Thursday, March 3, 2011

Busy Busy~~

I'll be pretty busy preparing for the 2 upcoming tests next week and a draft final report to be submitted this week. Will continue to blog about Justine's hairstyle part 2 when I'm free again.

Ju:"Oh C'mon, you're just too lazy to blog about me...."

*No, I'm not, I maybe a slacker but I'm not "slacked" to not loving you, Ju. Pls pls keep us updated about your condition, I'm super missing you <3 Even a simple tweet will do. I'm suffering from Justine's withdrawal again...


  1. Haha nice wink, so cute :) Noo you're not lazy you love Juju in your heart <3

  2. We're cheering for you Cabomba. Good luck on your exams. Remember, like Justine always says it's ok to feel a bit nervous. :)

    P.S lol@the winking. She's quite good at that.

  3. Allez! Allez! Allez!

    Goodluck on your tests Cab ;D

    Good capture on Ju's wink ♥

  4. Sarah, yes we all love Ju in our hearts but Juju is so...low profile, she just want to live a simple live, damn, that means, hard to squeeze any news out of her... =(

    Greeny and sly, thank you for the well wishes, let's hope my tests are fine. Allez!!

    To all, yes, her wink is so cute and abit of a laziness she had in that wink ;-) Always loved her expressions, so expressive and cute!