Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where is Juju? In Perth ^o^

Sorry slow poke here...always need to get my updated info on Juju from the forum or the FB.

So here's the updated news about Justine I've gotten from the forum:
There are two interviews of Juju and they can be found in the forum or one of the interview in the link below: ... 5978117411

Let's give her more time to heal her elbow, still need to take months for her to get back her top condition, I hope she's doing fine and no more injuries and pains.  Pray for her good health!

So is this what Greeny said about being serious? At first I thought that round thing is a tennis ball but a super enlarged version. Is Juju crossed-eyes? 
She's looking strong...good to see that <3  Hehe her trademark pinky...that's one of what we love her forehand about...after her famous backhand.

And the video below from

Good, I want more more news on her and videos of her trainings! 1/1/2011,  here we go! Allez Justine!


  1. The "enlarged yellow" tennis looking ball is some type of hand exercise thingy, correct? I wonder if it's part of her elbow rehab program or something the new Fitness Guys gave her to do? :)

  2. Haha Greeny, no wonder I see your comment here so exact familiar to the one in the forum. =P
    Since Sly already posted the professional full description with pic too in the forum, I think it's safe to say that one is some weight training ball and maybe also to strengthen her elbow?

  3. I promise to be on my "game" from tomorrow. ;) It's going to start with a nice good solid jog.

    Congratulations Ruben! Justine's Hopman Cup teamate has given Belgium their first award in Australia. Sure it's only for (LOL) Hopman Cup "Golf Day", but it's a start and getting in the spirit of the tournament at Perth. :) I posted a few Ruben photos on the Forum in the Hopman Cup team if you are curious to see how he looks like.

    The Aussie girls should enjoy watching Rueben! LOL Belgium can do with a few extra traitor teenage girls clapping for them against Team Australia on Jan 1st. ;)

  4. Is Ruben handsome and yummy? I'm expecting more traitor girls and boys liking both Ruben and Justine. =P

    Justine might as well attract both sexes...if she's handsome on the court and "ladyish" at the same time hehehehe. I've already started to countdown to their very first match but I'm not sure of the exact time, what a "fabulous" fan I am...without knowing the time of their first match!

  5. I think Ruben is more of a pretty boy than a handsome guy ;D

    Luckily, we're in the same time zone ST with Perth, so most likely it'll be 1500 when Justine starts her 1st match =)

    and there will be live streaming @

  6. Thank you sly for the timing! Yay! got live streaming...any idea how do I record live streaming videos?

  7. Hi Sly,

    We're psychic! I use to record with StreamTransport on my Mac. I usually just experiement with the freeware, and never actually paid for software. (heh).

    You should test it out on a few live streams before using it for the 1st Ju match at Hopman cup. Here's a link of applications. I don't know if you have a Mac or Windows, but this page has a good list.

  8. Thank you Greeny for the link. StreamTransport doesn't work on my crashes everytime I tried to download =(

    However, I've downloaded Replay Media Catcher and had tried it on the livescorehunter cricket or wad live successfully downloaded for the first few min because I did not want to download the whole match. Not sure if it works for the full match if I'm gonna download Justine's matches.

  9. ST I use CamStudio to record videos on my desktop but I don't record live streaming as usually it's crappy and lagging frequently, here's a new version though:

    (it's downside: the recorded file is gonna be in a huge file if you recorded a longer video)

    But Greeny's link is better: more freewares, ST we gotta check those softwares freebies ;D

    thanks Greeny ^^

  10. Sly, I totally support freewares and do not encourage piracy because there may be the possibilities of getting viruses for your com but then I could hardly find an easy to use and freewares. (hush...I secretly downloaded the RMC so called illegally, but I do that only to download Justine's matches and nothing ssshhhh...don't say it out loud)

    Anyway, I've already bookmarked that site for future use, if any. Thanks Greeny and Sly!

  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

    Join us as we ring in New Year's 2011 with Justine at Hopman Cup live from Perth. It's going to be a real time match score Chat with fans from around the world all presented by JH SUPPORTERS. Login into the Chat anytime during Justine's singles and mixed doubles match. First up on the schedule for January 1st is Justine vs Alicia Molik, followed by Ruben vs Lleyton Hewitt. The mixed doubles match is after the men's singles and a rest break for the guys.


    *MATCH TIME: 15:00 hrs (WST) 3:00 pm 
*DATE: SATURDAY - January 1, 2011

    *All times listed are Perth, Australia, so please use and coordinate your local city clock to Justine's Aussie match.

  12. Thank you Greeny, let's hope Justine and Ruben wins! Allez Belgium!