Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a random post to miss Ju

I've just taken a super short jog around my neighbourhood, too long nv jog le, and my brain is always getting sleepy so a sudden jog would wake my brain up and yah, have to rebuild the stamina again, can't believe how lousy my stamina is when I realised I couldn't even jog without stopping for 800m, hahaha! But hey there's up slope, so it's tougher.

Now that I have kiss goodbye to my FYP, I have about a month to go before my work attachment starts. So I better train my body well, I want a juju's abs but I don't mind if I can't train it into muscular abs like hers (not sure if I had uploaded these pics b4, I think I had):
Hmmm, can I poke your tummy, Ju? I want to see how hard it is, probably my finger will break!  

Btw, does anyone still watching the women's games? Now that I have no more favourites in thw WTA, and the current era doesn't interest me at all, I prefer watching the men's games now. Perhaps, the players I would be more interested in watching for the women would be Schiavone (cos of her 1HBH like Ju and she plays with some varieties) and also Samantha Stosur (because I personally think she is pretty cool and I think she's a very nice gal actually), there are many more talented players which I probably didn't know of because their ranking aren't high yet but hoping these gals would make a breakthrough soon. But right now,
I'll bid goodbye to WTA for the moment, can't bear to watch it where the current world no. 1's game to me is not appealing at all with lack of variety and styles but still manage to get the job done, sad...sorry to her fans, go ahead and diss me then.

Eh? Justine playing double backhand? Well, I don't mind if she does but she's retired, can't even get any chance to see her playing anymore... ='( 

Continuing my jog tmr, see if my perseverance can last longer than I thought, salute to Justine for her strong discipline in training herself hard! 


  1. omg the Ju's abs! haha, mine is still fluffy after all the random skipping ;D

    and it's the first time for me to see a pic of Ju trying two-handed backhand on practice! wow, great find ST...I always see pictures of Roger doing that on practice, but never Justine and I'm always fascinated with these pics as they're like trying to go down a level lower with their skills,,hihi =P

    I always remember though at the start of Justine & Ruben's match against Serbia Team in Hopman Cup, she was having a nice conversation with Pascal Maria while doing some two-handed backhand swings! ;D

  2. Hi Sly,
    yes, the Ju's abs! Mine is still Kueh Lapis tummy leh but only had myself to blame for eating so much and with no exercises!
    Hehehe, I happened to see this double bh pic of Ju somewhere which I forgot the source again (sorry!) and found it somewhat cute to see Ju trying to use double bh but her pose is still very single bh, look at how straight her arms are, and I can imagine this pic without her left arm there, it's equivalent to a single bh pic!

    Oh, I didn't know Roger does that on practice too! Guess the single backhand players sometimes wanna try out if it's possible for them to hit a nice clean bh with double bh =) Justine is playful actually, I think Roger too! i'm gonna root for him in RG, and I've watched Steve Darcis, the boy Ju likes very much because of his talent, and he's really talented and good! Reminds me of Ju actually in some parts of his plays. I would root for him too!

    Oh, I didn't notice Justine doing the swings, I have to rewatch the match again to see this cute scene! How could I miss it! Oh bad fan I am!