Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More more more photos of Juju's Sanya training

Ok, back from a tiring but fun gathering ;-)
The following pics I've gotten from the forum, which I've missed out and of course mouth drooling on them tada, here's the mouth watering Juju's pics:

Pics from news Dec 20, 2010:
The red devil Juju is back! Beware gals, goddess Justine is going to show some of her powers! 
Eh? So she got the pink and the red jacket? Determined looking Juju...muacks! 
Strong looking Justine, I luv it! Is she smiling or is she frowning? I hope it's not the latter. Lean built muscular arms, Juju, can I give some of my fats from my flabby arms to you and ask you to help me burn it? (*evil thoughts)

And the below pics from ©Imaginechina 
Yes, hit harder, hit harder...I'm sure the yellow ball won't mind ^^ 
Ju:" Look! I'm good! only one ball on the ground!"
Don't bluff us Justine....Ju's smiling, "oops!" 
"Okok, just now all the hits are just 1/10 of my power, I'm just testing it out, now I'm gonna hit with 8/10 of my power, beware and check it out and DROOL!"
"Here, take this!!"
Hoot ta la! 
Allez! Here comes Juju's trademark backhand-slice? (Is that a slice or wad?)
"Look, I can hit with my eyes 90% closed!"
"Or 100% opened but without looking at the ball! And yet still hit with perfect accuracy~ see? that's my 8/10 power!"
Ju:"Hehehe, let them pick up the balls while I rest...can't wait for my powerful return!" 

Hmmm..Justine looks fit and ready! I hope her hard work will be paid off and Grand slams trophies, the spinach serving golden plate" awaiting for her! But no stress on her though, so long as she continues playing, I'll be very grateful and happy! =D Of course, we fans wish for the best for her and the best would be the description just above ^^


  1. ROFL Justine with tennis balls


    can't stop smiling was a very nice laugh ST =)

    Of course, Justine in RED is always a favourite ;)

  2. Haha Sly, glad it makes you ^===================^

    =) My lame jokes again but I hope it won't makes anyone too sick of them. My creativity level has dropped tremendously after the exams..

    And yes, RED Justine is always the devilish powerful favourite of us. <3

  3. The Spinach plate? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! I really prefer that to the other name of the plate - "venus rosewater dish".

    Perfect. Justine with her Popeye 1-Handed Backhard right arm, and the Spinach Plate. :) Allez 2011.

  4. Hahahahaha! I love those ST captions she so creatively adds to the pics... "Here, take this" :-). And red is my favorite color... reminds me how much I liked what she wore at the 2007 US Open (when she beat BOTH Williams sisters.. yeah!)
    Thanks ST.. I get such a kick out of your blog, as usual. ...and Justine looks extremely fit in those pics, as much as ever. I hope its a good sign. I keep praying that elbow heals completely.. (please God!).
    Cheers everybody!

  5. Yes Greenout, the spinach golden plate for Justine. I dun like the other name too...

    Popeye Justine will hold that plate for spinach, I hope so in 2011! Allez!

    And Christie, thank you! Red if one of my favourite colour too...though my most fav is blue, sky blue, actually, I love all the colours, it's what makes this world beautiful. And Justine brings much colours to our lives. She's more of the Picasso painter in Tennis arts.

    And yes, she looks fit! I love that, I hope her elbow is as strong as ever, god bless her!

    And early Merry Christmas to all!