Monday, February 28, 2011

A new page tab for Ju career stats

I've decided to add a new page of her career stats, thanks to Raja on FB for giving us the link:

Credits to:

I always wanted to know her career statistic but I wasn't able to do so because I didn't follow her entire 1st career, it would be hard for me to gather the information and tally them all. Lucikly there's the link above which had it all I think.

Juju, I super miss you, can't stand this feeling...I need more news on Juju~~~~~~~


  1. The Oscars are over aka: The Academy Awards. It's time we start thinking of which actress to portray Justine in the most certainly nominated Oscar of the future bio film! :)
    And actors for the role of Carlos.

  2. Sorry Greenout, I don't quite get what you mean? So is there a hope of a film with Ju and carlos? I hope to watch it one day if it ever happens. So who do you think fits the role of Justine and Carlos?

  3. I'm being light hearted and semi-joking. But don't you think Justine's story would make an incredible movie?

  4. Haha, icic! Semi joking? Sounds like part of you is serious hoping for a movie about Justine! Well who wouldn't want? Yes Justine's story is so much rich in emotions and inspirations to be an incredible movie. The thing is, who can act the complexities of Justine's nature well?