted to say, I didn't mean to bash Justine for any of her bad hair days...I myself am in no position to criticize her hairstyle because I think mine ain't any much better for most of the days. My hair looks like a bird nest and I think I hear some birds chirping above me right now...

And I'm gonna take some breaks from blogging here for a while...rushing my final year report and also been lagging behind studies, gonna pull up my socks to the max even if it tears. And may the ppl in Japan take care, I hope all the disasters would stop now, it's devastating to see the state Japan is in now...real sad...


  1. ROFL =D

    am still laughing and smiling all over the place...hee~hee I just scanned pics and read some captions...ahahaha nice post Shu ;D

    LOL @ a fortune cookie (curry puff =P) in a Justine post

  2. Thank you sly, glad to make you laugh ;P
    Don't you think it really looked like a currypuff? Didn't know it was also called a fortune cookie...

    I think I get hungry easily nowadays and maybe hungry for delicious Justine too but had to get used to little-or-no-news-of-Justine days...but well, I'll miss her forever for her tennis and also her as a person ^^

  3. Excuse me, but everything is too sad lately. I miss Justine, and OMG, the suffering in Japan is overwhelming! Love the pics here, though, as always, Shu... so thanks for the enjoyment I always get from visiting your blog.

  4. I know Christie, it's saddening to hear the devastating news that happen to Japan one after another, and worse thing with that nuclear leaking or whatever they call it, it's bad for the if they haven't been suffering enough, it's too much for them to handle but I really admire their spirit and full respect to them for staying strong and in unity despite the hard times.

    And thanks for visiting, glad to give you some enjoyment, take care everyone, stay positive! ;)

  5. Hi Everyone,

    Indian Wells is on tv, but I really have no interest now, even for the mens draw. The only players i like are Ryan Harrison, Petkovic and maybe Melanie. I can take an interest and enjoy watching try to build a career. But, Everyone else, the estabished regulars and stars? I feel nothing for them or the outcome. I guess this is what it comes down to for tennis fans - are you interested in the monthly tour tournametns on the ATP/WTA? Grand slams are different IMHO, because it's an event and a city and tradition with history.

    Justine was different. She treated every tournament as if it was important. Steffi was no different, and even Hingis.

    I want to share a video that made me smile. It might make you shed a tear. A homeowner survivor from the Japan Tsunami discovers her pet alive amid earthquake damage. She actually interrupts a government official being interviewed on tv, and politely asks if she can view her home. The woman says she came to the house before the Tsunami hit to look for her cat but he wasn't found so she only had enough time to escape and took no belongings. (WOW!)

  6. haha funny captions Chia, indeed a curry puff suits that description very well xD Thanks for the laughs and lovely Juju pics, especially in this time of distress with Japan... my favorite photos are the black and white ones. I think she looks beautiful and feminine :) to those who say she is ugly, you have a serious problem when your 'idols' are a disgrace to the tennis world, and sometimes it crosses over to the fashion world *cough*"not pointing at Venus". Atleast Ju is elegant, and stunning too.
    I hope everything gains momentum for you Chia, and those affected in Japan are in my prayers and my heart <3 I haven't forgotten about the song I want to write about, I'll get around to it soon :)

  7. Hi Greenout, well, true enough, after Justine left the tour, I don't really find myself having the interest to watch any tennis, not even ATP can make me interested. But as respect to Justine and also thanking her for allowing me to appreciate Tennis, I still wish that one day I could learn to play Tennis well too, I still like Tennis as a sport. Just like we all know, Justine puts in 200% of effort in everything she does, she's the most professional player I've ever seen on court for her seriousness and attitude, she treats every tournament with respect and dedication, that's what I also admire her about.

    And thank you for the heart warming video, so glad the cat is still alive and how touching it is for the lady to still care for her cat despite the disaster and had her house destroyed, bravo to this lady and also her clever cat in staying alive from the tsunami. Hope the situation there gets better...

  8. oops, sorry sarah, didn't see your comment so didn't reply right away..

    And thanks for being happy with the captions and also thank you Justine for being so cute and lovely for me to blog about =P

    And yes those who say Ju is ugly, most probably from the haters of a certain fan base *cough SW's* I suggest they go and look themselves into the mirror and see if they can go and contest in the miss world or the manhunt. If Ju is ugly, then only 10% of the women in the whole universe is beautiful cos Ju is beautiful not only on the outside but also the inside too..she has such a kind and warm heart! And yup, she is elegant and absolutely stunning!

    All our prayers are with Japan and I look forward to your song ;) You guys take care and be happy always, will try to update this blog next week when I'm free, god I miss Justine...Ju, how are you now, not a single tweet or update on Facebook and her website didn't even update her guestbook :-(