Friday, April 29, 2011

Away again...

Sorry, I'm gonna really be away from blogging until the end of my examinations, so I'll probably continue to blog and upload more videos of Justine after 12 May.

Last night, I accidentally injured my left eye and caused it a little bit of blood, so I can't really use computer for too long and my exams start on next sat, so it's time for me:
Back to wearing specs...can't wear contact lenses with my injured left eye now. Oh Justine, such beautiful eyes with cute red specs! And now then I realise Justine has brown eyes, the pupils...I always thought hers are black.

Cya again...Let's reuse this pic:
Wishing all of you including my own self good luck!


  1. Ok- Do your best on the exams. :) I have to re-organize too. Focus, focus and more Focus!

  2. Thank you Greenout! You too, hope the best for ya! What happened to the forum? Is the server down? I can't access it...

    Anyway, take care and keep in touch!

  3. Hey Chia, hope you do well in your exams too, focus! I like the photos, juju looks very intelligent and cute with glasses :) I love the last pic, the "everything's swell!" expression of Ju :)

  4. Thank you Sarah! Haha yes focus, one of my biggest enemies too! Yes, now we can only see Ju with sunglasses! Hehehe, the lastpic as in the gif? But I dun like the I think the umpire's foot on top of Ju's head..

  5. Hang in there! I'll be busy to in the weeks ahead. Moving back to Singapore and trying to settle everything here before I leave. Tell us about your exam scores. I'm sure you did very well. :)

    **A little Carlos news update. This Saturday May 7, he's doing a tennis clinic in Belgium to celebrate sports and challenges to the handi-capped and physically disabled.

  6. Thanks Greenout, I've been hanging out there like clothes on a bamboo stick, hopefully the stick won't break! I dun feel motivated to really squeeze in all those mathematical formulas into my 1MB brain and to think 2 papers on the same day, and also the general election on that particular day too, wow, how special this coming sat is! I hope I can pass through it well. *Pray*

    Coming back to SG for a short while? Maybe you can eat those food that you had missed while living in SG. ;)

    Thanks for the Carlos update, good to hear that he's engaging himself in charitable causes too! I get to think that tennis is the number 1 sport in Belgium after the successes of Justine and others.