Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Open your eyes-see Juju on Friday

Merci Greenout! Really thank you for the information provided always~ ^^

And as usual, I'm a lazy pig, so shall copy and paste (my new motto) your comment msg here:
Justine's going to have her own Belgian TV special Interview show this Friday Feb 18, 2011 on the French station RTBF.

It's [100 minutes with Justine Henin] and they are going to talk about her tennis career life and the future.
I've got this pic from the JH supporters forum!
CUTE!!! The astonished look of Juju! The big eyes that first captured my attention, always so beautiful!
Open your eyes big big!
I wonder why the reporters got so many photos of her "right-index-finger-pointing-her-right eye" look

This one is from the facebook:
Waiting for no watermark of this, a very good picture to "analyze" and draw her face, I love to use this pic to compare how much she had changed from her teenage years to now
She didn't change much...
100 Minutes! Ooh lala! Let's see more of Justine's smile now...better delete some of the trash in my memory to store more of Justine's moments! I really like this pic alot! Very natural smile-A good pic to print this on your shirt and wear it to the beach to relax!

Maybe some more moments of Justine b4 she really takes time off for surgery to heal her elbow, and that's when we may not get to hear from her much anymore =( but rest well Justine, can't ask for more if we can get a healthy Juju right?

The royal look! Here's the look-like-golden-vest worn on Juju, let's pray for a good health for our Queen!
This one I got from the chinese forum but I didn't get to see the video of this? I couldn't find it, anyway, seeing that strap on her elbow makes my heart wrenched in pain...ouch Juju, ouch! 

Sorry that I've been posting random pics now, my mind has been in randomness state ever since Justine I'm sick due to eating too much chinese new year food and now my nose is sprinting faster than Usain Bolt (just googled the fastest world sprinter), and I coughed out my lungs...

Anyway, see you soon Justine! Meanwhile, eat more nutritious food but do get some fats, you're too fit (yeah I'm jealous =P), other than your elbow part (though I wish you a speedy recovery...)


  1. What's Justine's next adventure?

    I feel that she'll enlarge her sport role model aspects, work for the Olympic organization, do more charity and seriously start a singing career.

  2. Haha Greeny, I would ask that question multiple times too in my head.

    Juju, stop being shy anymore! Do more dancing, six packs belly dancing also can! Singing would be awesome too since her voice is so sexy but does it really suit her as a career? Though she really can sing and loves singing but she did it for leisure, as for career, I'm not sure if she would do so.

    Yeah, I think she'd work with Unicef again or concentrate on her schools but I hope she'll still be in the media. But I also want her to take some time off to heal her elbow and coming back to the media spotlight if possible. Keep us updated Ju...I don't want the first newsletter to be the last one

  3. A guy from RTBF posted on her FB page the link for the live web stream telecast of Justine's special interview tv show.

    I hope it works for IP's outside of Belgium.

  4. Thank you Greeny for the link! But I'm afraid I may not be able to watch the live streaming as it would be about 5.30am in SG right? And I have lessons at 9.30am, need my sleep but maybe I'll sleep early tonight and got up early to watch?

  5. Thanks Greenout and Chia for the link and the news....

    last night I watched Li Na and Wickmayer in Dubai Open. I saw the fans of Wickmayer waving the Belguim flag.. I missed Juju~~~~~~
    btw the match between Li Na and Wickmayer is such a quality match, good to watch it....

  6. Hi Niki, thanks for the comment.
    I didn't watch that match..after Justine left, I could hardly bring myself to watch any of the tennis matches.
    Yes, I admit I ain't a true tennis fan, I never was. Justine is the very first and only person who makes me loves watching tennis but only tennis played by her. After she left, I lost the interest to watch any WTA matches, I think I may watch ATP matches but now I still can't bring myself to. The only matches that I'll still watch are those of Justine's past matches.

    Unless one day maybe when I accidentally switched on the TV and it happened to show some tennis match and also with the coincidence that someone of similar playing style of Ju caught my attention...but I guess it's almost impossible, there can nv be any other like Justine Henin...


  7. Am I psychic or what? :)

    "I feel that she'll enlarge her sport role model aspects."

    Justine's brand new ROLEX ad is released and on the official watch website. In multi-languages too. :)

  8. Wow, I was just logging in here b4 I went to school and tada! You gave me one of my happiest moment =P

    Thank you Greeny for the link! Haha, you're not psychic...but I think since she's no longer playing tennis, the Rolex sponsor feels a need to change her pic but respect her so they still put her photo on their site with a different image. Good job Rolex, that pic of Justine is so beautifully handsome!!! I so wanted that image!

  9. YEAH! wonderful pic from Rolex indeed...very Justine-ish ;D... simple but elegant

    I'll give you tips on how to save a .jpg copy of that picture ST (without the printscreen key) On your firefox browser go to tools>page info>media tab>then scroll down the urls for the image>save it in the file name as .jpg instead of png ;)

    But I'm sure you have it already... ;D

  10. YEAH sly! She is simply amazing! Indeed simple but exudes that elegance. Only Justine does that. Really is personification of grace under fire! Love this quote by rolex on Juju.

    Thanks but Well, I don't use firefox, I use IE and chrome, but I can save the pic with IE by selecting HTML mode in the site and right click and save, voila!

    Gonna put this pic as my desktop wallpaper~olala~ I do think this pic was taken quite some time ago since you can see her hair is black and not dyed yet ^^

  11. There's a litte preview on the RTBF website of Justine's interview special. Justine ... boy can she talk, and talk, and talk. ;) She use to be such a young shy girl. LOL

  12. Thank you greeny for the link ^^
    Haha, she may be shy but well shy ppl can actually be talkative! And we all love to hear her talk more! But it's all in French, this will motivate me to learn French to understand her more even if it may take years...that, I can keep on loving her on and on~

  13. I was at Patrick Haumont's chat. He said there were no new secrets revealed in this tv interview. Justine said at the very end of the show that she wants to have children, her own family, and to live happily ever after.

  14. Thanks Greenout for the info. Well, not much secrets indeed but more insights to her personality. She's very truthful to all the questions asked and answered them earnestly.

    I will support the idea of getting married and have little beautiful and handsome kids of her own!