Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Funny Ju in a funny "weird" production

My exams are finally over! Today is my last paper, woo hoo! Next will be the upcoming Final Year Project presentation. Haven't prepared the ppt slides yet...but I can always do it any time from now till that day comes.

Just can't get enough of Justine~ =) Today's post topic is very clear-> saw the news on Ilse's FB page for Justine and also on JH Supporters forum, so here to share with anyone who stumbled onto this blog and dun mind seeing cute Juju =)

Actually 1 wk ago, I already saw this preview of Justine's clip on youtube but I had no idea what this clip was about then:
Who is there? Justine...and comes the dance lalalala

Here's the link of the news: http://nord-pas-de-calais.france3.fr/info/euroregion/justine-henin-pour-la-pastille-web-qui-est-la--68731408.html

Such a pretty young and cute face under the shelter of a deformed bird nest mushroom hair....so retro, though the hair is so  =X but the face looks young, just like how she looked in 2001-2002
Oh such innocent look! I can't believe that the pic above this pic->her wig is taller than her cap here...
The embedding doesn't work for me, so I upload it here...but the quality of the video is poorer here

Anyone ready to make mp3 out of Ju's cute singing? And she certainly dances well, reminds me of the Roland Garros little cute singing clip on youtube

And the site of the production is here below:
Photos of Ju and that special guy from the site:
So Justine, do you love photography? Look at how focused she was...
Cute? Hahahahaha! But I must say he has a very comical face...sorry ah Mr Bertuzzo (spelling correct?) I shall make no further comments~ ;-P


  1. Lol I have to admit the first video is soo random x) Seems an interesting thing she's doing though, and her hair is well, yes retro but she pulls it off with her pretty looks, she can look good in anything :) aww Ju looks so cute back in the day as a young tennis player, and has matured into a beautiful lady with a heart of pure gold. Hehe Juju looks like shes enjoying using the camera, looking intently focused :)
    Allez Ju, beautiful inside and out <3

  2. Yup Sarah, even watching the second video I still have this weird funny feeling, I couldn't imagine Justine to be so cute singing and dancing. Maybe in the past, she was always looking so serious on court but she's actually a very fun loving person off court.
    The hair is more suitable for me since mine is already exploding, it makes no much difference with this wig on.

    And yes, Ju looks super cute and innocent as a teenager. So wanna hug her, she's even cuter than my pooh bear. And she is a natural even in front of a camera. She has multi talents! Allez Ju, now a beautiful woman <3