Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Missing parts during my Exam period~ Love Juju (updates)

Finally the exams are over for's a dreadful battle and now awaiting for results, hopefully it won't be a dead battle. Anyway, I know I missed out a large part of Justine's updates...and actually I did follow up on her updates in between but ain't got the time to blog.

Now, one by one...old news here and the below are sources from the forum, Ilse's facebook, Justine's group baidu Tieba:

First, let's update on the Diamond Games, the exhibition match which Kim won by the score line 6-1, 3-6, 10-5 (TB):

Here's a copy of the match download: Link

The press conference...guess it's pre-match:
Justine! My cute Justine~ I miss your laughing stress reliever <3
Ju: "I must think of a good brilliant answer to any tricky questions asked! Hmmm..."
I love this shot...cos the camera focused on Justine and not Kim~ and Ju looks so refreshed in this pic!
Oh Justine, you're smiling ^^ how about a more comical smile?
Ju: "Is this comical enough?"
"Alright, enough of jokes, let me just smile normally and as usual charmingly"

And the below two pics are something to do with her being the ambassador for the energy drink "Tao":
I wonder how it tastes...but I guess it's a healthy drink to get approved by fit Justine~
Oh~ help me! I'm drooling again! She's so beautiful in this pic! And she covered the "T"...leaving "AO"..hehehe, is this an auspicious hint/sign of anything? Let's pray it is~ "AO" in her hands!

And now some of the exhibition match pics:
Nice to see them looking so relaxed~
Her forehand that disappointed her at most of the times during that match =(
Ju singing in her mind:" Tell me why, Ain't nothin' but a heartache. Tell me why, Ain't nothin' but a mistake..."
Luckily, she still has her nice backhand~
Yes...slices and drop shots too!
Always the same pair of eyes~ the mesmerizing ones-Sharp and firm
Nice to see them being so friendly~ both have matured over the years, whether close friends or not, they are both from the same country and respected each other much. Off court, I'd love to see them much more friendly, and of course on court, being rivals...I want Justine to beat Kim always, hehehe~
My most favourite pic from the exho match, I put this as my phone wallpaper. And yup, the purple Adidas wear which she would've worn during US Open this yr. 

So, after watching the match, I don't think it's fair to say that Justine plays extremely horrible in the 1st's true that throughout the whole match, her forehand just seems to be pretty rusty and off timing alot of times, giving the whole set to Kim. 

However, there are times when her forehand did not disappoint her too. Seems like it's either worst or good for her forehand. Her backhand's another story though. It's still pretty cool and her slices are yummy! Especially the point where Kim returned the ball but hit the net and fell short, Justine rushed forward and slices it back to Kim, that point is simply beautiful! And not to mention, her drop shots are spot on too! 

Maybe I'm biased but considering not playing any matches for months ever since that god damned fall in  Wimbledon causing her that nasty injury =X she played well already, not the best of course but at least still a variety of shots in her. None other female players I've seen so far can be like Justine who's willing to come forward to the net and do risky shots, which often WOW us, of course, the WOW is a good one!

Ok, now move on to her trip to China, gotten the pics from the Chinese baidu forum:
Oh Juju, looking tired, have more rest, drink more water..there->the water bottle is in front of you
I will nv get sick of her cute tongue-biting look! Too CUTE!!!!
Cheeky Justine-YES!  It looks as though she wanna crack a joke anytime ^^
The rich expression of Justine-one moment she's frowning? Maybe she's hungry but got stuck in the press conference? Bleh...I'm just being lame
And the next moment, she's smiling..the "pressed lips" style again! Oh "Big-Small" eyes! 
And who dares to say our Queen Justine is not photogenic? I'll recommend a good optician to him/her
See? This is the killer smile that will electrify you to heaven b4 the lightning even does, but I don't mind this electricity from her ;-)

And now, some of the pics from the fans of her in China (for the rest of the Pics, click Here, and Here and Here and Here  and Here) :
For Video links, click Here and Here and Here

Did you see the big big poster of Justine behind? It's the new AO 2011 Adidas wear is it? Initially I "irk" at the design but now looking at the poster, I think Justine looks pretty good in it, maybe it's just me but I think she looks good and professional in whatever Adidas throws the design to her. 
The students must be elated to have principal Justine there!
Justine loves kids, oh yes, she definitely does! Look how happy she was when posing with the kid! And that little girl sure knows how to pose in front of the camera! Now the question to me is...who's cuter?
Justine always serious in press conference especially when she replies the questions asked 
Is that typical Chinese food she's gonna eat? But it didn't look very chinese to me. Ju must be thinking: "Any grilled chicken, breaded fish?" J/K...Chinese typically eat anything, not much preferences, so long as it tastes good! And I wonder if Justine eats rice.
I guess it's winter season in Beijing, gonna snow soon? And yes, it must be cold for Justine to wear such thick coat! 
The thick coat (Can I say coat? My vocab is limited esp when it comes to clothings) makes cute chubby chubby Juju again! Omg, this pic, she looks very much like her daddy with the expressions and all these! I know Justine is fit and normally hardly any chunk of extra fatty meat on her face and body but her face is chubby here...hehehe
Nice photoshop (or not?) of her photo looked like a book cover! Very nice colouring!
And best pic of all to me...which I loved the most!!!!! I really really loved this Pic! Look at her charismatic hearty smile here! And her pose! Oh Justine, you charmed me almost every time I look at you....yes this is one good wallpaper! 

 Remember to visit the Chinese Baidu Tieba (Justine's Fan Group) for more pictures! The links, are placed here above, credits to all the chinese fans who made the effort for the trip to welcome Justine and shared in the forum with us the beautiful pictures of Justine! Thank you very much!

And here's one more update from the Baidu forum:

Justine Henin stays in Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa for a 13-day trip to Sanya

Seems like for the next few days, we can see more news on Justine? <3


  1. ST... thanks for brightening my day with your pics and captions, which you always make so special and funny! I missed this from you! --hope your exam results are great too!
    You made me laugh with the "AO" comment. I had not thought of that!! wow... maybe a good omen or something :-) ---oh, and I really love that photo of Justine looking over at Kim... something so sweet and serene about it.

  2. You're welcomed Christie, I'm glad to brighten up your day =)

    And thank you for the well wishes, I hope I will do well in my exams...just pray pray, cos the papers are damn hard, where's the buddha's leg?

    And I only happened to think of the AO, it's just a coincidence for sure but I hope it signifies something for the new season coming up!

    We just love basically every photos of Ju, didn't we?