Friday, February 4, 2011

Deepest Condolences to Justine and her family..

*Edit: Thanks Greenout for the info. She will attend the Fed cup replica trophy presentation ceremony on Sunday:

However, Justine requested to be a very low key without any celebrations or flowers presented for her retirement thing. She just wants to stay low profile and will have a formal press conference regarding her retirement.

I'm saddened by the news given by our friend Greenout and also checked out the facebook(Fan Club Justine Henin):

Justine's Grandpa had just passed away and the funeral is on Friday...

Why must everything happen almost all at once for our little Juju? Really tough moments for her right now. I hope she stays strong..and her country ppl could support her, even to those some of the Belgians who disliked her, pls cut her some slack, give her moments of peace pls and stop criticising her when she had been through so much in her life. Try to put yourself in her shoes or keep quiet when you have nothing nice to say about her.
And I'll copy this quote:" Life is too short to be anything but happy

I seriously hope that Justine will stay strong and positively. The sweetest moments will forever be kept in our hearts and memories... Justine, pls be happy after the tough moments...


  1. So sad for her... already was, now even more. Stay strong, Justine. We love you.

  2. Aww I feel so sad for her, it is so tough to deal with not only her retirement but a loss of a loved one, my condolences and support to Justine and her family.
    Keep your chin up Ju <3

  3. Christie and Sarah...yes, we all feel so sad and sorry for her. She had to endure the pains and sadness all at once. She didn't even have a time to rest well emotionally and physically.

    Juju, stay strong! We all will stand by your side always!!

  4. Hi Friends,

    Here's an update about Justine. She will attend (so brave and stong!) the Fed Cup ceremony in Antwerp to receive the replica of the 2001 strong.

    But Justine personally requested that it will be very low key for herself. She asked not to be honored in anyway with flowers from anyone or have her announcement of retirement or any type of celebration for the end of her tennis career to the public or acknowledgement to the audience. She also asked not to be singled out, and will not be there for any of the matches and will not be cheering for the Fed Cup.

    The article also says Justine will have her international media interviews and press talks later next week.

    Flanders newspaper

    *I hope they fulfill Justine's request and let her have a quiet moment of dignity. The Fed Cup does belong to her, and Justine has given Belgium great tennis. She's the one who set the standard in women's tennis for perfection in the first decade of the 2000's. I prefer Justine to only receive her replica trophy, and not be exploited by Clijsters and the promoter when it's a very emotional personal time for Justine. It's not their right to do fake PR hugs, empty hearted tributes or other things which will only ring false.

    The Time of ceremony is before the 1st match on Sunday. Maybe we'll get a live stream of the ceremony, if not then it's ok. We can get photos later etc..


  5. Thanks Greenout for the info. Yes brave little Juju and also always not gg for glamour, a simple low profile girl. I love this woman. Ah...Clijsters can have all her famous moments after demolishing her opponents in AO and the Fedcup..let her enjoy her own moments while let Juju has her own personal moments of peace and serenity.