Friday, December 3, 2010

Super Quick Updates!

Thank you Greenout for the info which I've missed due to dreadful school work again =S

First of all, our beautiful marvelous Justine had won the WTA's Comeback Player of the Year award! Congrats Juju! This yr is the comeback yr, so I hope next yr, we can make a Justine Henin Calendar 2011!
Let us clap our hands together for the return of this great champion-Justine Henin!

And shoo~ any pathetic haters, just Shoo~ god pls gives them the ability to appreciate art, sorry~

Anyway, sorry Greenout, gonna post the pics here without your approval first (I can't help it, but if you mind, let me know, I'll remove them, sorry ya! Just let me satisfy my fingers for the moment)

So getting into Christmas season: Justine attended and supported Joelle's (The Cap 48 chereographer) Youth Ballet in their Christmas event for the EU's Arts In All of US at Brussels this past weekend Nov 27 & 28. (words © Greenout)

The website:

AiA event Brussels©AiA 2010 for all pics:
Kids dance performance by le Ballet Jeunesse (Youth Ballet) Can we see a Justine's ballet in the future too?
Justine meets St Nick-To me, that looks like a Santa Clause King ^^
Spot-the-Justine pic. It's so obvious~ look for the one with the cutest attentive look! Hahaha! Sorry to the rest of the ppl in there, you all look great as well. 

If only they had Justine's full body look in the photos! I can't really see what she's wearing, but looking very stylish... Haha, how greedy I am!

And here's a video of the Holland-Belgium FIFA World Cup 2018 bid, got this from the forum too:
Ain't our Justine cute? I really like this video for their creativity to make the ball kicked and flies to different locations and eventually on the field with a GOAL...and of course it features the famous little Justine kicking soccer clip and the mouth-dripping-buckets-of-saliva big Justine playing and kicking the ball too. She's so professional in everything she does! A pro soccer player too! Ju, share some sports genes of yours with me pls, I'm becoming a ball without exercising!

Ok, I said super quick updates, but I can't believe because of my stupid network connection, it took me an hour to update! =X And well, my exams are coming in a week's time! Whoo hoo~ Can't BELIEVE it! Off to flip my "gonna-to-be-silverfish-infested" lecture notes! Cya!


  1. I did translate this entry into Thai. well I hope that Greenout doesn't mind,too. lol

    thank you again ang again Chia about all these news. I actually visit your page everyday but I'm kind of lazy to log in to leave a comment.

  2. Hey Gang!
    Join the Antwerp Match Score/pre-season Chat live today December 9, 2010 real time presented by JH SUPPORTERS. Login to the Chat anytime during the match from Antwerp and say "hi" to friends, cheer for Justine or discuss your favorite points being played. A live video stream link will be passed out to all fans who join the Chat.

    Your host for Justine's match will be Storm!

    TIME: 21:30 hrs ( CET)
    DATE: Thursday - December 9, 2010

  3. ....(Christie is suffering from ST withdrawal)

  4. hang in there Christie^^

    ST will be back in 2 or 3 more days, maybe soon ;D

    ST we miiiiiiiiiiss you ♥

  5. guys touched me so much that my tears just rolled down my oily cheeks!

    Anyway, thank you guys for still visiting this blog. Love you guys <3

    Niki, it's alright, sometimes, I'm lazy to login and blog too..oops! Just j/k, just continue to support Justine and I will be contented as much ^^

    And Greenout, thanks for the chat link...however, I was unable to make myself available for the chat session. I even skipped Justine's match...due to my preparations for my exams...still, thank you for the info! that a new medical term? =P I'm suffering from missing Juju too much too...even while I'm doing my exam papers, when I encountered difficult questions, my concentration just drifted away and Ju appears in my mind...that's bad for me, but I can't help it.

    Sly, well, my last paper is tmr! And hopefully will get back to blog as soon as possible...especially after looking at the pics of Justine from the exhibition match and also many of her pics in China....nice....making my fingers and heart itchy again. Damn, my flood gates just opened from my mouth again...

    And now, I'm gonna be off to study~ and also spends some time praying to all gods for all my far, I feel a bit "shitty", Haiz~

  6. Yes, ST... caffeine withdrawal, ST withdrawal, Juju withdrawal... its all the same to me... and it sucks.. sigh.
    I did watch Ju's exhibition, but I should have joined the chat, but did not. The 1st set was hard for me to watch, but in the 2nd set, she looked better and better. I can tell, though, like she said, she has to hold back on her serve to protect that elbow still. I hope in the next couple weeks it totally heals. Poor Ju, she has such bad luck, but a determined girl she remains. She deserves a GREAT season. I want that so much for her!

  7. Yes Christie, it would be unfair to say Justine plays like "shit" in the first set just by looking at the scoreline...yes, her forehand is atrocious but sometimes, her forehand works as well and one good thing to note is, she seems to be hitting at more acute angle, maybe partly cos Kim did not return her ball in full strength, or maybe because Justine really did hit well on those points.
    I too hoped that she will be in her best condition soon, she deserves so much for a great season indeed! It's time God realizes the greatness of Justine and her significance in Women Tennis...C'mon! Allez Justine!