Sunday, February 6, 2011

A glimpse of Juju in the Fed Cup (Pics & vids)

And finally, we had some news on Juju and this is her first public appearance since weeks ago when she announced retirement through the air.

So here's the video of Juju and the fedcup ceremony, thank you Greeny for the links!

And the link for the video below:
Not sure if it's a permanent link or not...
(I hope you don't mind me uploading the video to blogger here...if you do, let me know and I'll remove it, sorry!)

Anyway, Ju looks like she's about to cry but fought back her tears...aww Juju, a touching scene...

Here are some of the articles of her receiving the 2001 Fed Cup trophy replica:
The 2001 Fed Cup Belgium Team back together after 10 years...a recognition, and the smile I finally get to see again from Juju (whether it's forced or not, doesn't matter...Ju, learn to be happy =) )
It looks like she's gonna cry. And she's looking angelic here...oh Juju...

And suhu san, allow me to use the pic from your blog here:
Finally a big pic of you...we fans misses you so much!!! And another trophy's been 10 years since 2001 Fed Cup. Juju looking so tired, indeed, after all the worse moments these past few weeks, it drained her energy away (heart breaks!)

Justine Henin: "Thanks for everything!"

And from this link:

Google Translation:
"I'm glad I'm here, though I would rather have been in a different outfit," Henin said. "Some months ago I stood here at the Diamond Games themselves still on the field."

"I have some hard weeks behind, gave the former world No. 1 increasing."I would like to thank everyone for all the support. Even though I have it hard, I will just try to remember the great experiences."

"The fact that with the Fed Cup team here received the trophy from 2001, is a nice recognition. It brings good memories with it." 
More Pics:
My focus is only on Juju... 
Great team in 2001
Beautiful tired Juju! Looking youthful!

And the pics I've gotten from the JH SupporterForum:
Again, I'm focused on Juju only no matter how red the other is 
The sad smile =( 
It's good to see you, Ju! 
 Can you see the sadness in her eyes? ='(
Ju will be a good mum judging from the way she carry the trophy.. 
For once I thought Juju transform into the Green incredible hulk! 
 Gorgeous lady Juju inside out!
 This is a more natural smile. I want to see more of your smile, Ju...
Love ya Justine! Take care! <3


  1. A little video of heroine Justine at the Fed Cup ceremony.

  2. Here's the best version. And i do believe it's Justine's full acceptance speech. Large Screen too on RTL news.
    It makes me want to cry seeing this.

  3. Thank you Greeny for the video!!! It makes me sad to see her trying hard to not cry and appear strong in front of the crowd..that's our Juju! Always brave and strong! I'm relieved to hear her speech in a positive way. And I'm so happy to finally see Justine's photos again. These past 2 weeks are so hard to endure without Juju...

  4. Aww yes you can see the sadness in her eyes, but atleast she got to reflect on those happy moments on court :) Love ya Ju, angelic as always <3

  5. Hi Sarah, yes, it's sad for us to see her sad eyes. The eyes that are so captivating and they tell it all. Injury to a sports athlete is so devastating....

    Let's support her always...hugs and kisses to Juju!

  6. Hugs and kisses is right, Shu. Thats all I want to do... and to let her know she is loved today and always by us. What else can we do? She does look tired to me too, yet lovely at the same time. (tears.. damn.. I keep doing this... feel crazy!)

  7. Yes Christie, we fans can only wish the best for her. Justine always looking very angelic, even the devilish demon in her which we usually see on-court is finally destroyed and only left the angel part in her. Now a weeping sad angel trying to find peace with her life.

    And Christie, chill, I've already stopped crying even though I'm still abit emotional looking her sad face. I guess my tears have dried up during the days of the devastating retirement news of her. We should give our blessings to her for her future success in life. Love Juju as always!

  8. "Chill" ? ummm.. okay.. see ya.

  9. juju looked like a little girl. so very innocent and hid nothing from us. when i saw the speech... .sigh...she looked completely emotional, accepting all the love from the crowd. she really wannted to stay in tennis, and this was the unimaginable last thing of how she would leave the tennis stage. she looked shattered still, and still going through the shock phase. we all are. she is only human. her life is and always will be extraordinary. irony is that she longs to be normal and down to earth, but she is born to be different, to stand out and to live a life with twists of extremes. god must have a plan for her. she doesn't follow paths of anyone. juju, find your next path.

    be strong, justine, be different, be yourself. be free of pressure, be free of expectation. be free.

  10. Hey no worries Christie, ;) I think ST simply meant to "relax". I feel the same way as you about this whole matter! I want Justine to take her time and decide what her new goals and direction will be. Don't rush things. Justine is such an impatient girl. Hey, someone remind Justine about the New Year's resolution to be more patient. LOL

    Hopefully, the international media chats this week will give her a chance to express her feelings about the injury and release alot of this pent up fustration from the last few months. It would be good for Justine to if she tells the media to cut her some slack since things have been difficult for her, but she'll bounce back with good news in her next media appearances. :)

    Cross Fingers!

  11. Christie, I mean calm down, sorry if I used the wrong word, English isn't my first language and I'm poor at it....

    Jo, yes, Justine is just like any other girl, only a human and not a superwoman. She just loves challenges so she always find the challenges and adrenalin on court. It's just sad that she couldn't be back on court anymore. That's way she's so emotional. And yup, be strong, be yourself, Ju!

    Greenout, yup, you know what I mean, thanks! relax would have been a better word but I used the "chill" word is because I wanted her to cool herself down after being so "heated up" (emotional). And yup, I can't wait to see what she says in the press conference. I hope she's ready to face the media, can't bear to see her cry. I'll cross fingers too for her good news!

  12. Yes! The media appearance after this week, and the next, and the next! :) We must have alot of Justine career activities!

  13. Yes, Ju pls don't disappear! We still need to follow you wherever you go! So stay in the media spotlight if possible! Continue all the way!

    But now, healing her body and soul...