Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Justine's Hairstyle part 1 (childhood and teenage years)

I remember seeing in the forum discussing Juju's hair colour so I thought of writing this post about Ju's hairstyle and colour. Which one suits her best? To me, she just looks good in anything ;-)

And as there are many pics of her hairstyles and colours, I've divided into parts, else my post will be very long (and I need to go to school, won't have the time to blog that long -.-)

Let's start from her childhood days (hahahaah! Sorry it's gonna be a repetition of the pics which I've posted b4)....*Her pics are taken from all sources-screencaps, baidu forum, FB fan pages, other online sources which I don't really remember, sorry again for this:
Her childhood hairstyle:
She had this hairstyle as a childhood and been keeping it for long 
She looks great with her hair tied up too-so CUTE!
Up till now, I'm still wondering what shampoo she's using...how soft her hair looks! (I dunno how many times I've said this)
Amd the more boyish look with the same hair fringe on the front but cut shorter on the sides
Her teenage years hairstyle:
Carlos thought you were a boy then, I understand why...
Oh Juju, how many girls have actually fallen in love with your teenage boyish look? Maybe alot? Imagine if I was born in Belgium and happened to see Ju at that time, I may mistaken her as a boy and liked "him"!! OMG!
I couldn't imagine Ju wearing dress and skirts with this hairstyle...
Continue to charm the girls...I see Ju gelling her part of fringe up, trying to make some styles
Is this about the same hairstyle as the pic above this?
I know this pic her hair is due to the wind blowing but wouldn't it be cool if she actually had this hairstyle? This pic, she doesn't really look like a boy, more of a shy girl smiling =)
Charm Charm! You look so much better than most of the boys I've seen at your age that time. Plus what's this look from you? Haha! 
Ju was like "Oh Whatever..." She had a more golden hair compared to the previous pics
Her hair colour-I can't describe, more of highlights here and there, it looks like hay grass...oh look at the fake side burns
So this is why Justine wanted to grow long hair...because....
she had the "street fighter Blanka"  hairstyle when playing with short hair, isn't this pic cool? Maybe the new video game can feature Justine inside with her weapon as a tennis racket!
Oh her way to longer hair-yes it's this pic again...fierce Juju
And ahem...I cut out someone, sorry for that, I only want to focus on Ju. So she had more "volume" on her parting. At least it doesn't look too flat (the hair) 
Ju:"Cheers! My hair grows longer...oh, I love it blond, I'm gonna dye it again!" 
And she dyed it blond...do you think Ju looks nice with her hair clipped behind her ears?
Look how she evolved from a handsome boy to a beautiful young lady! This is what I mean by the perfect look!

And I'll post more of her young adult to now hairstyle look next time if got the time, gonna prepare for school soon, where's my lunch?


  1. it's such a nice entry, love it.

    I have to confess that first I saw Juju having short hair, I thought she were gay. lol

    the Blanka look was so cool~~~

  2. sorry, now then I saw your comment...thank you and yes ppl also thought that Ju might not be straight when they first saw her with short boyish hair but then again being a tomboy doesn't mean you're gay, I used to be a tomboy myself, playing soccer and catching and the guys games while girls of my same age are playing dolls and reading books. Though I think I'm not exactly straight for being so obsessed in Justine, hahaha!

    And yes, I love Blanka, it's cute and strong in the video game lol!