Thursday, February 10, 2011

stupid randomness (really randomness), Juju...Misses u

I'm not in the mood to blog these few days, been not feeling well and missing Juju...

Justine is the main reason why I wanted to learn French...sounds silly but she made me realized how beautiful a language French is, even my secondary school English teacher once said that French is a very romantic and beautiful language. I love to hear Justine speaks in French, though I don't understand it, one day, I hope I can understand whatever she said in the past interviews and if there's anymore of her interviews in the future.

Well, (the time has past 12am here) I've just taken my Basic French 2nd lesson and well, it's so difficult to pronounce and study...I guess I should have started learning languages and new things when I'm younger. They say the best age to learn stuffs is about 3-5 years old? That's about 20 years ago for me...but I will strive to work hard to learn French (if only I would apply this same passion to my other subjects!) Let's work hard together Juju and all!

I miss your smile....
I miss your cheeky grin...
I miss your laughter...
I miss your hearty cheers
I miss your fierceness...
I lament to god...when must you be so harsh to our little great champion? To ignite the fire of passion in her, only to put it out with cold gifted her the talent but you don't give her the physique of a strong body. You tested her will to succeed, she proved to you through her hard work and determination..and yet, you're not satisfied. You set the tests for her, once again to see her pushing her limits until the end when she finally broke down...I don't understand you prefer power more than anything else? Tennis just lost one of the greatest Champion...god, I thought I have calmed down for days until now when I'm typing these words, I'm crying once again...Juju, though I've said to cry no more, but I couldn't help it, sorry...

Maybe,'s time to a new height you've haven't reached, Ju...


  1. "Crying"? hmm.. Well, Shu, I wont tell you to "chill" since I totally understand this. I really do. Its the ups and downs in how we deal with what has happened. just imagine how hard it is for Justine. We always support her, and we can always support each other too. Thats what friends are for.

  2. Oh Christie, are you still upset about the "chill" word? Sorry about that then. Maybe, I won't be able to understand as much as most of her fans do since you guys supported her for a longer period than I. I will nv be able to understand how much the pain you guys have to go through during her first retirement and now this 2nd retirement. I missed her 1st career, I missed all the joys and sorrows in her 1st career, I super regretted it now.

    But thank you for the group support and also support to Justine together. Yes friends are great to stick together during the dark times and share your happiness and sorrows, Justine brought us altogether, let's continue to keep it this way.

  3. Beautiful post, Chia. You really let your emotions out in this one, and I can tell you that I feel your pain... but remember we have to stay strong for Justine as we are her rock :) I also hope you get better soon...
    As for French, I love it when Ju speaks French, she sounds so elegant :) also usually the best videos of her are in her language too :P hmm maybe I should try learning it...
    I like the photos too, so many emotions :) we all miss them on court, but she has bigger battles now, like getting back on track and feeling strong, and we can support her by being little warriors on her side haha :)
    God has taken one part of justine,, to reveal another... God takes the best things but I'm sure that we will see a side to her that we wish we could have seen earlier. It is hard because the WTA is in tatters now but there have been so many emotions and moments to cherish, and hopeully thats just the start on the journey where we will get to see Ju's world not only as a champion, but a beautiful person.
    Indeed, whatever happens she will keep moving up and will shine :) We love you Juju and we are behind you on every step of the way! <3

  4. Thank you Sarah. I thought I had really gotten over the sadness but looks like the dagger is still there stabbed deeply into my heart. And thanks for your well wishes, I feel much better now.

    Yes, Justine has that sexy French accent and I think she's a unique mp3 player herself. If she ever goes out to sing and release any albums, I'll be sure to buy them! Nice sexy voice. She will make a super sexy commentator! French is hard to learn, one of the hardest yet beautiful language to learn.

    Some of the pics that I post on this blog, are screen captured from her matches. I love her emotions on court a lot, she's so tense up and so concentrated while off court she's so cute and bubbly.

    Well, let's just believe that god (if he ever exists) had planned it out all for Justine and maybe this retirement is actually a good thing.

    And yes, let us all be her little warriors by her side =) Let's make a fan stronghold for her!


    Justine will have a press/media meeting on Monday February 14, 2011 at 3pm in Brussels.
    *News from Patrick Haumont, Belgian tennis journalist.

  6. Thank you greenout for the info! I also recently then followed him and got the news, hope it will be a good press conference!