Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas is coming~ Hohohohohoho...gonna be busy with outings and also preparations for my cousin's wedding right after gonna be away from blogging for a while.

Merry Christmas!

Have Fun!
Ju's left a msg on her OS, isn't that background cute? Juju snowwoman...hehehe, super cute!


  1. Yeah... but they needed to make that snowwoman look more fit cause she looks like she needs to go on a diet... opposite of Justine... LOL (yeah, I am "lame" too, ST... guess we have that in common? hahaha). Anyway, this is a very difficult Christmas for me since its the first one of my lifetime without my Grandma. You and your blog make it easier, as goofy as that may sound... so have a great Christmas... love you.. and cheers to all the Ju fans! :-)

  2. >Merry Christmas ST

    >I love snow-woman Justine -LOL the trademark cap & ponytail :P

    >Merry Christmas Christie, Greeny, and to all^^

  3. Merry Christmas to Everyone here it's always enjoyable visiting and talking to you. It puts a smile on my face. Take care during the holiday weekend with loved ones, but don't stress too much or over eat. :)

  4. Hihi Christie! At least chubby chubby Juju is cute as well! Imagine a very fit snowwoman? Omg, that would mean making six packs on the tummy! We are all lame...and sorry to hear about your grandma, but I hope you enjoy your X' it a white christmas over there?

    Sly, thank you, Merrily Christmas to you too! Yes, the ponytail and trademark cap of Justine, making snowwoman even much more cuter and maybe the cutest snowmen and snowwomen in the world!

    A merry Christmas to you and all, Greenout. Been a long time since you've celebrated X'Mas in the US? Not sure of the weather there but if it's snowing, you can go skiing! Singapore no snow, too bad...I wanted to make a snow angel. And I've just eaten chocolates and cakes for my breakfast! Omg, my tummy!!!

    And yup, once again, Merry Christmas to all and enjoy your day! Have super fun and be CRaZy!

  5. Christie, You're about to get your wish. Snowju is about to get a lot slimmer. In fact Snowju is about to melt completely. We in Perth have had a very hot Christmas. 39.9degs on Xmas Day and high 30's yesterday. I think Justine is arriving today and we are expecting 40degs.Currently just under 37.

    You know how much I understand and confer with your sentiments. Many wonderful friendships have formed because of Justine. Just another reason for us all to love her as much as we do.

    Lets all look forward to the New Year as the beginning of something great for Justine and the continuation of our blessed friendships.

    Take care "Goofy"

    Luv "Dumbo" and "Snowju"

  6. Annmarie, what a hot Christmas! When Snowju melts, the "hot blooded fiery" warrior Ju inside will emerge and prepared for new battle ahead! Let's hope her 2010 hibernation has ended and looking forward to the coming new yr and hopefully a great return for Justine!

    With Warmest Wishes to all fans of Justine!

  7. Hi Everyone!

    What day was she leaving Sanya? 27th or was that 28th? I remember it was 13 days in Sanya, Hainan training, either date. Justine will be on her way to Australia! Wow-

  8. I had no idea also...the chinese forum didn't have much news on it too :(

    But anyway, Ju will be in Australia soon...and let's pray hard for her condition!