Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick updates 2 (vids of Justine and ♥♥♥)

I break the promise to blog after 12 May when my exams end cos I couldn't help it when beautiful feminine Justine is trying her best in helping other people.

Hereby to spread the love around, we should all be compassionate towards the less fortunate, be grateful with what we have, hate less to none, love more and give more and life will be more meaningful and happy! Life can sometimes be hard but we are the warriors in our own lives and we shall be brave to conquer any obstacles and setbacks faced and using US President Obama's famous line: "Yes, we can!"

Since I'm rather busy with exams and following the election results, I am very grateful to these 2 FB fan pages for Justine for her news info:

Some screencaptures of the videos:
~Charm Charm~ 
Ju is simply fabulous! So beautiful! 
This is so super sweet! The big and small girls are cute! Motherly Ju in action! And I must say her sexy voice got a calming effect on me reducing the exam stress level to 0.0001
Ju:" I will be a super good mum and will have a cute kid like you little girl, now sing with me~"
The pic is blur, sorry but seems like Ju lost alot of her arm muscles mass, good! At least it isn't too big, it fits her small size frame this way, and her hair has grown longer, super woman!

Link of the show videos:
So to summarize, Justine had been to a charity show as a guest appearance and did a singing with the other artistes and children in the opening part and short speech in some part of the video, didn't watch it full, so I'm not sure if she had appeared in other parts of the show. Thanks to the 2 fb pages above for the info, I'll embed the video here too (Please wait for the commercial video to finish for about 10 seconds b4 viewing):

Justine singing the song "Toi Plus Moi" with the children together with other artistes:
Justine short interview backstage:

Justine in a short 3min+ appearance in the show:
Justine appears around 5:34-8:54

And earlier on, Justine did another charity work as Unicef Belgium ambassador (video link):

What she did is simply remarkable and sweet, spreading the positive message around, hoping to make a difference in these needy children. Justine, you are my genuine champion with a heart of gold! And hopefully, it really does make a difference in their lives, towards the better.

 Love you 4eva Justine, going on to study for my next exam-> French language 1 and not only would I have to study the language but for the examinations, it requires us to know about the French civilization too! Oh Justine, lend me the language, as for the civilization, now to get my small capacity of a few megabytes cells in my brain working again... =S 


  1. Yeah. Good work from Justine. She's a true champion, and role model. The natural empathy for others is genuine. Everyone should see this; so I posted pics and links on the Official JH FB page. :) The world should know about her social projects. Why hide such positive things?

  2. Yup, greenout, she's a true champion. Those who diss her are just immature brats and dumb haters. And I agree that everyone should see her efforts in helping the others, it will spread a positive msg around and ppl will support her projects. It's nothing to be ashamed of to hide, so I super love those pics that you've posted on her official FB page =D
    Good to see her life so full of love and warm, she herself is one true love.

  3. Sorry Greeny, I replied to your comment above b4 but was not sure why blogger deleted it when they are doing some maintenance on their site.

    Anyway, I totally agree with you that what Justine did was simply positive and heart warming, so it's good that many ppl should know about her social projects and received the positive msg she was trying to give. And I love your posting of the pics on her FB page!