Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm elated!

Yeah...I'm a silly weirdo, I'm still happy over a small tweet by Justine since yesterday =D

Really, a big surprise to see a change in the wordings of the twitter box that I had put up here on the right side of the blog just as I got home yesterday and started to surf the net. Really took me quite a while to realize that, yes, she really indeed updated her twitter! Up till now, I still couldn't believe it, sorry for my craziness and unstable mind right now because I waited for almost 50 days..I think 48 days to be exact for an update in her facebook/twitter. I hope she'll keep updating her twitter/facebook. I don't mind waiting so long as she updates it!

So she was in Paris for a 3-day event as stated in her tweet and according to the info that Greenout searched, it seemed to be an interesting but rather serious event though it's all in French and my super basic French won't get me understand a single word of it. So, back to square one where I can only derive from Justine's tweet that she went there to speak about her 6th sense academies =P

Speaking of her academies, I hope it's gonna be a great success overall! Maybe I should add in another page for a tally of her academies (*edit: done the page-> here)...and 6th sense academy also has twitter but was not widely known because they didn't really publicize it:

Visiting your Justine N1 Club one day is my dream, so I hope it will be a super huge success for your academies and I believe it's a very nice beautiful club not only for tennis, but for general recreation!
Oh I love this super big racket!

(sorry Justine, I stolen your logo and used it here, don't worry, it's not for commercialized purposes):

Wish I have a badge with her face in it! I can attached it to my bag!

Maybe in the future we can see Justine N1 Tennis Balls on court! The logo on her site is being inverted, so we can't really see her face well but in this tennis ball pic, I inverted it back and Justine's face is very clear. whoever designed this logo is very good, I love the logo! So wanted to visit her club with the big logo of her head at the entrance door <3


  1. I love the Logo too! The best ones are simple Silhouettes
    like the rock band KISS and Hello Kitty. Justine's cap is her trademark, and it's better than Roger's RF. A face is universal to know and Roman script isn't.

    ;) Heh.Ha! Dunno about the tennis ball Justine logo though. Do you really want people to smack Justine's face with their rackets?

  2. Haha, sometimes, simplicity is the best indeed! And true enough, a face is universal to know, at least it isn't that ambiguous than roman letters. RF can mean anything, maybe Roger should start a face logo too!

    ;) Oops, I didn't mean to have Ju's face being smacked...ouch! And I doubt anyone will use that tennis ball for training, it's more of a souvenir to keep...and maybe can use it to request for Ju's autograph! You know those super big tennis balls that ppl used at GS court to request for autographs? I wish there's a big Justine's face on those balls. Well, that's just my silly thoughts =P

    This logo is good and cool, can even used it as a print for T-shirts and bags....Justine's club already is selling jackets with her logo..can't wait to visit her club to buy those jackets!

  3. Yes the logo looks great, often simplicity is best :) lol greenout your comment on her face being on the tennis balls made me laugh :) I certainly wouldn't want to hit it, even tho it's just a pic xD I would however love to keep one of them as a souvenir, with ju's autograph on it of course :) Haha chia well personally I think your idea of her face being on the jumbo balls sounds good :P
    Ju I'm so glad to hear from you again! Good luck with your club <3

  4. Hi Sarah, it's Ju's face for the logo so it's great! =D And yup, I didn't really think about Ju's face being hit only after I read greenout's comment then I realized that! Oops! so those balls are called jumbo balls? I didn't know the exact term for those balls but it would be nice to have Ju's face on it for her fans...if only she's still playing =( but well, hope her club and academies are great successes and we can see those jumbo balls!

  5. Of course anything to do with Justine is great :D haha it's okay it's just really funny when you first realize what you sounded like saying xD Yes they are calle jumbo balls, I bought one at the aus open this year and I wanted to get Ju's autograph but she lost when we went to see her play (I think I jinxed her lol) yes hopefully it is a great success and I'll be looking forward to getting those jumbo balls!

  6. Haha, I'm always that blur queen...well, I don't really believe in jinxing...Ju's body condition wasn't that great already so it wouldn't be of a surprise that she lost, if only you would go on her 1st or 2nd round, then maybe you can get her autograph! Or you already gotten her autograph? I wonder what is it like to see her in real person, I guess I'll probably faint but still ok since I have no such luck to see her =P
    Haha, I feel like printing out her logo in black and white...oh jumbo balls!