Monday, December 20, 2010

More on Juju Sanya's trip and others

Sorry, still a bit tired, so I may not know what I'm typing, any childishness offense, do pardon!

Anyway, the Chinese forum had new photos of Juju, I just saw it too.
Thank you to the person with id lanxiao9843 who uploaded the photos!

Justine exchanged some Tennis tips with the Sanya Academy ppl
Juju in position~Ready as ever
a few tennis balls on the court
More tennis balls on the court-oh no, don't tell me Justine hits those balls with such inaccuracy? I hope not...
Anyway, I'm gonna go crazy again...sorry, but handsome Juju is back again in this pic-the "male Justine", so suave and handsome and yet beautiful too, it's confusing but Justine is a wonder herself. Look the ladies and the guys are attracted to her too..hahahaha! 

*Edit: one more added by henintennis:
Sorry, I posted it here....cos the below right hand corner says that it's copyrighted, but I hope to share with all juju fans, so I hope the owner allows me to place it here. Anyway, look at Justine's strong! Hopefully her elbow will be strong as well!

And here's one more new pic added to Justine's 6th sense China Beijing Facebook:

And here's one more pic of her Tao advertisement...the female Justine Henin-a very very beautiful pic:
Wow...she's hot and pretty! Really seems to enjoy drinking the tao drink. Nice advertisement photo! 
I know this pic has been posted in my earlier post, just repost it to "accompany" the pic above

My body's aching from the 1 hr badminton yesterday...can't believe my body's so lousy, I should print a poster of fit (Abs)olutely fabulous Justine and paste it on my wall to motivate myself to exercise and have a flat hard tummy like hers and not a "kueh lapis" tummy which I had now. Ok, off to self massage my aching "68" yrs old body...


  1. Hi Everyone!,

    I love this Justine in Sanya photos. The weather looks really nice over there. It's been dark, flash flood warnings
    and rain all Sunday here where I am in Hawaii.

    I can't get enuff of these TAO Drink pics too. :) She looks sooooo pretty in them. The softer womanly Justine is always lovely. According to the press report Justine's favorite flavour is the "red" can, which would be "Kamboucha Guarana". I wonder if the shops will carry TAO Drinks soon in the USA?

    Hey Camboba, all this Kueh Lapis talk is making me miss Singapore! Damn it, those little Malay sweets were awfully delicious. Yeah, a little on the heavy side made with rice/tapioca flour and coconut/sugar. But still.... yummy stuff!

  2. Wow, greenout, you're early! Any huge time difference there? Does Hawaii snow? My geography is lousy, so I don't know about the countries and states and all these...damn! I hope you don't feel too much of cultural differences there after living in Singapore for so long.

    Yes, I hope for more of the Tao drinks far I can only find these 2 photos. Oh yes, when Justine is off court, her softer womanly side sure melts the hearts of many. Always love her woman side and the handsome on court manners as well <3 Is the can really red or pink colour? Anyway, I dunno wad's Kamboucha Guarana, so hard to pronounce. I wonder if Singapore will import the drinks too? I want to try the red colour one as well.

    And hey Greeny, I'm talking about the layers of fats on my tummy and hence a reference to the Kueh Lapis and there you are talking about how delicious it is! Haha, seems like you really miss the food here now, I don't mind cutting some of my tummy fats and fedex to you (sorry ah, sounds disgusting), but yeah, one thing I love about Singapore is the delicious delicacies it has from different cultures.

    I'm sure you'll slowly get to love the food in the US soon, just don't miss Singapore too hard (don't tell me this is mission impossible), good luck on your life there, and well, you can watch Juju live matches during the US Open! Cheers!

  3. It's funny because I'm a US citizen, but living in Singapore these past years. So, returning to the USA is almost a reverse culture shock. LMAO! Asia really is a quick - everyone's always on the go and trying to be two steps ahead of the competition. Singapore in particulary is like a combo of a super city with influences from the UK, USA, Australia, Europe, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

    I have to slow down a bit. LOL People think I talk to fast over here. ;)

  4. I just noticed that photo now of Justine giving her "nice hitting on court with you, merci" high arm handshake. And yes, Justine's right arm (Aka: The Popeye 1-HB Arm) makes that guy's arm look rather like a scrawny chicken wing. :) Hahaha!

  5. Haha, icic, reverse culture shock...dun worry, you'll soon get over it. After all, you've been a citizen there, just time to relive you life there, good luck in adapting!

    oh and I didn't know you talk like AK47 in Singapore...hehehe.

    And yup, that photo, I just added in not long ago cos that person also uploaded it just after I updated my blog.

    And Justine's arm is so much toned and bigger than that guy's scrawny chicken wing arm. But Justine's much more delicious to the eyes ;)

    Hopefully, popeye Justine can view the grass in Wimbledon as Spinach and gains much more endless energy to Fight Fight and WIN that golden plate home and served spinach dishes on it!

  6. :) You know what it is about those TAO photos that we all love? It's the uber cool, stylish way that Justine has the most simple, casual white shirt, blue jeans, yet very luxurious accessories. Only an elegant diamond encrusted ring (given by a "friend") and that gold Rolex Oyster Datejust(ine). Two very basic, yet subtle classic ring and watch. It's in the detail here, and not gaudy or outrageous, which we all knows sums up JUSTINE! :)

    Merry Chirtmas - Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday rush of excitement and cheer.

  7. i love the tao ad, very sophisticated and lady.

    she looks really happy in sanya. hope she is really concentrating on her practice and not too much distracted by the people. she is hugely popular there.

  8. Hi Greenout, yup, simplicity is the best for her. Simple and sweet and at the same time, cool and elegant. Remember the best of belgium event where she wore that simple cute dress, she looks absolutely stunning! No need to over-glam up herself when she's already looking fine. =)

    I'm still wondering who's the generous kind friend that would give Juju such expensive looking nice elegant diamond encrusted ring? Yeah...rumours rumours keep to oneself. hehehe...anyway, the ring and the Rolex indeed suits her status well, though sometimes I think her watch looks too manly for her to wear in dress.

    Hi Jo, yes, I love the tao ad, esp when they photographed our pretty lady that well...I always know that Justine is very photogenic, sporty photogenic, glamourous photogenic. I'm glad to see her enjoying her time well in sanya. I think for the first couple of days, the media will "bother" her a bit, after all, it's such a rare opportunity for them to see Justine LIVE in action!

    And yup, Merry Christmas to all~ I'm gonna go out for these couple of days~ cya!