Monday, May 30, 2011

A stupid disappointing dream (oh f**k it!)

So I had went out with my frenz for a simple dinner and beer drinking at Holland Village last last, I love the atmosphere there at night, very lively and vibrant, alot of Caucasians are there too at the various pubs!

I didn't really get drunk for I only drank about 1 litres of beer. But I do feel very tired when I got home. And maybe due to the alcohol effect in my body, I had this weird dream, a very short one and clueless & boring though about Justine:

Somehow I was attending some seminars in a very big building, yes really big. I can't say how bored I am to listen to all the craps the professors were talking though and when the seminars ended, everyone were rushing out of the room including me. To my surprise, everyone was gathering outside and there were groups of them being formed. I realised that the groups were wanting to get the autographs from the professors. Different groups for different professors, I was like wtf? I don't care a single shit about them and dun understand why the professors were so popular. So I decided to go home. When I was walking towards the next building, I spotted Justine sitting down there (the building was shorter than my seminar building) but someone pulled me away and rushed me to the other places which I don't remember. But halfway, I decided to run back to see Justine. To my great disappointment, she wasn't there anymore, I ran down to the shorter building and decided to search for the place for Justine. I even can hear my heavily panting sound in it. I was very sad and then I woke up.

Yes this is the stupid idiotic dream that I had last night. Oh Justine, why why? Even in dreams, you don't even give me the chance to see you and get your autograph, shit lah! Now I so wanted to kill that person who pulled me away in the dream, makes me lost the chance to go up to Justine. Damn it!

I know my dreams are always fantasy like and although always weird and even can turn a supposedly horror dream into an adventure, but yesterday night dream is the one which I really really hated. Yes, I'm glad Justine appeared in my dreams but I hated it that I let go of the chance to meet her. Because this relates to my real life where I missed the chance to follow her 1st career and now that she's retired, I can no longer live the moments of watching her beautiful tennis live on screen. Oh god, if you want to give me such dreams, at least complete it where I can hug the cute Justine like a teddy bear!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling Nostalgic...

I got the "tennis depression" especially now that it is Roland Garros period...sorry, because I miss Justine too much, especially her beautiful slides on clay. And she was not only the queen of clay but a great tennis legend to me. 
She grew up playing on clay I heard, so she's a natural clay court player, but her versatility allows her to have pretty great successes in other surfaces as well. Oh, Justine, so boyish but cute! Her cap was worn backwards!

This year RG, there seems to be quite a few upsets, Petrova was out, and Kim was another->I don't care about her but I'm glad she's out, sorry, I made it clear that I am not a fan of her but I won't bash her here or anywhere like some of the WS's (only the bad) fans do to Justine. I want to stay mature and not downgraded to those haters' level.
Justine was upset in 2004 due to an illness (from wikipedia: At the start of the 2004 spring clay court season, Henin's health was adversely affected by infection with a strain of cytomegalovirus and an immune system problem. She often slept up to 18 hours a day and barely had the strength to brush her teeth, let alone play competitive tennis.) 
why must she always be so unlucky to get all these illnesses and injuries as compared to some other top players, I always think that if Justine was taller, stronger, she'd have dominated the whole tour for a longer period. But whatever, if it's fated this way, let it be. 
Because Justine is a strong gal, and yes, also a very stubborn gal. She won't give up so easily even if she tripped and fell, she'll trained herself really hard and believes that if there's no pain, there's no gain.
And she gets rewarded in the end, her hard work do pay off, I miss this "hugging trophy smile", it's super natural and sweet! 
Roland Garros will forever miss your elegance on court! The red clay loves you, Justine! I think for once I'm crazy to think that the ball which Justine was holding onto, was smiling. I bet at that time Justine didn't know that she would be so successful in RG! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a random post to miss Ju

I've just taken a super short jog around my neighbourhood, too long nv jog le, and my brain is always getting sleepy so a sudden jog would wake my brain up and yah, have to rebuild the stamina again, can't believe how lousy my stamina is when I realised I couldn't even jog without stopping for 800m, hahaha! But hey there's up slope, so it's tougher.

Now that I have kiss goodbye to my FYP, I have about a month to go before my work attachment starts. So I better train my body well, I want a juju's abs but I don't mind if I can't train it into muscular abs like hers (not sure if I had uploaded these pics b4, I think I had):
Hmmm, can I poke your tummy, Ju? I want to see how hard it is, probably my finger will break!  

Btw, does anyone still watching the women's games? Now that I have no more favourites in thw WTA, and the current era doesn't interest me at all, I prefer watching the men's games now. Perhaps, the players I would be more interested in watching for the women would be Schiavone (cos of her 1HBH like Ju and she plays with some varieties) and also Samantha Stosur (because I personally think she is pretty cool and I think she's a very nice gal actually), there are many more talented players which I probably didn't know of because their ranking aren't high yet but hoping these gals would make a breakthrough soon. But right now,
I'll bid goodbye to WTA for the moment, can't bear to watch it where the current world no. 1's game to me is not appealing at all with lack of variety and styles but still manage to get the job done, sad...sorry to her fans, go ahead and diss me then.

Eh? Justine playing double backhand? Well, I don't mind if she does but she's retired, can't even get any chance to see her playing anymore... ='( 

Continuing my jog tmr, see if my perseverance can last longer than I thought, salute to Justine for her strong discipline in training herself hard! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm still alive to blog this boring post

I had went for a birthday party of my cousin yesterday which was a fun but tiring day. Yes yesterday was the so called "judgement day" by some of the ppl where they think that the world is going to end. I'm not gonna comment much about that, as I believe if the world is gonna end, then so be it, if it's fated this way. Of course life is precious and one should cherish his/her own life and live meaningfully.

And here's a youtube video of her singing in the short clip "Qui Est La? Justine!" (Shake more Justine, haha! Not bad dancing! And can I add in one more comment: Justine, I would support you to become a singer, I super love your sexy voice!)

Oh, that was so harsh to slam the door on cute Justine...I want to hear her finish singing, (btw, Justine, your eyes are looking at the wrong side, the camera's to your right) but the lady behind the door had enough "disturbances" from alot of ppl, haha! Poor lady!

Anyway, I haven't got any much creativity left in me to blog about Justine in a fun way and not boring one like this post. Sorry, my brain is getting old. I've just printed out 3 black and white pics of Justine from my photocopy machine cos I haven't bought myself a new colour printer yet. And the 1st pic I've used would of course be the originally black and white photo of Justine by Hans Westerling posted on flicker:
Yes, I've posted this pic on this blog b4, this is a nice piece of art, the best example of "a picture depicts a 1000 words"

And currently, I'm preparing for my FYP presentation on Tue, while continuing to upload Justine's past matches, it's gonna be a long long time b4 I could upload them all. Hope Youtube grant my account with no time limit of more than 15 min, so that I could upload the whole match and not parts by parts. As for her off court vids, I left it aside first, focusing more on her matches upload cos I still miss her tennis the most..

Right now is the start of Roland Garros, but I have no interest at all in watching any matches of it, but there are actually 3 of them whom I prayed do not get the title, because I think they simply don't deserve it, I will not say who, just keep that to myself.

Just to end this extremely sleepy post with some cute pics of Ju with RG trophies ;-)
I've won, I've won!!! Let's make it a hat trick! And she did it! (Though this pic is 2006)
I'm practicing my future role to be a good mum->Is this how a momma should hug her baby? Non? This baby is heavy though... 
Hey you, faster pass me the trophy, my hands are itchy to get it! Quick, else you'll get it from me! 
And here comes the "Mafia"... 
Who turns out to be a kind and sweet lady who finally got hold of her trophy King and planted a Queen kiss on it.

Back to blogging and uploading of the videos after my presentation! Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belgacom Dreambox->Dreamy Justine!

I refer to Ilse's facebook and also on the Belgacom Dreambox photo gallery itself for more Ju's pics

The pic below is one of the pic on the facebook page of Belgacom Dreambox:
Ju is the prettiest no need to say cos she's the only woman in the pic =P

Belgacom Dreambox photo gallery:

According to Ilse, it was a Clinic to the winning team of the Belgacom Dreambox in her Club Justine Henin in Limelette on 27 Apr (I'll paste some of my fav pics of the event):

I love the tao poster really nice! The boy wearing mostly white jacket, why look so cool?  
Told ya the tao drinks poster is nice and artistic cos Ju is in it! Lucky boy..
Ju: "Balls, pls behave yourselves later on and stay in the baseline!" 
Seriously, Carlos and Ju, both of you need to gain more weight! Carlos is like a stick man now, so skinny. Ju still listens attentively to Carlos's instructions, making me feeling somehow nostalgic =( 
Luckily there's always the charming smile given generously by our kind hearted Ju. It's a harmless contagious smile ;-) 
Give me a 5! 
How I wish all these were her own kids! The cool boy looks abit like Juju hehehe...but I'm sorry Ju and also to the boys cos I think Ju more handsome than them. Ju is a combination of beauty and handsomeness but don't worry boys, you all will grow up to be fine handsome suave men.
Tell me what did this boy do to make Ju laughs like this? 
Can I have the towel? It has the logo of Ju's club aka the pic of her head 
Ju: "Run boy, run, don't be lazy or I'll throw these balls at you 1 by 1! Just kidding, I love you kids so much Muacks!!"
Ju: "But that doesn't mean I won't be angry! You, yes, the boy behind the cool boy, don't try to hide cos you're too tall to hide behind him."
Tall boy: "Huh? Mademoiselle Justine, your finger is so long and artistic!" 
"Oh really? Thank you, I love you boys, so sweet!"
And Ju can't stop smiling with the kids around, motherly Ju!
Now this is a real Hi 5!
too bad Ju said she nv was impatience to take up the role as a coach, else I think she actually makes a very good coach! 
I just love big pics like this
This one looking sad but at least there's everyone's fav pic below to cheer up!
And may I present....
The Cheeky Juju! Very kawaii!!! Too cute! I'm gonna print this pic out if I got to buy a new printer, this pic will make my day everyday! 

There's none other artistic tennis player inside out like Justine! The greatest thing is not to possess the complete skills set, but the ability to execute them well out on court and Justine does it perfectly  you Ju!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random random

Uh oh, I'm still not fully free yet, still have one last thing to rush->Final Year Project Presentation, haven't do the slides yet, not yet planned on how I should organize my ppt slides and push the 59pages of report into a more dynamic ppt slides.

I can only rely on my own self to complete it then to present on 24 May. This reminds me of Stephen Chow's famous movie <A Chinese Odyssey> It was a spoof to the story of "Journey to the west" where Stephen was the monkey god and in this movie has the modified "Only You" song. If you understand Cantonese, this is extremely funny clip:
(oh got the English subtitles too!)
~Even Buddha can't help you if you don't help yourself first~

Speaking of movies, I've recently tried to watch some French movies and so far I've watched two comedies type one: and . The first one is pretty touching to me, added humour too and I love the story! As for the second one, it's very funny as well and loved the part where she create a fake letter, Amelie is a very intelligent girl. =) I have downloaded another french movie but has yet to watch it yet, and the lead actress is Sophie Marceau.

Sorry that this post is not much about Justine, I still of course love this great champion, and misses her always and especially now when Roland Garros is near. Justine is the best clay court player with the elegant slides across the clay court and slices and varieties. Nowadays you can't really see an all rounder court player like Justine who can transition well from hard court to clay to grass because Justine's game style is not one dimensional, hers is multi-dimensions and with her superb athleticism which I don't see that in the women's tennis anymore. 

Miss the red clay with your presence
Oh Justine such high fighting spirit!
Roland Garros is not the same without you, it will nv be as exciting as b4 
The grace and elegance in ball striking, for the women's games, I can only see those in you 
I super misses you and your flying kisses of victory q(^o^)p  
The smiling Juju! I love this smile, cute and happy, makes me smiles too! 

It takes a billion years in WTA to have such a talented true champion with grace, kindness and humbleness like you. Justine Henin, a name to remember and a person to love 

 ♥♥   ♥    
       ♥     ♥      
♥   ♥      ♥    
 ♥ ♥            

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Justine new news

Ah sorry, I'm a slow poke and always a lazy one, my blog is more for self entertainment about Justine (posting random pics and captions of her and some other videos) so for any of her news updates and for the fact that I don't live in Belgium and I'm actually a very lousy resource finder; I hereby to "declare" (sounds so formal) that any news about Justine and posted up here in this blog are mainly from these 3 sources (they are my "Ju's staple food", much thanks to them):
Thanks to the sources above, my brain killed the sleep bugs residing after looking at dazzling Juju =D
so let's start off with Ju & Carlos visiting their home Belgium's new tournament "Brussels Open" on 14 May to support one of her players of her academy (it's a pity the girl lost but I believe she'll do better and greater in the future!):
Website of the  tournamentis below
Youtube Video of her interview by uploader BrusselsOpen

Translation at Justine news and media FB & Fan Club Justine Henin FB
More links of the news:
Justine looking handsome and cool! I love her sunglasses! so sportive like! And I'm sorry I cut out the guy on the far right, cos I wanted to reduce the size of the pic so that I can have a larger pic here.

Next up is her news about next week event: Justine will be sitting in the passenger side of test runs with rally driver Freddy Loix and the Skoda car team prior to Bolchold-Belgium race ( © Greenout's words from the forum):

Maybe one day Ju will be the driver herself? We all know that she's a fast driver which she confessed in Stuttgart final 2007 and yes a danger to everyone haha! Oh Ju, be careful pls! 

And lastly a busybody me for a gossip time (Justine and Mr cute supporting Belgium's football team Anderelcht, I'm more interested in looking at the pics hehehe):
Oh great, I love to see Justine so happy! Dazzling smile~ ah, my eyes almost blinded by the reflection of her bright smile, but I don't mind for more!
This pic shocked me from far, I thought a kiss was planted on Ju's cheek! So what secret is he sharing with Ju? 
Oh he's holding her hand, so sweet! Ok, I'm starting to like this guy more seeing Ju so happy with him, hope he's true to Ju and that they are blissful forever. Mr cute, I hope you're serious and truly loves Ju, you know there's a great wall of China queue waiting to snatch beautiful Justine away, so better cherish and protect her well ;-)
This pic is only to show that Ju is like a statue without changing her expression as compared to the pic above it, while that guy had closed his eyes. That's a lame spot the difference. Sorry, I'm a very bored gal.
 Front view
More front view...why does that guy always have such a comical smile? Maybe that's one of the reasons Ju smiled when with him =P
The forced smile on Ju cos her fav team had lost in the football match. Only Mr cute can assuage her sad feelings.

May both of you be happy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Funny Ju in a funny "weird" production

My exams are finally over! Today is my last paper, woo hoo! Next will be the upcoming Final Year Project presentation. Haven't prepared the ppt slides yet...but I can always do it any time from now till that day comes.

Just can't get enough of Justine~ =) Today's post topic is very clear-> saw the news on Ilse's FB page for Justine and also on JH Supporters forum, so here to share with anyone who stumbled onto this blog and dun mind seeing cute Juju =)

Actually 1 wk ago, I already saw this preview of Justine's clip on youtube but I had no idea what this clip was about then:
Who is there? Justine...and comes the dance lalalala

Here's the link of the news:

Such a pretty young and cute face under the shelter of a deformed bird nest mushroom retro, though the hair is so  =X but the face looks young, just like how she looked in 2001-2002
Oh such innocent look! I can't believe that the pic above this pic->her wig is taller than her cap here...
The embedding doesn't work for me, so I upload it here...but the quality of the video is poorer here

Anyone ready to make mp3 out of Ju's cute singing? And she certainly dances well, reminds me of the Roland Garros little cute singing clip on youtube

And the site of the production is here below:
Photos of Ju and that special guy from the site:
So Justine, do you love photography? Look at how focused she was...
Cute? Hahahahaha! But I must say he has a very comical face...sorry ah Mr Bertuzzo (spelling correct?) I shall make no further comments~ ;-P