Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What a number! ( extreme boring post)

Just finished my french role playing a few hours ago..phew, finally I can delete the whole script that was ironed into my brain occupying my already ultra limited memory. Exams are coming...and I haven't really started studying maybe from today until my exam period, this blog may not be updated frequently, even if I update it, it will be a very short boring post like this post:

Well, the picture below is of course from Justine official facebook page, just missing her again....and I noticed something (circled in red):
What a number! 

Ok, I admit, I probably was too bored, told ya this is a super boring post just to kill the rest of my sleep bugs residing inside my brain cells after a short nap.


  1. You noticed it! Yes, Justine gains news fans everyday. Tennis fans are like that; they really hold their favorites to their hearts. Even if they move on, a champion is always admired, and remembered with fondness. I suppose the annual Wimbledon, RG, AO and US Open events are such big sports/event viewings in the summer that people don't forget players. But that's the nature of tennis isn't it? no masks, helmets or teams. It's one person against another with their names on the scoreboard.

  2. Haha, Greenout, I happened to go into her facebook yesterday and noticed that number, it's a very striking number. And I also noticed the time of my post 5:55pm, another "What a number!", it's such a coincidence!

    Today I went to her FB page again, the number had increased =) I do hope real tennis fans and non tennis fans like me will forever be nostalgic and remember the beautiful games that Justine had played and of course Justine Henin as a great champion. None other players IMO can play Tennis as beautiful as Justine, she had trained hard, defied all odds and illnesses, played with a variety of skills to compensate for her small frame body and power to win 7 GS and gold olympic medal. That's already something we fans and her can be very proud of, though I always wondered if she can even dominate the whole tour for a very very long time had she had the strength of the WS and being taller. I hate the power tennis that everyone is playing right now, I don't mind if they added a little bit of variety but sadly, it's plain hard hitting...

    ~Sigh~ Well, at least, I can thank Justine for all the beautiful matches that she had played that kept me watching tennis for the past one year. (I've stopped watching tennis ever since she retired, I can only watch tennis played by her, and I will do so by watching her past matches that were downloaded.., sorry but I can't pick up the passion like I used to when watching tennis anymore) Let's hope Justine's academies produce more good players and maybe it will ignite the passion of watching beautiful tennis in me again!

    If only there were more Justine Henins in WTA, but I shouldn't be greedy, one is enough for me, but well, definitely not enough for WTA.

    Let's hope like what you've said, ppl will forever remember the true great champions not just for their games but also the person themselves. The only team sports that I'll watch is only basketball, I'm not that into team sports though it's good to see how they can work together well as a team, the team spirit and cooperations with each other, but I prefer individual sports and enjoyed the competition.