Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thanks to Tao for the video upload!

Still missing Juju? That's for sure, she won't be erased from out hearts that easily...more like "Human Fossils" in our hearts. Anyway, thanks to Tao for the upload of the video of Justine and Tao press conference:

Let's wish Tao a great success with its collaboration with Justine! A healthy drink for a healthy lifestyle, values that matched Juju! Wonder when Tao will import some of its drinks to SG? But SG is such a small market...
Anyway, I too hope to see Justine's formal press conference soon...after chinese new year? Hope she feels better now, after all, Ju already proved she's a tennis talent and she'll prove more of her talents outside Tennis.  whether she comes back to the tour or not, I just want her to stay happy (I finally found the pic I said I saw it from TF GM b4):

 A combination of 


Got the above pic from Link (I still couldn't find it from TF GM)

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