Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nice weekend~!

Sorry for not updating, it's been such a busy week...I'm so tired~ and yeah, just back from an outing, ate a super heavy meal, now my tummy is so bloated, I felt like I'm 4 months pregnant and I couldn't really see my toes. A tired, but fun outing with my pretty crazy gers~ nice weekend to all of you too! I'm sure Justine is enjoying her weekend as well, spot any cute guys?

Still wondering how Justine spends her weekend...did she go singing with her frenz? I just did and cracked my my voice is so sexy....manly =X

Was looking at Carlo et fils website and since it's fedcup week, so I posted the pics of  Ju with the other players choosing the clothings at Carlo et Fils.
This looks like one big family..haha, really like a family photo...oh Ju's outfit is the most special! 
Did they choose this outfit for her or she chose it herself? I'm surprised she wore the blue jacket, it's a rare colour... 
Ju: "So how do I look? Nice? I'm a fashionista!" I love her shirt inside ;)
Ju always looks so innocently cute with a touch of seriousness =D

Watch out! Grumpy Juju is here....
I wonder why do they have to wear such formal attire? Oh Juju, smile...pls smile... 
Ju is the most handsome and looking professionally! Sorry...but it's true...and Kim scared me with those eyes, a big contrast to Yanina's restless eyes in this pic. Ju has the image of a big lady boss, I don't mind being her subordinate with such a beautiful/handsome boss (*drools*)
Pic taken years ago...Ju goes for simple elegant formal wear, oh I miss you Ju...
Last year fed cup is the first fed cup I ever watched you played, cos I only followed your second career...but you injured your finger and couldn't play well...why is your body so prone to injuries..why? 
But well, even in pain, you could still smile and laugh which makes me happy ;) I miss you Justine! I miss your this face (mouth-open-big-big-and-eyes-closing aka laughing) look, super love this natural smile of yours, wonder when I have the luxury to see it again? 

More fed cup pics to post tmr...just feeling nostalgic..and sleepy...alright, off to hibernate for a few hours!

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