Friday, December 31, 2010

More pics of Justine in Perth =)

First of all, let me copy Greenout's msg here (sorry for the copyright stuff):


Join us as we ring in New Year's 2011 with Justine at Hopman Cup live from Perth. It's going to be a real time match score Chat with fans from around the world all presented by JH SUPPORTERS. 
Login into the Chat anytime during Justine's singles and mixed doubles match. First up on the schedule for January 1st is Justine vs Alicia Molik, followed by Ruben vs Lleyton Hewitt. The mixed doubles match is after the men's singles and a rest break for the guys. 

*MATCH TIME: 15:00 hrs (WST) 3:00 pm 

*DATE: SATURDAY - January 1, 2011 
*All times listed are Perth, Australia, so please use and coordinate your local city clock to Justine's Aussie match.

I hope I won't brain is not that good and my brain memory is only 1GB. And now the pics, taken from the forum and also
The following captions are all fictions:
Clever Ju and Carlos...standing under the shade of the trees...but I doubt it will be any cooler =X
Ju: "Remember my water Karate? Now it's time to practise it on land, ready?" 
Ju:"Be Careful, Carlos, else you might get hurt! Ah Da!"
(This is the pic I didn't put b4)  Ju:"Did I hit the ball?"
(This one also) Ju:" Oh yes, I see the ball flying w/o wings, I've hit it! (Oh no..I cannot smile, have to keep my coolness and queen image well..breathe through my nose)"
Carlos: "Let me be a gentleman and open the door for you...after that comes the lecturing"
Ju:" Oh no....."
Carlos:"Haven't I told you to grab the ball well?"
Ju:"??? Which one are you referring to? There are so many on the ground!"
Carlos:"Juju, it's the fitness ball, hehehe, the video captured you dropping it, that's evidence."
Carlos: "Remember now?" 
Ju:"Oui, Oui." 
Carlos: "Blah blah blah x10...."
Ju:"(I'm so damn thirsty and hot there any ice? Seems like there's no ice in the bucket Carlos is holding)"
Carlos: "I know what you're want some ice right?"
Ju: "huh! How did you know?"
Carlos:"We've been working for so many years, I know what you're thinking...see? I'm smart!"
Ju:"Yes, Smart Carlos, shall we walk faster b4 we become roasted chicken?" 
Ju:"Ah...even two bottles of water wouldn't quench my thirst! Ice baby, here I come!"
Walks faster...walks faster to the car!
Ju:"Guys, stop chit chatting and quickly get me some drinks and ice...Please!"
The Guys:"Yes, my Queen!"
Ju & Carlos: "!!!"
Ju & Carlos:" Are we being tricked? They said the ice is in the back of the car...we don't see any, only empty spaces to put our bags in..."
Big Guy:"There's some ice we can buy nearby....there, over there!" 
Ju:"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get in the car! I need to recharge my body for the battle tomorrow!"

 ~End of Justine's in Perth Training Picture Lame Story~

 Alright, I hope Juju gets her ice to keep her coolness...hehehe, just joking. Tmr is the big day to me...the big day of Justine's 1st match of 2011 season! Let's pray for good health for her and hope she finds back her winning form soon! Let's hope Belgium wins! Allez! Oh, it's raining here now...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where is Juju? In Perth ^o^

Sorry slow poke here...always need to get my updated info on Juju from the forum or the FB.

So here's the updated news about Justine I've gotten from the forum:
There are two interviews of Juju and they can be found in the forum or one of the interview in the link below: ... 5978117411

Let's give her more time to heal her elbow, still need to take months for her to get back her top condition, I hope she's doing fine and no more injuries and pains.  Pray for her good health!

So is this what Greeny said about being serious? At first I thought that round thing is a tennis ball but a super enlarged version. Is Juju crossed-eyes? 
She's looking strong...good to see that <3  Hehe her trademark pinky...that's one of what we love her forehand about...after her famous backhand.

And the video below from

Good, I want more more news on her and videos of her trainings! 1/1/2011,  here we go! Allez Justine!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Juju GIFS animation part IV

I'm bored~~~'s gg to be new yr soon, just three more days and we can see Justine soon too! So I made some, and really not a lot of dizzy Juju's GIFS..sorry, kinda obsessed with animated cute Ju.

*Warning!: The following GIFs may make you feel dizzy..if you experience such symptoms, do feel free to look at the static pictures just right below and prepare some tissues for your mouth ;-)

These pictures below are big enough to be placed as your desktop wallpaper =P Just click on them for actual resolution
Justine professional look is damn charming! Justine's big enchanting eyes! Anyone on low energy level? Simple Instruction to recharge your body: Look into her eyes...
Let us drool over every view of her head...haha, the side tilted to upward view is nice too. Now then I can really see the outline of her face. Juju, I don't know how many times I've admired your look apart from your Tennis you know that you have a very beautiful pair of refreshed eyes and nice sharp nose? 
Seriously...I think alot of ppl will agree with me that Justine is a very beautiful woman with a pretty face. Those who's a recommended website:

Here comes the GIFs....
On court GIFS:
The handsome Justine! That's her early days...wad a "sharp" expression! Did u get charmed by her? Now my lame thoughts...I wonder if any girls in her school actually mistaken Justine as a boy and liked her? She said it herself, she looks like a tomboy in the past....yes, now Justine evolved into a wonderful gorgeous lady!
Is this the wad Manipulation healing method? Though it hurts to see her in pain but this one looks like she can do a pretty good dance...but I do not want to see her on court like this. I want a healthy juju!
I know this one I did not do a good job in making this's a pretty difficult shot I think...I called it the Backhand-Slice-Down-The-Line? Justine had done this several times b4...I know she had done this against Petrova..I've forgotten whether it's the Wimbledon, or the AO or Brisbane match. Anyway, this shows that Justine is a pretty much all rounder very skillful and brilliant player, I luv it!

Off Court GIFS:
Looking familiar? Yes, the last part "Hee" pic is the one I've posted last time...i dunno why but I really like her styling in this show here. So I made quite a few GIFS from here and also screen captured a few pics too. She looks great in here, don't she? nice long hair and make up!
Hmmm...Munch Munch...Hmmm..."Delicious"->and I'm talking about the person in here. Even without any makeup, she looks just as fine and cute and refreshed. Can see she just woke up?
Bleh....her expression is so cute! Like a little kid! =P She looks just like that =P

Alright...counting down to her great return! I really miss her! 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Babylicious Juju

I'm back but pretty tired...just attended my cousin's wedding yesterday and being her "sister" but it's fun ^^

And here's some more of her Tao pics I've gotten from the forum, thanks to Greenout great treasure hunting, hahaaha! I wish to have an endless goldmine of Juju. Let us drool over beautiful Justine again...c'mon be gracious, don't keep your saliva...

Sophisticated Justine, look how elegant and classy she is when drinking. So Queen-like!
the reddish Juju holding the reddish tao can, her fav drink of the Taos..actually I think the red can looks peach colour to me. 

And now, my lameness and childishness again...forgive me, let me be a little girl for today, I no longer have children's day =(
I always think that Juju looks like my cute little pooh bear from certain angle...don't they both look cute? When Ju doesn't have any matches I will hug my baby pooh, hehehe. Justine is just as CUTE! 
And this one I'll just take it as it looks like Deuce cos of it's fur. Just that I need to spray it to, I think red is nice. 

*Edit:  And yes, here's one more youtube clip, credits to: JoelleMorane

Seems like it's an encore of her performance for the cap48...both are for charity...good work Justine, she looks different in there, maybe it's her eyeliner? But still beautiful of course!

Alright, that's all for now, no offense to our pretty lady Juju here. And Hopman's cup just around the corner....let's hope Juju's training goes well and Hohoho...Santa Clause gonna give cute Justine health and wealth and strength and power for the coming new yr 2011! After all, lady juju has been a good girl, we all know that =)  Allez Justine! Wish you great health and SUCCESS is just participating in a triathlon this yr and will reach "Justine's destination" in 2011!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas is coming~ Hohohohohoho...gonna be busy with outings and also preparations for my cousin's wedding right after gonna be away from blogging for a while.

Merry Christmas!

Have Fun!
Ju's left a msg on her OS, isn't that background cute? Juju snowwoman...hehehe, super cute!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More more more photos of Juju's Sanya training

Ok, back from a tiring but fun gathering ;-)
The following pics I've gotten from the forum, which I've missed out and of course mouth drooling on them tada, here's the mouth watering Juju's pics:

Pics from news Dec 20, 2010:
The red devil Juju is back! Beware gals, goddess Justine is going to show some of her powers! 
Eh? So she got the pink and the red jacket? Determined looking Juju...muacks! 
Strong looking Justine, I luv it! Is she smiling or is she frowning? I hope it's not the latter. Lean built muscular arms, Juju, can I give some of my fats from my flabby arms to you and ask you to help me burn it? (*evil thoughts)

And the below pics from ©Imaginechina 
Yes, hit harder, hit harder...I'm sure the yellow ball won't mind ^^ 
Ju:" Look! I'm good! only one ball on the ground!"
Don't bluff us Justine....Ju's smiling, "oops!" 
"Okok, just now all the hits are just 1/10 of my power, I'm just testing it out, now I'm gonna hit with 8/10 of my power, beware and check it out and DROOL!"
"Here, take this!!"
Hoot ta la! 
Allez! Here comes Juju's trademark backhand-slice? (Is that a slice or wad?)
"Look, I can hit with my eyes 90% closed!"
"Or 100% opened but without looking at the ball! And yet still hit with perfect accuracy~ see? that's my 8/10 power!"
Ju:"Hehehe, let them pick up the balls while I rest...can't wait for my powerful return!" 

Hmmm..Justine looks fit and ready! I hope her hard work will be paid off and Grand slams trophies, the spinach serving golden plate" awaiting for her! But no stress on her though, so long as she continues playing, I'll be very grateful and happy! =D Of course, we fans wish for the best for her and the best would be the description just above ^^