Saturday, February 12, 2011

Justine Press Conference Date News

Thank you Greeny for the information. Actually I also happened to find out about her press conference date from the twitter too. I copied and paste your comment here:

Justine will have a press/media meeting on Monday February 14, 2011 at 3pm in Brussels. *News from Patrick Haumont, Belgian tennis journalist: 

Let's hope for a good nice and detailed Press conference of Justine. I wish she had think through of the path she's gonna take and update us about it on Monday, and hope to see her more in the future onscreen. 

And the following pics may make the fans of Justine cry, I'm sorry about this...

And here's her 1st retirement pics (I'm a bad fan to post these pics):
I can imagine her nervousness and sadness to face the press at that time...even on Monday, I think she'd be sad too..oh Juju...
Deep in thoughts Justine...finding serenity with her life
You can never see any other player who has such a good trusted relationship with their coach for more than 10 years, thank you Carlos for the guidance and support to Justine!
And not to forget the good virtuous wife of Carlos, Ju had a good relationship with the whole family of Carlos
It pains my heart to see you so sad...even Carlos is feeling it too
Juju looked so lost...and sad =(
A big contrast of the expressions of Justine and Carlos
Though you smiled....
And looked cheerful....
But we know you're feeling very down...
and upset and painful in the heart..
So do not suppress them all in your heart,
Just let it all out, shed your's ok to cry, we fans will share your pains and sorrows 
After the cry, you'll feel much better...
Trust us, we'll stand by you matter how busy we are
"JUSTINE HENIN" this name will forever left a deep beautiful mark in our hearts including the wonderful person who bears this name 
Please keep on smiling, Justine! We love your smiles and laughters and we wish to see more of these! Forever Justine  


  1. Oh god Chia the photos... yes you are a bad fan making the other fans sad! haha no i really love the photos, Justine's glow drowns the pain... I'm not going to look forward to Justine being sad at the upcoming conference but she needs to let out her pain, and let us know that she is ok... what a strong and brave girl... I honor you Ju... We fans will love you forever more <3

  2. Haha Sarah, yes, I'm a bad fan, it's true. Sorry to make anyone sad. I'm also wishing that Justine ain't gonna look sad in the press conference, else I'll feel the pain. Yes, she is a strong and brave girl, that's our Ju! 4eva love!

  3. Aww dont take it to heart Chia, I think she looks really beautiful I'm those photos, does anyone agree with me that Juju manages to get even more stunning with age? Don't worry you didn't make me feel sad, me too I hope she's not as sad, otherwise I'm totally going to feel every bit of pain she does... But Ju is not weak and she will only share emotions that we all love to see sometimes, and soldier on just the way Ju our little gladiator has done before.
    Just call my name, and I'll be there Juju <3

  4. Don't worry Sarah, I was just joking but well, I really think of myself as a bad fan sometimes =P
    Yes, I also think that although it's very sad, but Justine looks really very angelic and gorgeous in this set of photos.

    Some haters said she's ugly, I think they are mostly women who are jealous of her beauty and talent or they are gay, that's it, I have no respect for the haters since they don't know how to appreciate such a great lady.

    Justine will look forever good even if she ages on, she will always have that charm in her. And yup, she's looking great and more feminine XD
    I hope to see a smiling Justine tomorrow, I can only wait for the news since I don't think there will be a live telecast of her press conference.

    And yup, if she calls for my name too, I will take a bank loan and fly over to Brussels! LOL!
    We'll support her! ❤ Juju!

  5. I have always considered the many photos taken at Justine's first retirement as the most beautiful i have seen. What makes her so beautiful is the expressiveness of her face. Anyone who says she doesn't show her emotions, simply doesn't look at her face. All her emotions are there for everyone to see.

    It does amaze me though how she manages to curtail her tears. Just when the salt water begins to well in her eyes (now there is a song), she finds that inner strength. She has always been determined not to show her tears in public. On the one hand I feel like she needs to do exactly that though. To let her tears flow openly. However, that would only be to the pleasure of all those who have simply mis-judged her. On further thought, I realize that since she was just a youngster she has been constantly scrutinized by the media and the fans as to her personal and private life. And while in recent years she may have become more open, one can't help but think, that, why and when she chooses to cry is the one aspect of her private life, that she needs to keep just as that.

    I do think it will take a huge inner strength tomorrow though to keep her tears for a private moment. Unlike in 2008 when she retired, this time it has not been her will. In 2008 a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders, this time one feels like that weight is still bearing down on her.

    We can only offer her words of comfort and encouragement to face what ever adventures lie ahead. It may be that surgery is now a necessity to repair the damage that has been done. Maybe having to focus on the rehabilitation process, would be a blessing in disguise for her.

    Her determination, her strength, her courage and her passion are never questionable. They don't call her JUJU for nothing.

  6. GOOD NEWS! Roland Garros (Justine and our beloved favorite tournament) will not be moving from Paris.,19528,12040_6750057,00.html
    I'm so happy. Paris hold so many cherish memories for Justine it should always be there for her and tennis fans. The location means everything.

    *Oh these photos of Justine from the 1st R. She's glowing and looked beautiful. So, serene and peace with herself. Carlos on the other hand looked and felt like many of us did, but for him it was on a different level of longing, and pain because he's been through so much with Justine. Bless this man Carlos. What a wonderful human being!

  7. Annmarie, I think so too, that she looks really really beautiful in this set of pics even though its a sad occasion but she's looking very angelic as I've said b4, really too beautiful! She doesn't shows much of her emotions on court but actually off court, she has a very rich facial expressions and without talking we can see her feelings from her face.

    I'm also amazed how she managed to control her emotions much and tried not to let her tears flow. I think now that she's retired, her haters will also miss her since there's nothing more for them to hate in their miserable lives. I think it's absolutely fine for her to cry out loud if it's too much for her, f*** the haters if they are gloating over her tears. And yes, maybe she needed more of that private moments.

    If the injury is too serious, just go for surgery, do not wait anymore. Just stop her pain as soon as possible, I do not want to see her painful look. Our Ju is very courageous, that's Justine Henin for us.

    Greenout, wow! So the ppl there are nostalgic and also do not wish RG to move to other place. Good choice! The garden is saved and the memories shall remain there forever! Allez!

    Yes, Justine always good looking, I really think that she's one of the few women who looked naturally good without or with light makeup. She has a pretty face. ^^
    And I agree, sometimes I think poor Carlos has to endure all the heart attacks more than us. He's always right there live watching Juju plays. I cannot imagine myself there in every single match watching Justine plays live with all the heavy mixed emotions! Oh Carlos has this special ability to cope with "stress" too! Bless him and Ju!

    Juju tweeted! I'm so happy after waiting for so long for her updates. Hope she tweets more in the future!

  8. Wow there's heaps of comments since I checked :P
    To people who think she is ugly, they can try look at themselves in the mirror and idolize shallow people. It seems harsh but I'm sick of people who hate good people (like Justine, or Michael Jackson especially)
    I love how Ju looks so serene and calm even though overwhelmed with sadness. I also gotta feel for Carlos too because they are soo close (and will continue yo be hopefully) with all Justine has been through... he helped create one tennis players game of our dreams :D Haha Chia I would do the same thing if Ju called my name, but i would have to my parents bank account first xD
    As for her injury, she really needs to just do what is least painful and is less taxing on her health.
    Yay RG remains where it should always stay :) thanks for all of those super emotional matches, you truly are the queen of clay and always will be <3
    I love you with all of my heart Juju <3

  9. Well, Sarah, I'm not sure for how many ppl will be visiting this blog, and I think with the retirement of Juju, there will be fewer and fewer visitors but even if one day there's no one coming here except me I will still keep this blog as my respect for Justine.

    I wish to blog for as long as I could but if Justine choose to stay under the radar of the media, I could hardly follow her at all even if I loved her alot. =(

    Yes, to think some haters are so moronic and imbecile beings to hate on Justine even at her difficult moments. They shouldn't even be born a human, life's too miserable for them.

    I believe Ju and Carlos will be as close as ever in the future. Carlos is part of her family now, he's like a father to her.

    Yes, heal well Ju, and yup always our queen of Tennis forever! <3

  10. Oh no :( but you can always know that the real Justine fans will be still enjoying your blog :) I hope that motivates you a little... I really hope that Justine will be around the media just a little, so much that she only feels comfortable with. It's just for the respect of those who support her and love her so much.
    Yeah I agree, haters usually have nothing better to do with their lives than just ridicule amazing people and hurt those who believe in them. I'm sure Carlos will be, they will never part :)
    I love you, forever the queen of tennis <3

  11. Thanks Sarah, maybe one day I'll "incorporate my life into this blog and maybe to blog about my boring lifestyle but I think that will make the visitors flagging my blog away, haha!

    I really hope her third career, we can still be seeing her around but I will respect her decision in whatever she makes even if it means not seeing her again =( I just want her to stay happy and really live life blissfully. =)

    Don't mind, don't care, don't give a f**king shit about the haters, they are pathetic fools anyway. We are all much classy than them, just like our idol ^^

    Forever the queen of tennis and I'm sure her legacy will continue with the youngsters training in her club! ALLEZ!