Monday, April 25, 2011

Justine Physical Training pics in the past

Sorry, I haven't got the time to blog...exams coming soon and on the dreadful Tue I have another test and on Wed, I have my role playing test for my French (the script is not completed yet..dun even have the time to memorize..shit! 1st 2 exam papers on 7 May which is also the day of election voting where I have to vote too -.-) God help me! Feel so stressed up suddenly =X

Now where's my cute Juju? I need some stress reliever pics of Juju...

*All pics are taken from various sources and as usual, baddie me wasn't able to give a proper full credit, sorry for that...
The guy in red looks like Brad Pitt in terms of smile? Sorry if I'm having a serious myopia...Ju looks lovely here but she's frowning...
Ju does a lot of cycling in gym which is why she has such beautiful toned legs!
Up till now, I still can't identify which video footage this screepcap is from, I must have missed it...I think it is recent one as her right elbow is strapped. Oh Juju...makes my heart aches..

Now the pull pull pics... 
Orange-Ju is really very "Sunkist", looking nutritiously good and "tasty"
So you see, exercises can be fun! They are all smiling and happy faces!
I wonder which part of the body muscles is being trained by doing this exercise? Shoulder?
If only last time when Ju was still playing, she'd wear her training shorts for tennis matches, she looks so much hotter in these shorts (I'm straight but sometimes, Ju makes me "crooked") and more athletic feel, plus look at those killer eyes..
Does this makes me feel motivated to train my canoe paddle arms? (As I'm typing these words, my flabby arms are swinging from the east to the west again)
Wow, I love her "sharp" look. Really got the killer instinct! Guys dun mess with her, wanna love her, be true to her, else she'll bombard you with those medicine balls...ok, I decided to train my bouncy arms after the exams to have toned arms like Justine!
You are my sunshine, my only make me sunburnt when you retired...
I'm out of words to describe this pic above..let's just say, Ju looks fabulous while sorry Carlos, you look murderous but a handsome guy ;)

Now the jump jump pics... 
Justine's body is tilted to her right when she's skipping?
This looks like the run and jump action...sorry dunno how to describe that..
This pic is the same as the previous pic?...although she was in different attire, the same 3 bottles behind with 1 lying sideway on grass..

Now the run run pics... 
Ok this pic answered my above question. It's the same pic just that she wore a black jacket outside..loves her in black jacket, so handsome! Really very handsome!
Sports 4 life! I think Justine can be a very good sprinter! I wondered how fast she can sprint for a 100m run?
Look she's really sprinting! May I know the model of the camera? It seems to capture her motion very perfectly and my camera is spoilt for 2+ years, haven't got the time and money to go buy a new one.
I posted this pic b4, I know..just admire Ju and the beautiful scenery again
This colour is not bad too! Justine, don't look so handsome're attracting the girls' attention and one of the "victims" is behind you...the lady in blue (sorry ah, blue lady, no offense)
Dreadmill...oops sorry, it's treadmill, even on rainy days, Ju would still train in gym, wad's the speed of her on the dreadmill? 15Km/h?

 Now the other killer weapons training pics... 
Those look heavy...I can't imagine myself holding those dumbbells, my bones would probably crack 
Likewise for this exercise which trains I think the abdominal area and arms and core muscles? Sorry, I dunno the human anatomy. 
Are those balls basketballs or dual colours medicine balls? This looks tiring fun..Ju can become a good basketball player who could do good passing.
So this is what she may do to those guys who mess with her..."kill" them with medicine balls! 

 Alright...time to go and study and dunno when I'm gonna blog again..maybe when there's a lighter load in school work...Good luck to all and a blessing to Justine for her love (if it is confirmed to be true by herself. I won't gossip about it right now in this blog, but just wish that she deserves a good life)

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