Monday, April 11, 2011

I want those jackets!

*(I will try to blog again after Friday...super busy week, tests and lab report...meanwhile, hereby wishing peace on earth) 

Another randomness b4 I went to sleep....

Just went to Ju's Club Justine N1 website again and saw these jackets which I so wanted to have one day. Though I saw these pics b4, but I can't help it but to dream of visiting her club one day and buy these jackets/vests (My English is poor, I still can't differentiate between these 2 English words and I don't bother to look up the dictionary).

Go to click on "MAGASIN" at the link on top...

White Version

Black Version


So which one do I think nicer? I liked both actually. The design is simple, not complicated, just what I want. Though I love the logo for the white one because that one as I said in my previous post, it's the original without the colours inverted and hence the face on the logo looked exactly like Justine, you can recognize her easily and love the red wordings of "Club Justine Henin", I simply think that the black one looks nicer again because the logo behind is bigger =P  If I ever get the chance to travel to Belgium and visits her club, I will probably choose the black one cos I already have some white jackets. the white one money and chance I will purchase both.

Seems like her club also got sell Adidas wear and other equipment, makes me so wanna visit her club! So, I'll make that my personal dream.

Alright, my eyelids just touched my lower super pathetic short eyelashes...Zzz, time to sleep!
Bonne Nuit! Oh Juju having sweet dreams? Cute like a child... ;-) Justine, you're always warmly welcomed into my dream of adventures! Come, come!


  1. Hehe those jackets look cool, I'd be happy with either one :) o yay adidas all of these reasons make me really wanna go to her club now, I'm sure I'll find a way to go there soon enough, even meet her? I hope so that would be so much fun, the end photo is nice, sweet dreams Ju and you too Chia, I wont mind if she comes into my dreams lol :)

  2. Hey! Did you see the 6th Sense Beijing update on Facebook? Carlos is there and they announced another new shareholder investor. Nice pics of Carlos too - he looks good in a suit.

  3. Hi Sarah, yes, I'll be happy already to own either one of them. I'm day dreaming that one day many of her international fans suddenly go visit her club all at once and best if she's there...can surprise her! But that's just my silly dream. Yes the last photo is sweet especially when she's sleeping besides a day she'll have her child besides her and Ju sings bedtime songs to her children, I can imagine the motherly Justine..haha!

    Let's all send virtual invitations to Justine into our dreams!

    Greeny, thanks for the info, I haven't got the time to check in the facebook, been's nice they're targeting the China market and that they know there's alot of potential good players in China. I hope their academies will be great great successes to expand their business world wide and produce best quality players so that Tennis can be much more exciting and competitive! And yup, Carlos looking smart! Wish Ju was there too!

  4. Chia, aww that is not a silly daydream but a very good one! That would be so cool if it were to happen, especially if Juju was there :D
    O yes one day she will have her own child and she will nurture it with her motherly love, it's not hard to imagine that :)
    That would be great to send her an invitation to our dreams, count me in haha xD
    China is lucky to have her academies over there, I hope Juju's endeavors there and everywhere are super successful. Maybe an academy could get established in Melbourne, then there will be a good excuse for her to travel here often. i'm not sure if she needs any, I thiink I heard she is rather fond of Melbourne so I'm glad :)

  5. Haha, yes, it would be so cool! I'd love to see her babies too but that's only if she gets her right prince charming! God pls send Ju and also me, a good man pls, ha!

    Yes, Ju is fond of Australia which she said it's a place where she could live in, so it's good! She can always set up an academy in any potential city...but definitely not in Singapore where it's not so sports attractive. Can I fly over to Belgium now?

  6. Yes they wound be so cute, don't worry I'm sure you and Ju will soon find a perfect man, just believe you can hehe :)
    Yayy im glad to hear that Juju likes Australia, especially Melbourne I think. Me on the other hand, I always felt I am from Los Angeles/Hollywood at heart, home of rock and roll (huge guns n roses fan), but the thought of Ju living here makes it worthwhile :) That's true, maybe she will work in Singapore so tennis can be recognized :D

  7. Haha, thanks! right now, Ju will be my handsome prince, sorry Justine! You're feminine and beautiful but your playing style is very handsome!

    Haha, Hollywood at heart! You really love rock n roll eh? Nice way to vent out your emotions, all sorts of emotions, vibrant and high! You can be a very unique rock star in Melbourne! Yeah, maybe one day Ju will go on a long vacation there, and you get a chance to meet her! For her own sake, I don't want her to work in Singapore, it's too stressful and it's boring, all summer, no snow, she won't be able to ski...and you hardly can find a public tennis court here, except in some communities centre or you live in a condo, sad, isn't it? But, I'm used to it anyway. Maybe she can go drinking beer (which she said she dun like...) at Clarke Quay at night, the night scenery is nice ;)