Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hey there, Justine! New video!

Hello Justine, finally a new video of you again! Although I still didn't learn French enough (I'm a lazy pig) to understand what you say, but your French is so nice to hear! Makes me reminisce the past when you speak in French to the audience after your Roland Garros win 😍 Tennis just isn't the same without you anymore...

Just as I thought I'm beginning to "forget" you, when I re-watch your matches, it reignites the respect and amazement I had for you, I really enjoyed your tennis!

Anyway, the video had an article to it in the link here:

It's all in French though, so you'll have to translate it your own 😂

A couple of days later and it's Ju's birthday again! I may not remember to come up here and wish you happy birthday, Justine, but I didn't forget ya!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy 5th Birthday Lalie!

Happy Birthday to our Queen's princess Lalie! Actually I lost count of how old you are already and had to go wikipedia to check it out and realized that it's been 5 years! Wow, time flies! Anyway, wishing you grow up to be beautiful, kind and bright future with lots of happiness!

From this:
5 years ago when you were born and all of us Juju fans, were so happy!

To this:
This was taken, ermm last year or 2016? I really lost count of the years gone by since Justine retired...Lalie looks so beautiful, with some nice sharp features <3

I love this photo of Lalie the most: 
She's like mini Ju with that "Allez!" spirit! Hahaha they share the same determined and focus eyes!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Justine For Kids 10th Anniversary

Justine had shared her JustineForKids (JFK) post on her official facebook page:
Anyone who can attend, please attend for this good cause! 

Details are as follows (translated by FB):
For the tenth anniversary of the Hulencourt Festival and Justine for Kids, the hulencourt art project is organizing a gala concert Art Symphony For Kids, under the patronage of princess Esmeralda of Belgium
 Tuesday 22 may 2018 at 20 pm in the prestigious room Studio 4 Flagey 
The Painter Juan Kiti will perform on stage a new work that will be auctioned for Justine for kids, as well as 10 violins signed by Belgian personalities. This auction will be conducted by Serge Hutry 🎻
We are waiting for you for this beautiful evening, which will be followed by a cocktail dinner for premium places 🥂
✔️ Reservations:
✔️ Information: Artsymphony@Justineforkids.Be
Can't believe it's 10 years already! Her JFK foundation has been helping needy kids for 10 years, good work Juju and her everyone that contributed to her foundation! I'm so sorry I haven't been actively posting for like months or years. Seems to have abandoned this blog but actually I'm still "trying to be rather active" in following her news, if any. 

Now, I'm pretty curious, will Justine post her handsome Victor photo?  We have finally seen her carrying her cute beautiful Lalie, but not yet Victor (Maybe he's too small, need to wait another few more years, one thing for sure, he's gonna be as handsome as his momma ;-P ) Miss you Justine!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

JH Matches page

Hi all, it's been a longgggggggggggggg time! I'm back to inform you all that I've re-activated the JH Matches Page tab in this blog so anyone interested in watching Justine's matches can go there and click on those youtube links!

Some of the links however, were already removed by youtube which I've strike out in orange, this meant that I have the videos but I would have to find another channel to upload these matches again. Meanwhile, most of them are available for watching, so enjoy the artistic tennis!

Btw, how's our Juju? I so missed her and wondering how her son Victor looks like now, must be very very handsome like mama haha!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Justine interview at Wimbledon 2017

Hola! Nice to see this new video of Justine's interview on Wimbledon. She shared it on her official facebook page too! So happy to see her smile and of course, her speaking English with that sexy french accent 😋 Those eyes, oui!

I'm still looking forward to the day where you're coming back to play, even if it's for fun, if that day never comes, it's ok, I can always look at your old tennis matches which were never boring to watch!

And Lalie loves watching tennis eh? How about mama Ju showing Lalie the tennis matches of herself and inspires her a bit? 😈 You know what I'm thinking right? I can always wait for another 20 years!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Birthday to Justine! 1 June 2017

Happy Birthday Justine! I know I'm late to post this but I think it's still 1st June over at Belgium?
Wish you, Benoit, Lalie and Victor be forever healthy and happy! I may not blog often but I still miss you alot and your tennis, although you've no longer be playing tournaments but you know your tennis is such an art, how not to love it? All the best Juju! Et oui, Allez!

As usual, a birthday cake "ordered" from google image to you, hope you like it, Ju!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Congrats to Justine & Benoit in welcoming their son!

Congrats to the parents of beautiful Lalie and little Lalie must be very happy now to be a big sister and no longer "lonely" playing at home (assumptions by me, who knows? Maybe she has lots of friends to play with), she will be a good big sister to her lil bro.

As my office blocked facebook & twitter, I will just "steal" this photo from the chinese tieba forum:
Hello Victor, welcome to this world! Victor is such a nice handsome name, it seems like it's a victory for both Ju and cute Benoit to score with their first son. 

Just some random "interesting" info: in chinese, if you had a girl, it is written as "女" character, and a boy as "子” character. So if you had both a girl and a boy, it is written as "好" combined together, and this word "好" means "good", of course, no matter how many children you have, no matter which gender is your child, a child is a blessing, at least to me. I wish I will have children too! 

Anyway, hope Ju will post photos of her newborn son? Just a selfish wish that the son will look like Ju since Ju is so handsome! 😜 Well, if look like dad also handsome and cute!