Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ju's new news

So have you read it? The news that Ilse posted on FaceBook for the latest Justine's news. Finally some news after her MIA status for so long!

1st news:

Let's hope Justine N1 club and her 6th sense tennis academy to be a great success while producing many potential great players from her academies! After all, who wouldn't want to learn artistic tennis and beautifully execute those tremendous marvelous shots like Justine? Her skills are really superb and I hope her legacy can continue with her academies.

*Edit: Here's another article from:
Ju and Deuce I can imagine Deuce as a baby with Justine hugging it like a cute mum
Simply too beautiful! I want a big version of this! Better still, I wish I could fly over to Belgium and buy a copy of it! Yeah, crazy me =P

2nd news link was here and it was in Dutch but our fellow Justine's fan Ilse had kindly translated them in English for us

*All Translation credits to Ilse, many thanks for that:

After her second and last retirement from tennis at the end of January, Justine Henin is becoming a different person. She gave "Nina", the weekend magazine of The Latest News, a look in her soul. Henin talks about every theme.

Justine: "For years I didn't let the woman speak in me. I thought I was nobody without the racket. Well that quest to perfection made me miserable. Now I am at a turning point in my life. I just moved to a house in Uccle where I feel myself very well.
I want to enjoy life, cooking, sleeping, walking the dog, entertain friends and shopping. That I can experience all this on my 28th ...
"c'est genial, quoi!" I enjoy the stupidest things as if it are gifts. I don't have another choice than being grateful"

"People say I speak slower than before. I can only attribute this to the rush I always felt as a tennisplayer. I talked most of the time mechanically, and I always used the same phrases, although I didn't want that. Now I'm less nervous and tensed. 

I still work hard every day, but not so hurried as after my first retirement.

I'm at that point in my life where I can let the woman live in me."

Henin says in "Nina" how effortless and painless she waived goodbye to her cap. 

Justine: "I've told this to nobody yet, but I have a strange feeling about that cap.

I could not play without my cap. But in recent months before my retirement, I regularly throw my cap away on trainings. I did not know why I did that, but now I know the reason: that cap was my protection. I could hide myself under it, for everything and everyone. That I could not tolerate this cap anymore the last few months, says a lot about what I began to feel" 

Henin now trains to hold her body in shape. "I want to stay muscular, but it should not be too much pronounced. When I was very muscular, I felt not always good in my skin.
It looked maybe great, it was not ugly, but it was not feminine. I remember times when my shoulders were too broad. I did not longer dare to wear dresses. Also in that I must find a balance.
For some extra activities, I am thinking of taking dance classes again and training for a marathon."

"I feel myself ready to meet the man of my life. About kids, I don't make an obsession of it. I'm looking forward to have kids and I believe in that wonderfulday when it will come on my path to be mam, but I do not take a child to have a child. It requires a stable relationship and that is lacking at the moment."

So I'm very happy that Justine is enjoying her life now, yes she can eat and drink without any restrictions as when she was playing Tennis. For once, I really wanted to hear her see how slow she had become with her speech! But well, last time when she talked, it ain't anything like AK47/M4 too, so I doubt it's anything much slower. 

I was however surprised when she said she hid under her cap. Funny how she had this strange feeling about that cap, I always thought that Justine wore that cap because it was her Thinking Cap and she did alot of thinking on court for beautiful strategy play. Oh Justine, don't throw your thinking away! Just j/k, she doesn't really need that cap now anyway plus, she had beautiful hair to show off, why covered it with a cap? Just fling your hair and let the wind blows and I'm sure any guys walked past who smelled the fragrance of her hair will get attracted to her. Just don't fling it too hard to accidentally slap someone on the face walking nearby.

Oh and Justine want to stay muscular? good if lean built and well toned but maybe she can also cut down some muscles mass like she noted, not very feminine with alot of muscles, especially on her arms. Her legs are just fine and sexy too, in fact they are very proportional and nice. As for her abs, it's "absilious" and maybe hard and shaped like the internals of a durian (the 6 packs lookalike):
Look at the one on the far left-6 packs! Btw, durians are nice but may be smelly for the Caucasians and other ppl who do not get used to the smell and taste of it.

Well, of course I love her abs, it's hard and fit but to say the truth, if Justine wanna look feminine, then she shouldn't train her tummy too hard as right now, her tummy is "bulging" out with her stomach muscles trained too hard. But I do not know what will happen to the muscles if you don't train them, will they become fats? I think it's alright for Justine to gain some fats, the fats are essential for a certain percentage of fats to get pregnant as I have read from the online sources. So Juju, find a good reliable hubby, get married, get fat and have cute chubby babies! I hope to see Ju having her own kids one day too! And don't be afraid to wear dresses, they look good on you. Just like this:
Love this dress! So feminine and looking good on her!

As for her extra activities, ;-) what can I say but to dream of Justine doing some hip hop dance which she can do after winning a marathon. Yo yo Juju dance!


  1. And here's Justine on the cover of NINA. Even Deuce looks more womanly now. lol ;)

    I liked the part where she mentioned marathon training and dancing (lessons) plans. I feel Justine has charisma and needs real and proper training to be very good at singing. The "now it's time" song was quite improvised, so it was a little rough around the edges.

  2. Hey Greeny, that's a nice beautiful mag cover! Wait, who's that? Omg it's Justine! She looked so different, and I must say, I love her hair and outfit! Always looking good in red with Deuce together.

    Yes, both of them are very womanly, haha Deuce and Justine will have many suitors. Love it, if only they would post a bigger mag cover of Justine and Deuce on their site!

    I really hope that Justine will go and learn the dance and really participate in marathon. She loves these challenges like how she took up sky diving sessions! And yup, she always have the charisma and also the natural ability in front of a camera, she can act well and she can sing with that sexy voice of hers, now left the dancing part.

    Let's see her sings, dance and act one day if possible but she doesn't want to scatter herself...maybe she'll do these leisurely at home, any secret cams?

  3. The magazine's name is the same as mine =] and Justine is in it...woohOOOOooooo ;D

  4. I love the pic of durian~~~ April is coming, Durian is coming as well. It's so lucky to be born in Thailand.

    I'm so surprised about her cap, really have on idea that she wore the cap because of that reason.

    so busy, sorry that I haven't visited your blog for so long.

  5. oh besides, the pic of Juju on Nina cover looks like Celine Dion.

  6. Hello Sly, haha yes, I just realized the mag's name is same as yours which Ju appeared in =)

    Hi niki, yes, it's been a long time since I last eaten durian as my parents don't really like to eat them and saying how much sugar they had, it's unhealthy but I really really wanna eat one! Yes, sometimes, good to be born in SE asia.
    And yup, surprised at that cap remarks of hers, I just think sometimes she's thinking too much, maybe at times she's a simple person but when lived in a complex world, her personality got implicated to become complex itself.

    and it's alright, my blog hasn't been much of updates and anything interesting, I've been hibernating much since Ju retired + a bit busy with my final report writing but I'll keep this blog forever and update for as long as I could.

    And yup, Ju looks good in that mag but I sometimes think she'd look just fine with light makeup or without one since she's a natural beauty ;-) there's another pic where she'd look like Celine Dion, I guess they both have beautiful eyes and nose =P

  7. Justine is prettier than Celine Dion!! This NINA mag cover isn't shot in her best angle. The photographer made Justine's nose look bigger than it is. Our JH has a smaller nicer nose. lol. But I'll say Celine does sing better than Justine. ;)

  8. Greeny, to me, both are very talented and beautiful women. I think both looks very good as they get older.

    Yes, I agree that this cover shot isn't her best shot and indeed her usual small nose looks bigger in that pic. I think she looks good with trimmed eyebrows and hope she keeps this hairstyle in the cover. Very beautiful. Yup, no doubt Celine has an angelic unique voice which I don't think anyone can mimic or sings better, not even our beloved Ju though I think Justine can sing with that sexy french accent of hers. Simply said, I love these 2 women's voice and how I wish I had the voice of either one of them and go and charm the guys in my school, wahahahaha! (*Evil thoughts and laughs*)

  9. Whoah Justine looks so different I'm that mag cover! I agree with you Chia about how it's not her best angle but she still looks beautiful :)
    hmm I'm sure Ju likes to sing loudly at home, she just needs to show us hehe :) I was amazed when I firstly saw "now it's time" because I've never seen her do anything like that before. I think she did really well even though some areas need work but you could see she enjoyed herself :) and what courage she had to sing and dance in front of everyone in the first place!
    Allez Ju, forever the best <3

  10. Oops sorry again for late reply...yup, Ju certainly looks different but still beautiful as ever. Ju said she's a bathroom singer so I feel like being a burglar for one day and break into her house just to hear her sing...

    That "not it's time" is something everyone would be surprised even those who disliked her will be WOW! Haha she's cute in the dance, I don't mind if she's a little stiff there cos she's too cute to ignore all the imperfect! And yup, that was some enormous courage she had to stand up there to sing and dance without forgetting the moves and lyrics! I don't think I could do that in such a short time and also don't think I have such a brave and strong heart to do so, weakling me.

    Allez Ju, you're the best ever!