Saturday, April 9, 2011

Randomness again...

With 2 tests and one lab report to be handed in next week, I'm gonna force myself to study study study...oh god...I don't know how thick is the layer of dust on my brain's certainly is water resistant to absorb any information and knowledge in...

Again, I got the following pictures from facebook and maybe other sources...can't remember as usual, sorry for not crediting:

the pictures are of no relation to each other...this is gonna be my another super boring random post b4 I'm off to study...just wanna keep spreading my obsession in Justine here...poor blog got "love spam" by me...
I wish the train systems in Singapore would have big Juju posters and banners too! It will make the already crowded platform even more crowded maybe...hmmm
Just find this pic super cute because of cute Juju inside...Carlos used to be bigger in the past and I really love the smile on Ju's face, so innocent child like! And do tennis players always have to carry so bulky bags with them? 
To all ppl, stay strong and  be brave, no matter how hard life can be... 
Even if it's as hard as Justine's tummy...oops! I want a toned tummy like Ju, but maybe a flat non fats tummy will do, don't mind a bit of muscles...ah lazy me will nv get my rice terrace tummy to be flat! Off to study!


  1. I watched a bit of Charleston on tv the other day. Then I compared it to Justine/Ed 2005 which I haven't viewed in years!. I'm surprised how fresh and progressive the video looked. It's better now than I actually remember it to be. HEH! I recall being uptight with Justine sending ED too many forehand cross court when I watched it live. But looking at the points now, I'm surprised how little I could anticipate or read in terms of where these two were hitting their winners. Incredible stuff this!!!!!

  2. Hi Greenout, you wouldn't believe this...I was just watching the same youtube video, the link you pasted above just yesterday! Coincidence??? Oh I miss these two greats. I wish they're nv retired and can bring on good match just like the AO 2nd round last year...if only it's a final, too bad they had to meet so early. We can hardly see such quality beautiful tennis in the women games anymore...really sad..oh Juju, super misses you!

  3. I love the pictures Chia, I wish melbournes train stations had those ads of Justine, I would love to see that everyday on the way to school :) aww Juju's smile is cute isn't it? Maybe players do have to carry around bulky bags but they might get someone else to, but Ju doesn't need anyone else to for hers :) I really love the third photo, and the caption really suits it. That's Ju's message of strength and perseverance to everyone, and the look in her eyes says it all. She us so inspiring :) I will watch your video you linked later greenout, it sounds great!
    I love you for all the courage you have Ju <3

  4. Hehe, so Sarah, you live in Melbourne eh? I wish I could find just a single Justine poster in Singapore but well, what can I expect in a small country with sports focuses mainly on table tennis and swimming anyway? I wish they would put more focuses on tennis and other sports. Nvm, I'll make my own A4 size poster of Justine...print out a cute pic of her on one A4 paper and pasted on a cardboard and stick it onto my bedroom wall. I'll see her smile everyday I wake up ;)

    And yes, Justine is one inspiring gal, and brings us so much joys and smiles! Just too perfect to me! Oh if only I would meet my prince charming as charming as her! Sorry Ju, yes, you're too handsome! But you're beautiful too!

  5. Yes, Chia, I do live in Melbourne :) well melb is a very sporty city with loads of arenas and everything, including rod laver arena :D but the mcg is so big I love going to the football there when I get the chance to but when the aus open is on I get so exited it isn't funny :P I'm gonna miss Ju next time though :( I'm really glad I got to see her play this year though, her last match ever but hey all good things must come to an end right... Aww that's sweet, her smile makes me smile too :)

    Ju is isn't she, super inspiring and radiating queen like beauty. If only more people have the heart she does, I love the joy she beings us :) It's interesting how she can be so handsome yet pretty, she's just naturally like that :)

  6. Hi Sarah, I'm sure Melbourne is a very nice city to live in..I would wish to visit it one day. Well, you at least get to see her play so it's all good, too bad I nv get such luxury. =( But well, it's a pleasure to know this remarkable great person, at least I didn't miss her 2nd career even if it's short, it's sweet to me.

    She's a beauty queen and also a handsome prince ;) Love Ju always!