Friday, December 31, 2010

More pics of Justine in Perth =)

First of all, let me copy Greenout's msg here (sorry for the copyright stuff):


Join us as we ring in New Year's 2011 with Justine at Hopman Cup live from Perth. It's going to be a real time match score Chat with fans from around the world all presented by JH SUPPORTERS. 
Login into the Chat anytime during Justine's singles and mixed doubles match. First up on the schedule for January 1st is Justine vs Alicia Molik, followed by Ruben vs Lleyton Hewitt. The mixed doubles match is after the men's singles and a rest break for the guys. 

*MATCH TIME: 15:00 hrs (WST) 3:00 pm 

*DATE: SATURDAY - January 1, 2011 
*All times listed are Perth, Australia, so please use and coordinate your local city clock to Justine's Aussie match.

I hope I won't brain is not that good and my brain memory is only 1GB. And now the pics, taken from the forum and also
The following captions are all fictions:
Clever Ju and Carlos...standing under the shade of the trees...but I doubt it will be any cooler =X
Ju: "Remember my water Karate? Now it's time to practise it on land, ready?" 
Ju:"Be Careful, Carlos, else you might get hurt! Ah Da!"
(This is the pic I didn't put b4)  Ju:"Did I hit the ball?"
(This one also) Ju:" Oh yes, I see the ball flying w/o wings, I've hit it! (Oh no..I cannot smile, have to keep my coolness and queen image well..breathe through my nose)"
Carlos: "Let me be a gentleman and open the door for you...after that comes the lecturing"
Ju:" Oh no....."
Carlos:"Haven't I told you to grab the ball well?"
Ju:"??? Which one are you referring to? There are so many on the ground!"
Carlos:"Juju, it's the fitness ball, hehehe, the video captured you dropping it, that's evidence."
Carlos: "Remember now?" 
Ju:"Oui, Oui." 
Carlos: "Blah blah blah x10...."
Ju:"(I'm so damn thirsty and hot there any ice? Seems like there's no ice in the bucket Carlos is holding)"
Carlos: "I know what you're want some ice right?"
Ju: "huh! How did you know?"
Carlos:"We've been working for so many years, I know what you're thinking...see? I'm smart!"
Ju:"Yes, Smart Carlos, shall we walk faster b4 we become roasted chicken?" 
Ju:"Ah...even two bottles of water wouldn't quench my thirst! Ice baby, here I come!"
Walks faster...walks faster to the car!
Ju:"Guys, stop chit chatting and quickly get me some drinks and ice...Please!"
The Guys:"Yes, my Queen!"
Ju & Carlos: "!!!"
Ju & Carlos:" Are we being tricked? They said the ice is in the back of the car...we don't see any, only empty spaces to put our bags in..."
Big Guy:"There's some ice we can buy nearby....there, over there!" 
Ju:"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get in the car! I need to recharge my body for the battle tomorrow!"

 ~End of Justine's in Perth Training Picture Lame Story~

 Alright, I hope Juju gets her ice to keep her coolness...hehehe, just joking. Tmr is the big day to me...the big day of Justine's 1st match of 2011 season! Let's pray for good health for her and hope she finds back her winning form soon! Let's hope Belgium wins! Allez! Oh, it's raining here now...

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