Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nice to see Ju in news again

Thank you Ilse for the news update on Facebook-> link here:

And the source of the info from this site: http://www.lavenir.net/article/detail.aspx?articleid=DMF20110425_050

I'm blogging just for the cute pics of Justine, the article is basically about her new love life, not a long article but nice pictures =) 
The second time I saw Justine wearing sunglasses in photos, she looked so cool! And I'm happy for her being so serene and cheerful ;-)  Btw, let me be a "3 8" today and gossip on this blog a little...so is that black shirt guy besides her wearing sunglasses Mr Bertuzzo? Well he looked much better than last time in the fed cup pics =D
Ju looking more and more beautiful, and I like the kids, so cute! Judging from this pic, that little girl likes Justine, hehehehe!

Ok, off to prepare my test in the afternoon later on...god, pray that the test won't be too hard else I may throw away all my integrity to look at my fren's paper, haha! Oh no, I'll have sin then...but I'm sure it's a common sin for most ppl? Hopefully I can still do it on my own! God bless lazy me!

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