Monday, April 18, 2011

Ju at Fedcup...looking good!

Thank you to Ilse's facebook for Justine's media and news these photos from there and also one from Ju's official FB page uploaded by annmarie:
Justine analyzing the games? Nice to see her wearing red supporting Belgium! 
I like this pic, very beautiful, queen style =P So what's the model of her handphone? I really love her wearing long sleeves and with this white collar from inside, she has a pretty good fashion sense, simple and elegant.
Oh Justine, what were you thinking back then? So deeply in's so hard to squeeze out news from you, but I'm so glad to enjoy these few pics, at least to see you looking energetic and radiant! I'm so happy! =D
*Edit: More pics added below from facebook:
Justine finding a good seat with bird's eye view of the match?
And happy when she finally spot a very good seat!
Haha, she looked like she sprained her neck! Oh Justine, you have such slim thighs, must have been going jogging regularly...Maybe I should start my own mini Sports 4 Life campaign!  
Love love love this pic! The killer smile is revealed once again! Don't care about the rather messy hairstyle ;) focus on being killed by her smile =) So I was right! She wore sunglasses, that's why there's a lighter shade around her eye contour area

And here's a trimmed video of her at the fedcup practice I think, originally taken from Chinese Baidu forum:
She appeared just a few seconds and yeah, the language is in chinese

So good to see you again, Justine! It's a pity Belgium couldn't make it to the finals but they did pretty well already and very good effort, they will do better next time, Allez!


  1. Well... it was nice that Kirsten was the big heroine. A pity about the less than steller doubles match. And can I say it was fantastic of Justine to drop by to the venue. When is Justine going to get a street named after her? ;)

  2. Yes, I always liked Kirsten since she's seems to be a very nice and genuine girl and she's a good friend of Justine. Kirsten is a very good player especially in doubles but she needs a good doubles partner too. Not saying Yanina is a poor player but she's not meant for a doubles match.

    Definitely very sweet and supporting of Ju to be there at the fedcup cheering for Belgium, though Belgium lost but the spirit remains high. She got her own allée in France, haha, just waiting for one in Belgium, oh lovely Juju!